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A Bernie supporter explains why

My post on Tuesday, "Democrats enter Anybody But Bernie phase," drew an email which I share with readers (keeping the writer's name confidential).

The reader wrote,  "I enjoyed your article you posted. I am not sure but it sounds like you are in his corner. But even if you are not, it's OK.

"One of the reasons I am voting for him is because he believes health care should be a public good. The private sector has had ample time to fix things but any changes have been the result of arm twisting. Still no one has ever explained to me why someone should lose their health care if they lose their job.

"It's bad enough that their savings will be eaten up, may lose their house and suffer a break up of their marriage. It's like kicking someone when they are down.

"Another reason I am voting for him is because in 2006, Senator Bryon Dorgan of North Dakota, wrote a book called Take This Job and Ship It. On page 221, he credits Bernie Sanders, Marcy Kaptor and Sander Levin as 'the conscience of the Senate,' as they refused to forsake the average worker whose jobs were being shipped out of the country. It's rare that someone else credits others, but to me this is the 'integrity' I am looking for. I found no mention of Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden.

"Finally, I re-read Bernie Sanders own vision for America, written in 2015 written by Jonathon Tasini. Bernie clearly states how he is going to raise the money to pay for health care, etc. There is no radical nationalizing of industry. In fact, it's just a re-allocation of resources. He is going to take a piece of the treasure that Wall Street currently takes for themselves. His taxes will go for a good cause, not self interest.

"Anyhow, Bernie seems to be authentic and that's why I like him.

"If only he can survive the onslaught that you say is coming from the DNC and Republicans.

"Thank you for listening."


That was nice of him to explain why he supports Sanders. He took the time to write me, so I took the time to write back.

My reply was, "Thanks for sharing!

"I totally disagree with you, but that's OK.

"You confirm my premise which is Bernie -- like Trump -- is the revenge of the party voters against the insiders.

"It is not the cliche that if you travel right enough you become left. No, it is our parties promised and did not deliver. We went for a reformer. Bernie ain't the devil. Trump ain't Hitler.

"Keep reading."


I did not delve into the corruption of Sanders or his inherent sloth because I was not writing to argue against him. The DNC is again loading the dice against him. They fear he will take over the party.

Remember, the same experts who say Sanders will be an easy opponent for President Donald John Trump said 4 years ago that Mister Trump would be an easy opponent for Hillary.

This election will be a referendum on Donald Trump, as was the last one, as would be any election involving him.

But a Trump-Sanders choice would also be an ideas election. Socialism vs. Capitalism. That is the battle I preferred in 2016 and the one I prefer today. Sanders is authentic. Warren and the rest are not.

My heart and head are in agreement on the outcome no matter whom Democrats nominate, but experience tells me it is a long way to 3 NOV 2020.

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