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Sony WF-XB700, EXTRA BASS meets truly wireless

Sony WF-XB700

Another day, and another FCC filing from Sony, almost feels like Christmas came early. Along with the WI-SP510 and WF-SP800N, a new filing for a WF-XB700 has appeared on the FCC. The filing does not reveal much, so I can only speculate for the moment.

Bluetooth 5.0 is expected, along with USB type-C on the charging case. NFC should be located on the case to connect to the wireless buds.

The headset will feature Sony's Extra Bass given the model, WF-XB700, which could indicate a larger driver unit when compared to the rest of the WF lineup. The WI-XB400 has a larger driver compared to the C200/C310 for example. The WF-H800/WF-SP800N have 6mm drivers, so we could be looking at a 9mm driver on the WF-XB700.

A 9mm driver would make it larger than the WF-1000XM3 driver. Of course a larger driver does not mean better sound quality but I still feel Sony might stick to 6mm for the XB700 as well. A larger driver would impact battery life, so Sony would either need a larger battery or reduced play time. A downside to a larger battery would be increased weight and size, but minimal if you ask me. Instead of using the CP1254. the larger CP1454 could be utilized in the XB700. The CP1454 is only 2mm wider in diameter but it does provide more around 40% more capacity, but it also weighs 0.7g more. Personally I would have liked to have seen Sony use this larger battery in the WH-1000XM3.

The FCC filing does not reveal which Bluetooth chipset is used, but I would bet we are looking at another Mediatek MT2811S member. Sony is definitely making good use out of the chipset, so far we are looking at 5 models, and perhaps maybe more in the future.

  • WF-1000XM3
  • WI-1000XM2
  • WF-H800
  • WF-XB700
  • WF-SP800N

I am not sure if the WI-SP510 will be on the MT2811 or the RTL8763B chipset. I am assuming it is on the Realtek one since the predecessor was on the Airoha AB1522 chipset like the C300 and C400.

Edit, the XB700 has now appeared on the Korean FCC.

That is all the information for now, the headset might be shown at CES 2020, but it could just as easily debut later on in February or March 2020. 

With 3 fillings this past week, perhaps the WH-1000XM4 will soon appear on the FCC as well? Keep your fingers crossed.

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