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Sony WH-CH710N, Sony's Affordable Noise Cancellation option Coming soon

Sony WH-CH710N

Sony will have one more updated wireless headset coming next year, the WH-CH710N, an update to the affordable WH-CH700N. The FCC documents this time do not reveal too much, but the label pdf does have an outline photo of the design. The design appears more chunkier and upscale versus the current model and looks to borrow design elements from the WH-XB900N and WH-1000XM3.

While not confirmed in the FCC filing, expect Bluetooth 5.0, USB type-C and NFC. The previous model used the CSR8675 from Qualcomm, so it will be interesting if Sony uses the Mediatek MT2811 here as well or goes for something else. So far this year, the MT2811 has been used in most of Sony's new headsets, the WH-H910N, WH-H810, and WI-1000XM2. I do not believe the Realtek RTL8763B has any noise cancellation, so I feel Sony will only be left with the MT2811 here, but that will be revealed after a teardown or the FCC internal documents go live which is on April 1st 2020.

Reveal could occur at CES 2020, along with the WI-SP510, WH-XB700 and WF-SP800N, with retail availability soon after. Colour options on the current model are black, gray and blue, but it is unknown if this will carry over to the new model.

The current model has quite a lot of positive reviews and if the updates only improve upon the current CH700N, then the new model should be a great affordable wireless headset with noise cancellation, especially if the price remains similar to the current one.

Edit, the the CH710N has appeared on the Korean FCC.

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