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NTTO Grand National & National Champions 2019

950kg / 2095lbs GN Mini Unlimited: The Riddle

2.5t / 5500lbs GN Light Modified: Wicked Screamer

2.5t / 5500lbs N Light Modified: Mad Max Stage 5 (B)

2.6t / 5730lbs GN Two Wheel Drive: BK Power

3.5t / 7700lbs GN Super Stock: Zeinstra New Born Deere

3.5t / 7700lbs N Pro Stock: Wickie Power

3.5t / 7700lbs GN Modified: Intertechno Lambada

3.5t / 7700lbs N Limited Super Stock: Easy Rider

3.5t / 7700lbs GN Pro Stock: Neighbours Nightmare  

4t / 8820lbs GN Unlimited: Argos Oil Whispering Giant

N Light Two Wheel Drive: Mien Masjien

N Light Compact Diesel: Tiny Rascal

600kg / 1323lbs N Compact Diesel: Risk 2.2

Congratulations to all 2019 NTTO Grand National & National Champions !
GN=Grand National

final point standings, check here:

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