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Now they want to eliminate the Senate

Joe Biden is right. No one wanted to look at a naked Senator Jennings Randolph.

But here in the 21st century, Democrats don't want to have a Senate with or without clothes.

Matthew Yglesias of Vox wrote, "Democrats have a Senate problem, and not just in the sense that Republicans currently hold the majority or that the prospect of that changing in 2020 is relatively slim. The problem is that the odds of ever changing it are slimmer than is generally realized.

"Data for Progress, a progressive think tank and advocacy organization, is trying to raise alarm bells about the issue. In a new memo, co-founder Colin McAuliffe writes that “the Senate is an irredeemable institution” that’s biased 3 percentage points in the GOP’s favor and systematically underweights the interests of nonwhite Americans."

For a century when Democrats held the 22 Senate seats of the 11 Confederate states, they loved the Senate because the Dixiecrats often gave them control of the Senate.

But Republicans became competitive once the Dixiecrats began dying off. Republicans retook the Senate in 1980 after a 22-year drought, and the two parties have traded it back and forth since then.

Now the Party of the Ku Klux Klan complains the Senate is rayyyyyyyyycist.

Yglesias wrote, "A key issue is race. As the US has gotten more diverse, that diversity has spread throughout the country unevenly. It’s not impossible for a state to be both small and diverse (Hawaii) or even small and heavily urbanized (Rhode Island), but lower-population states tend to be whiter, more rural, and less educated than average. The result is a system of racism by proxy that overweights the interests and opinions of white voters over those of black, Hispanic, and Asian voters."

Just what are white interests that are not "those of black, Hispanic, and Asian voters"?

The economy? Health care costs? Education? Jobs?

This is about the ability of Marxists to get their black, Hispanic, and Asian candidates elected but not their white ones. Marxists are better organized in non-white areas.

Democrats cannot win and so they want to change the rules. And if you disagree, you are rayyyyyyyyycist.

So be it.

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