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NYPD reluctantly will protect Jews

The New York Post reported, "The city is in the middle of a race-hate crisis — and will beef up NYPD patrols of Jewish neighborhoods while introducing anti-bias-crime programs in their public schools, Mayor de Bill Blasio said Sunday.

"'Fearing the next act of terror will not become the new normal for our Jewish neighbors,' the mayor said in a statement. 'In New York City, diversity is our strength and we respect the traditions of all who call New York City home. Intolerance will never take hold here.'"

This is not a race-hate crisis.

This is anti-Semitism, the kind of terrorism socialists promote. Anti-Semitism is older than Christ. Jewish people are usually the first group the socialists and other tyrannies attack.

The Guardian Angels embarrassed the mayor into doing this. The mayor had refused to send the police to protect the Jews in deference to black politicians.

The Daily Wire reported, "The Guardian Angels, a private, unarmed crime-prevention group, will begin patrolling the streets of Brooklyn and and other majority-Jewish neighborhoods, it says, following a spate of anti-Semitic attacks in New York City, culminating in a mass stabbing that took place Saturday night at a Hanukkah party in a suburb of the metropolis.

"The group, led by Curtis Sliwa, is best known for patrolling the streets of downtown Manhattan in the 1980s, when crime in the city was at an all-time high, and places like Times Square were hubs of adult entertainment and beehives of crime. The Guardian Angels, clad in embroidered red satin jackets and red berets, became a fixture of of the subways, which they rode to and from NYC’s high crime areas, where they conducted their surveillance.

"They now feel compelled to help protect the Orthodox Jewish communities, under siege by anti-Semites. The group told NBC News that they plan on starting patrols at noon in the Crown Heights neighborhood and will expand to Williamsburg and Borough Park later in the day."

Guardian Angels they are.

If New Yorkers had elected a real man as mayor, he would have dispatched his taxpayer-provided police bodyguards to Crown Heights and elsewhere to protect citizens.

There is a Muslim Community Patrol of volunteers who protect mosques in New York. I suggest they patrol synagogues on Saturday. That would bring people together. I also suggest a Jewish Community Patrol. But private citizens are not responsible for this.

The mayor is.

I would not trust the man.

Maybe the Israeli Defense Force can send a few soldiers.

On Sunday, Jack Wilson, 71, pulled a pistol and shot and killed a gunman at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas. reported he "is a former reserve deputy sheriff who was the long-time owner of a firearms training academy."

Wilson being there armed was no accident. The New York Times reported also reported, "The church has a security team of people licensed to carry firearms that has existed for about a decade."

As writer, lawyer, and retired colonel Kurt Schlichter reminds everyone, buy more guns and ammo. No one wants to live in an armed society, but that is where we are.

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