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They impeachmented up

America's response to the Schiff show a demented Nancy unleashed upon the world is a great big Go Impeach Yourself.

Did readers expect anything different?

We do not need Rush Limbaugh to tell us but he summed it up well.

According to Wayne Dupree, Limbaugh said, "Democrats have not a shred of evidence for any allegation they have made about Donald Trump for three-and-a-half, going on four years. Meanwhile Trump keeps plugging away. The economy is roaring, its future looks great, wages are up, Trump's job approval numbers are up."

Frank Miele, the retired editor of the Daily Inter Lake in Kalispell Montana, wrote, "No matter how many flags and prayers Speaker Pelosi wraps herself in, she is still standing naked before the American people as the author of the greatest insurrection against constitutional authority in more than 150 years. As the whistleblower’s attorney noted prophetically on Twitter in January 2017, '#coup has started. First of many steps. #rebellion. #impeachment will follow ultimately.'

"Fortunately, the revolution now moves on to the Senate, it WILL be televised, and it will fail miserably. Madame Speaker, delete your account."

Washington thinks the opposition to impeachment stems from good PR.

David M. Drucker wrote, "When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi greenlighted the impeachment proceedings in September, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy made a key tactical decision: He would not worry about blocking it but focus instead on shaping public opinion and influencing lawmakers poised to sit as jurors in a Senate trial.

"The California Republican spent four-plus years as whip, his party’s chief House vote counter. He intuitively understood that if a previously reluctant Pelosi had opted to put her political muscle behind impeachment, there was little Republicans could do to stop her 233 Democrats from voting for it.

"McCarthy began huddling with his leadership team and top committee lieutenants, while consulting closely with former congressman Trey Gowdy, to develop a strategy that would unify Republicans in opposition and sow public distrust in the process. Together, they calculated that convincing voters the Democrat-run investigation was unfair, as McCarthy's brain trust initially suspected and came to believe, it would sully the outcome no matter how compelling were the allegations against Trump."

Salesmanship was involved.


But it was like selling steak to a hungry man.

After 4 years of Democrats refusing to accept the election results, President Donald John Trump's supporters have had it and they are not budging.

Meanwhile, after 4 years of watching Wile E. Coyote, the other side is tired of this Road Runner cartoon and changing channels.

The Daily Caller joyfully reported, "CNN Hits Three-Year Ratings Low Amid Impeachment Drama."

Meanwhile, the deplorables laugh at them. We are having fun. Fun is the one thing that money can't buy.

Ace of Spades (and others) mocked a column on the failure of impeachment to catch fire that Margaret Sullivan, the media maven of Jeff Bezos's Washington Post, wrote.

She wrote, "After endless testimony, reporting and punditry, maybe it’s time to do something different."

Maybe they should try some journalism and stop calling every utterance of some resistance deep stater a bombshell.

Nyah, she wrote, "Columbia University journalism professor Bill Grueskin suggests the movie-trailer approach. In a message, he explains: 'Studios spend a $1 million or more on a trailer, because they know it’s essential to boil down the essentials of the film — explaining but not giving away the plot, providing a quick but intense insight into the characters, setting the scene with vivid imagery — to entice people to come back to the theatre a month later for the full movie.'"

Heaven's Gate had a good trailer.

So Ace wrote, "Does the media think there's any coming back from this?

"I think they don't think there's any coming back from this -- I think they realize that they made it all too obvious three or four years ago.

"No one believes them any longer -- not even their progressive customer base actually believes them; their progressive customer base merely supports their lying to others for shared goals -- and they're now just an all-but-admitted propaganda industry, and the only way out is through."

Of course there is no coming back. Journalism is a dying trade. Nationally, we went from 114,000 paid journalists to 86,000 in the last 9 years. We could get by with half that.

But a few people in the trade get it. Jake Novak at CNBC wrote, "Democrats need to realize that impeaching Trump may not accomplish anything at all."

Novak said, "As the impeachment process moves forward and likely moves to a trial in the Senate, the Democrats are getting what amounts to a free 24/7 negative political ad against Trump on the TV news networks.

"So what else is new?

"In case you haven’t noticed. Just about all the TV news coverage of this president has been negative and those networks have barely covered anything else. A recent study by the conservative Media Research Council found that 96% of network news stories covering President Trump were negative since the impeachment inquiry began. But that’s only 4% points higher than the same group’s results from a study about one year ago."

The media is impotent, not important.

Democrats went all in on the media. President Trump wisely ran against it.

He also said he would Make America Great Again.
Small wonder Democrats want him impeached. A successful people don't need handouts from the Democrats.

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