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The news media harms America

Tom Elliott of Grabien News compiled the "12 most mortifying media moments in 2019."

Basically, his was a Fake News of the Month award.

In January, it was the demonization of Nicholas Sandmann, 16, as a smug racist. The kid and his classmates visited the nation's capital only to be figuratively mugged by racists at the National Mall. The media reported the villains as the heroes, and the victims as villains.

But even if Sandmann smirked at an Indian at the mall, why would it be national news? People are murdered in the capital and they barely make the news.

In February, the national media promoted the Jussie Smollett Hoax. Just as it did with Sandmann, the media promoted a false narrative that President Donald John Trump's supporters are violent.

Then came "March: After Three Years of Hype, Mueller Delivers the Media a Dud."

As I read on through the year, I kept asking myself why do we need this? How do the constant attacks on President Trump and his supporters serve the public good? Why do an intelligent people tolerate such incompetence and deception?

The press does neither the president nor his opponents any favors when it picks on every little thing he does and reports without independent verification every rumor from the Democrat bureaucrats embedded in the White House. What the press calls a whistle blower, the rest of us know as an Obama operative in a low-level job.

All that does is divide the nation and destroy the media's credibility.

Charles C.W. Cooke of National Review wrote, "Cable news is filled with pernicious, misleading, delirious nonsense instead — a considerably worse state of affairs. This was perhaps inevitable. Combine a nation in which poverty has declined and medicine has improved and crime has dropped dramatically with a culture that rewards short-term thinking and instant excitement with a medium that has an infinite number of hours to fill, and what do you get? You get titillation, rumor, faction, groupthink, a disastrous, chronic absence of judgment, and a strange feeling that everything needs to be aired and commented on.

"Having displayed a weird Trump-campaign tweet that portrayed the president as the supervillain Thanos from the Avengers, Don Lemon sputtered and twitched and shook his head on his show last week, before saying, 'I can’t even believe I’m even having to report this on the news.'

"But you know what, Don? You don’t have to report that. Nobody has to. There are many words that one might use to describe what Fox, MSNBC, and CNN are doing in the year 2019, some of them unprintable in this magazine. News, alas, is not among the first 50 that come to mind."

Who needs this?

Who needs garbage reporting?
John Kass of the Chicago Tribune asked the big question, "When will the Washington media correct the record and publicly burn their sources in the Obama FBI, the intelligence community and the political class who lied to them for years about that now-discredited Trump-Russia hoax?

"That hoax served as pretext for President Barack Obama’s FBI and CIA and others to investigate, and spy upon, the presidential campaign of a rival."

His is a deadly column, which ended, "In Washington, journalists attend formal dinners and literally sing and dance in musical skits to amuse the establishment ruling class. They give themselves awards — including Pulitzer Prizes for reporting the Russia-Trump story — that have not been, as yet, returned."

Kass did not say it, but I will.

Who needs them?

In reflecting on another year of bad reporting by a biased, careless and incurious press corps in Washington, I ask myself how does this Fake News not harm the nation?

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