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"FOREIGN PRINCIPAL(s)" = FAKE c.e.o TRUMP and Qanon both PROMISE to TEAR DOWN the TEMPLE of the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN: - THUS says the LAMB of GOD: "Until you do,... you are a TRAITOR against your own PEOPLE and you DEFY the WILL and TESTAMENT of JEHOVAH, the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD of WISDOM and MIGHT"

REVELATION 17: 13-15

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BEZAI say:
"The waters you saw, where the prostitute was seated, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues..."

That is because the GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE that has ENSLAVED every nation on earth through the hiring of foreign owned municipal corporations (for-profit, pretending to be public, but are NOT, and DO LIE), they were all hired by secret contracts which were read into the public record in case the public found out, so that they would not be hung for treason.  But once they were successful and the public did not awaken, these foreign owned municipal corporations then MOTHBALLED the entire sovereign governance and lawful courts of every nation.  Thus, every nation is enslaved by a foreign owned corporation that is FOR-PROFIT, and has NO PUBLIC OVERSIGHT, all the elections are rigged, all the politicians are script reading actors, there ARE NO POLITICAL PARTIES.  And worst of all, EVERY; man, women, and child, has been converted into a CORPORATION and a TRUST in the JURISDICTION of the SEA:

GOD knew that it was going to happen three thousand years ago, because JEHOVAH is all TIME, all SPACE, and EVERY point in time and space is CONNECTED, and that is JEHOVAH the SPIRIT of GOD.  Thus, nothing can be hidden from GOD.  And thus GOD told you, three thousand years ago, that EVERY; MAN WOMEN, and CHILD would be ENSLAVED in the JURISDICTION of the SEA under MARITIME LAW (the Law of the Navigable waterways):

BEZAI say:
"CITIZENS of EARTH,... please allow me to show you how all Americans outside of the District of Columbia have been both defined as FOREIGN PRINCIPALS's with respect to AMERICA and also FOREIGN PRINCIPALS with respect to the "United States."  This exact type of chicanery and treason has been used to falsely enslave every; man, women, and child on earth:

BEZAI say: 
"How does it make you feel that you've been converted into a "dead thing," so that you can be genocided without any blame or fault being laid upon the; government, corporation, or fake cop that murders you?   FAKE TRUMP o'LUMP has the BULLY PULPIT but all he does is GAB about his business deals and how great he is.  Until the day that he frees us by coming clean, he is a traitor to his people, a FAKE, a LIER, and SCHMUCK.

BECAUSE the "United States" is only inside the District of Columbia, the below statement therefore makes all Americans "FOREIGN PRINCIPALS" with respect to the "United States" (fake corporation) with the exception of those who live inside the district of columbia.  This is hidden, you must pay close attention, allow me to give you wisdom.

The word, "STATE (below)" has already been defined elsewhere as "THE DISTRICT of COLUMBIA."  YOU MUST pay close attention, I will give you WISDOM:

 BEZAI say:
"In order to see this, you must read first about BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY term called, "THE MENTION of ONE is the EXCLUSION of all others:

expressio unius est exclusio alterius - Black's law dictionary

New Latin, expression of the one is exclusion of the other : a principle in law: when one or more things of a class are expressly mentioned others of the same class are excluded

BEZAI say:
"Thus, STATE = "the DISTRICT of CRIMINALS" and all the other states of the union are EXCLUDED.

Do you see it?

Now that you know that STATE = DISTRICT of COLUMBIA, you can reinsert that back into #9, and you get:

(9) - *PROPER*
"The term "United States" when used in a geographical sense includes only the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA, and the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA."

Now lets look back at the similar definition under FOREIGN PRINCIPAL  U.S. code 611

So now that we know that STATE = District of Columbia, we reinsert to discover the TRUE MEANING:

(m) The term "United States", when used in a geographical sense, includes the several District of Columbia, the District of Columbia,...."

Now at first glance this might not make sense to you, but it does as soon as you realize that the bad guys created several corporations all going by the "United States" a "MUNICIPAL, a FEDERAL, and a TERRITORIAL," and all three are sitting inside the DISTRICT of CRIMINALS, Washington D.C., aka the "District of Columbia."

Do you see how they use CODE that is CRYPTIC to enslave you?  And there is nothing lawful about them.  These fake governments were hired by secret contracts, without the public's knowledge (TREASON), and they have violated all the terms and conditions of their contracts (denied the right to print lawful money, denied the right to limit liability, denied the right to affect the lawful courts and the public offices which they erased them all), and thus, I happily say, DEATH to the "United States fake government."  I am and always will be an AMERICAN and if the "United States" foreign owned corporation wants to press me for TREASON, go ahead, you have no leg to stand on, your pants are around your ankles!   FAKE TRUMP and FAKE MELANIA are TRAITORS to their PEOPLE, until the day they step onto the podium and tell the TRUTH, that every; man, women, and child, of this planet has been CRIMINALLY turned into a "THING" so that they could be ROBBED and GENOCIDED and WITHOUT REPRISAL:

BEZAI say:
And then moved the SPIRIT of GOD over me, and then came the WORD of GOD and then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "8:22 pm":

BEZAI say:
"In order to publish this written compilation, I must ask JEHOVAH for permission, as I am an INFANT being coddled by GOD, request is made through prayer, and the answer from GOD is decoded by the TIME on the CLOCK at the moment I say, "SO BE IT, AMEN," via the EXHAUSTIVE BIBLICAL CONCORDANCE of the NUMBER of the TIME:

"JEHOVAH, a public servant requests permission to publish this written compilation, SO BE IT, AMEN."

And then thereupon saying, "SO BE IT, AMEN," the TIME on the CLOCK read, "8:28 pm" and GOD responded by saying, "AUGUSTUS, a title conferred on the first Roman Emperor, denoting sanctity (almost divinity)."

BEZAI say:
As JEHOVAH showed you above, a great SIGNS are COMING in the HEAVENS, and when you see these, you shall know, that I am The Son of Man, the one who was sent to show you the way through the NARROW GATE, which is to DECLARE a COVENANT to SERVE: GOD, CHRIST, and the FLOCK of GOD (by ministering to all), as without this you cannot seal yourselves to CHRIST's COVENANT that he made by a SIN OFFERING of his self for the purchase back of your sins:

BEZAI say:
"GOD is offering to BUY BACK all of your SINS, debts, and OBLIGATIONS, but only if GOD KNOWS YOU, and this is only done by DECLARING a COVENANT.  The temporary realm of this authority was taken over by SATAN, so until you DECLARE yourself to GOD and Christ by a COVENANT you are SATAN'S subject.  Christ told you that he was making a COVENANT for you, but a CONTRACT requires two participants, where CHRIST has done his job, but now you have to do yours.  Here are the INSTRUCTIONS that were given to me by GOD, who's name is JEHOVAH:

Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT (to GOD) = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION
LUKE 12:20:  "GOD SAYS, "FOOL, this NIGHT, the SOUL of you IS REQUIRED, HOW have you PREPARED, and to WHOM will it BE!"



BEZAI of the House of David,
formerly known as "Jeffrey Dougherty"
formerly known as "The Son of Man,"
formerly known as "Sun Tzu"

Why are GOOGLE and BING white washing me from the internet?  
Why is the fake United States government pretending that I do not exist?
Why does the fake mainstream news pretend that I do not exist?
Why does the fake alternative news pretend that I do not exist?

Why won't JIM STONE publish any of the PROOFS of ENSLAVEMENT that I have published?  (fake actor)

Why won't deplorable Mcghalister aka Linda Paris, why won't she publish any of the PROOFS of ENSLAVEMENT I have published?  (fake actor)

Why won't DAVID WILCOCK publish any of the PROOFS of ENSLAVEMENT I have sent him which I have also published, why won't he respond, why does he not speak out against the fake government?  (fake actor)

Why won't Corey Goode?  (fake actor)

Emery Smith?  (fake actor)

Michael Sala?  (fake actor)

Doctor Steven M. Greer?  (fake actor)

Jordan Sather?  (fake actor)

Why wont the HEALTH RANGER aka MIKE ADAMS?  (fake actor)

Why won't INFO WARS speak out against the FAKE GOVERNMENT and why won't they publish any of the PROOFS of ENSLAVEMENT that I have published?  (fake actors)

The plan is to keep on releasing secrets to you until the world is destroyed, thus Satan will scoop up your soul for KEEPS because you were lead astray, seduced by fantastic stories (true, fake, does not matter), all the while the MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION was WITHHELD.  The DESTRUCTION of the EARTH, your ENSLAVEMENT, and the COMING of the SON of GOD to GATHER and PLUCK the FLOCK, these are the most important, and they are covered up, not spoken of, withheld from you:

BEZAI say:
"FAKE ACTORS release lots of news, just not the most important news.  They are script readers, providing the fake government crime syndicate with an all powerful controlling censorship that makes common folk think they are getting good trusted news sources, when they are really being denied the most important news.  The entire alternative media is completely FAKE!

It's all FAKE;  fake government, fake mainstream media, fake alternative media, fake education, fake Non-Government-Organizations, fake charities, fake Security and Exchange Commission, fake publicly traded stock market, fake elections worldwide.

The only TRUE THING, is that EVERY SINGLE; man, women, and child on earth is ENSLAVED by the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN and that JEHOVAH has come to put BOOT to ASS, bow down on your knees and come to repentance and DECLARE a COVENANT to JEHOVAH (GOD) out of LOVE for it is most TRUE that GOD LOVES YOU, and it will only be you, that destroys yourself by failing to forgive yourselves, and by failing to hear my words of wisdom, which were given to me by GOD.  For those who hear me, I am the "doorstep" for those who fail, "the stumbling block."

BEZAI say:
And then came the SPIRIT of GOD moving over me, then came the WORD of GOD and then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "9:26":

attached scriptures to "HEAVY":

attached scriptures to "TO DISTURB, TERRIFY":

BEZAI say:
And then came the SPIRIT of GOD moving over me, then came the WORD of GOD and then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "9:28":

BEZAI say:
"TRUE STORY, we do not leave the house but RARELY, and only for short duration.  My wife and I and our child are sacrificing ourselves to give you a chance to save the souls of you.  I do not do this for money and yet it consumes nearly all my time, yet I cannot bring myself to ask for donations as i would no longer be set apart from all the FAKERS who are constantly lying to you with their sob stories about how they need your help, all the while they are paid operatives working for the fake governments (GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE), that is where your tax dollars are going, to keep you enslaved.  The man who owns this web site, he goes by the name FREEWILL, and I have no affiliation with him accept that we both desire to see the CRIME SYNDICATES destroyed and the PEOPLE liberated.  FREEWILL got a great job up in ALASKA so that is why he does not post much anymore, they are working him hard:

BEZAI say:
And then came the SPIRIT of GOD moving over me, then came the WORD of GOD and then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "9:34":

attached scriptures to "BRIGHTNESS":

BEZAI say:
(above)  I keep on getting frustrated that JEHOVAH has not given all the wicked peoples LEPROSY yet, and GOD keeps telling me that I have to be ENDURINGLY PATIENT of EVIL as GOD does not wish for any to be destroyed and is hoping for all to come to repentance, this however, personally, is a serious drain on moral, yet I am patiently waiting, for the attacks against my family, in the words that GOD said to me, "PLEASING to the EYES," it will be.

attached scriptures to "ROYAL":

BEZAI say:
And then came the SPIRIT of GOD moving over me, then came the WORD of GOD and then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "9:36":

attached scriptures to "TO BE KING, REIGN":

attached scriptures to "DESPISE":

BEZAI say:
And then came the SPIRIT of GOD moving over me, then came the WORD of GOD and then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "9:57":

attached scriptures to "SPOILING":

attached scripture to "BETTER":

END... OFF to BED:

BEZAI say:
And then I was just about to stick a tooth brush into my mouth, then came the SPIRIT of GOD moving over me, then came the WORD of GOD and then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "9:57", 

JEHOVAH (GOD) has responded to my comment regarding how tediously SLOW things are moving forward:

You will only be able to experience GOD and communicate with JEHOVAH as I do until once you DECLARE your COVENANT:

Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT (to GOD) = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION


BEZAI say:
And just as soon as I had finished brushing my teeth, then again the SPIRIT moved over me, and then came the WORD of GOD and then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "10:34 pm":

BEZAI say:
"NEW earth sounds fantastic, I am hoping for 85 degrees 365 days per year.  


"ALL ABOARD,... Please ensure that your tray tables are in their upright and locked position, and ensure that you have sold your luxurious possessions and given away the money to the poor, you cannot take your riches with us where we are going!"

END, to BED...

BEZAI say:
And there I was, laying down reclining, and then thereupon the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, and then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "10:55 pm":

BEZAI say:
"JEHOVAH is asking me to go over again and re-cover an old lesson.  Besides the simularity that I too was reclining, laying down, one of these three passages has a hidden prayer to silence and still the winds.  Have you ever wondered why multiple gospels tell the same story?  Have you ever bothered to compare them?  If any given miracle story is told in three gospels, the HIDDEN PRAYER to accomplish the MIRACLE will be located in one of the stories.  These things have been hidden and laid up for you, not found previously, until now, a gift for the 144,000 servant prophets of GOD.

Can you find it?

"JEHOVAH says, 'SILENCE be STILL,' so be it, amen."

Remember, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word coming out of the mouth of GOD," thus the words of mankind are powerless, but the words of GOD have power, thus when you say a HIDDEN PRAYER, it is JEHOVAH saying it, not you.  You must ensure that you do not use personal pronouns as these separate you away from JEHOVAH.  The Key to unlocking the POWER of the WORD of GOD is to realize that you are ONE with JEHOVAH, you are a fracture of the soul that is the GREATER SPIRIT of JEHOVAH.  The relationship between you and the CREATOR is strengthened by your "ASKING QUESTIONS" and by your "SERVICE(s) RENDERED" answering the WILL and INSTRUCTION of JEHOVAH.  The relationship grows just like a plant or a child, until eventually you reach a state of growth that JEHOVAH gives you the GIFT that was LAID UP and HIDDEN, AWAITING YOU until NOW.  For these reasons alone we discover why the Synagogue of Satan and the fake churches working with the fake governments have sought not only to HIDE and CONCEAL the ancient wisdoms from us, but also their murderous path of destruction to genocide all the men and women and children of faith in GOD, as well as stealing historical and religious artifacts from around the world, securing dig sites, stealing the archeology, re-writing history with lies, all designed to keep you ASLEEP and ENSLAVED, to PREVENT YOU from WAKING and REALIZING that you are PRINCES and PRINCESSES of the MOST HIGH GOD, and that with the proper authority, delegated to you by GOD in exchange for COVENANT and OATH (vows), you can wield the POWER of GOD.

MATTHEW 11:25 and connected scriptures:

And then again the SPIRIT moved over me, and then came the WORD of GOD and then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "11:23 PM":

BEZAI say:
"Above we see what JEHOVAH has said regarding the REQUIREMENTS.  And that is how fast JEHOVAH (GOD) responds to something I write or say or do, even faster.  Literally the moment I look at something I have written, I will receive a chill up my spine or a spasm of my eye and I look at the clock and after decoding the message with EXHAUSTIVE BIBLICAL CONCORDANCE, I see that JEHOVAH has instructed me regarding the thing that I was looking at 10 seconds previous.  It is mind blowing.  And what is even more mind blowing is that WE COLLECTIVELY, THE PEOPLE, have been WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE and WITHOUT WISDOM, truly CUT OFF from GOD.  In order to STOP BEING CUT OFF, you must DECLARE a COVENANT, and by doing so, it is like a GIANT LIGHT SWITCH being THROWN!


BEZAI of the House of David

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