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Sony WI-SP510, Wireless In-Ear Sports Headphones Coming next year

Sony WI-SP510

Sony is slowly updating their wireless headphone lineup to Bluetooth 5.0 and next up is the WI-SP500 sports model. There is little information in the FCC filing, but like with all x10 change in model number, we should have Bluetooth 5.0 and a new design.

Below is the current WI-SP500, the new model will have a flat cable to minimize  cable entanglement. Likewise as with all new models this past year, USB type-C will be offered as well. It is unknown if the buds will be magnetic for easier storage.
Sony WI-SP500
I have a feeling NFC will be absent like in most of the newer lower end Sony models but who knows maybe NFC will remain. The previous model had 13.5mm drivers so will be interesting if Sony uses the same size or makes them smaller, something they did on the IER-NW510N for the NW-A100 Walkman. Sony dropped the driver size down to 6mm from 9mm and claims no difference in sound quality with the smaller drivers.

Some of the major complaints with the older model was when you lost the silicone tips, the replacement buds were difficult to find and if you found them, they were not cheap. Hopefully has Sony learned from this mistake and will use different silicone tips for the new model and perhaps even include a replacement pair in the box.

With the headphones being a sport model, WI-SP510, the IPX4 rating should remain for water and sweat protection. Battery life should be improved and it could be up to 15 hours, up from 8 hours of the old model. Price should be similar as well to the outgoing model.

The Bluetooth chip should be the RTL8763B, the same as found in the C200/C310/XB400 headsets. Colour options should be similar to the current model, black, white, with some regions receiving additional colours. The device was also certified on the Korean FCC. A possible debut could occur at CES 2020, the previous model the WI-SP500 was introduced at CES 2018.

So do you own a pair a of the current WI-SP500? What are things you liked and disliked with the model? Post your thoughts and comments below.

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