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No Tractor Pull in Oudenhoorn 2020

The STPO (Stichting Tractor Pulling Oudenhoorn) has announced on their website there will be no tractor pull event in Oudenhoorn, the Netherlands in 2020. But it wasn't the last event there in 2019, they have planned to organize a tractor pull again in Oudenhoorn for 2021.

here is the official statement:

Dear visitor, volunteer, sponsor,

Looking back on our successful anniversary edition, we were already busy with the organization of Truck & Tractor Pulling Oudenhoorn 2020. Unfortunately, we as the board had to decide to skip one year off, so the event will not be held next year.

The umbrella organization, the NTTO, annually assigns a date on which we can hold our beautiful event. For the coming year we were first assigned a date that would be the same as the successful Concert at Sea in Ouddorp.
From experience from a previous edition, we know that this has a lot of effect on our own event. Far fewer visitors will decide to come to Oudenhoorn, which makes it impossible to organize such a big event. After consultation with the NTTO, there was 1 other option, May 16. On this day, however, the final of the Songfestival takes place in Ahoy, Rotterdam. From the point of view of security / available security that is needed in the Rotterdam region, therefore, no other major events can take place simultaneously. That's why we as a board are forced to abandon an event in 2020.
In 2021 we still want to organize the 21st edition of the truck and tractor pulling, so that we can only take a year off. As a board, we hope that we can again count on your visit, commitment and help!

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