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Were they always crazy or is it Trump?

Pamela Karlan came off as a cat lady without a cat in her congressional testimony. Imagine my surprise to learn she actually isn't.

Or wasn't.

TK commented yesterday, "I am going to defend Professor Pamela Karlan. I am not going to defend her political views. But I will defend her as a person.

"I am a lawyer. She was a law professor of mine many years ago. I found her to be an excellent law professor. She is a brilliant legal scholar. She has a caustic sense of humor, which means she does have a sense of humor, unlike many on the left, especially the feminist left. Her joke about Donald Trump naming his son Barron failed -- like jokes do occasionally for those of us who claim to have a sense of humor -- but the joke, unfunny as it was, was not an attack on Barron Trump. She just referenced the young man's name in an unfunny joke against President Trump.

"My story, for what it's worth, to illustrate the fact that I consider her to be a good person (whose politics are way too far to the left) is that in her class once, she used a derisive term to describe people on one particular side of a divisive political issue. After class, I politely informed her of my position on that issue and asked her not to use derisive language regarding this divisive issue. She didn't say anything, but she never used the derisive term for the rest of the semester, only the neutral terms for each side on that issue, and I still got a good grade from her. She is not a blind ideologue.

"I am a Trump-loving, Trump-voting denizen of MAGA nation. Although truth be told, I was a little slow to board the Trump train as I am horribly ashamed of my vote in my state's precinct caucuses. But I was on board MAGA nation by the time it was down to Trump, Cruz and the angry bitter governor of Ohio.

"I still respect Professor Karlan. I also have very close friends whose politics I abhor. You don't know me. You don't know my credentials and, if you did, you would give even less weight to what I am saying than you already are. I am posting this anonymously. Professor Karlan might be wrong -- well, Professor Karlan absolutely is wrong on this -- but she is not a shrill, man-hating ideologue. And, unlike the idiot law professor who claimed to have made up his mind only very recently with regard to the impeachment he had been advocating since early 2017, Professor Karlen was honest about her opinions. Wrong. But honest.

"In other words, I studied under her and I turned out all right."


Thanks, TK.

Glenn Reynolds went to law school with Karlan and George Conway. He said people weren't that thrilled with Conway. But Reynolds added, "Pam Karlan, however, seemed a lot more together back then. (She was a year ahead of me, George was a year behind.)"

Another commenter and I had lunch a while back. His wife had worked with James Comey and said he was a good boss who was well-liked by the staff.

4 years ago, the 2016 election was 11 months away and the experts thought Donald John Trump was a spoiler who would throw the race to Hillary. Jonah Goldberg and Charles Krauthammer assured us nightly on Fox News that The Donald was a bane of humanity who would fade away soon.

2 months later, an angry Goldberg and more than a score of other conservative pundits banded together to stand athwart history and stop Donald Trump. At that moment I knew two things: Donald Trump would win and these people are crazy.

Some of them came back into the fold, and that is nice. I am not a purist. We need all the help we can get. But I am also wary because I am not a fool.

In March 2016, we saw the genteel Mitt Romney morph from a graying at the temples elder statesman into a demagogue using MSNBC language in a tirade against now-President Trump in Salt Lake City.

Some of the craziness was predictable. We all knew a sloshed Hillary would roam the countryside for the rest of her life blaming others for her catastrophic loss. It was her turn.

Part of the fun is watching her sink. While Donald Trump was in England meeting with other heads of state, Hillary was on the Howard Stern show declaring that she is not a lesbian.

But while we always knew she is a power-mad loon, the craziness of these other people is a shock. They seem to have changed, and not for the better. They are fevered. I am waiting for their fevers to break, which would allow them to have the strength to pull off the illusion of normalcy again.

Except Hillary. She earned her madness. May she never run out of Chardonnay.

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