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rPay Country Overview 

r network has completed the successful international testing of the rPay.

We have submitted the results to all of our international payment partners and the international payment switches are being turned on for Phase 1 countries (see details below) over the next few days. When all pathways for payments are turned on, rPay will go live for this coming week's commission run.

To avoid further delays...a decision has been made
to split the rPay launch into 3 phases.

Launching This Coming Commission Period
Phase 1: 44 countries spanning South America, Asia, and Europe. (See Detailed Country Launch List Overview)

Testing Completed. Awaiting Country Payer Authorizations. Coming Very Soon!
Phase 2: 15 countries (See Detailed Country Launch List Overview)

In Development
Phase 3: (See Detailed Country Launch List Overview)

We appreciate your patience. This has been a very large and complex project and we are excited to bring this innovation to you and your teams.

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