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New Sony Walkmans Show up on Sony US and Sony Canada (update)

Sony NW-A100 NW-ZX500

In the words of Dr. Farnsworth, Good News, Everyone! All three new Walkmans have appeared on and There is no information about when these will be released and the price is only known for Canada at this moment. Unfortunately, the A100TPS anniversary model is no where to be found, but hopefully this will also be released in North America.

Pricing for Canada as follows:
  • ZX507, $1,099.00 CAD
  • NW-A105 $479.99 CAD
  • NW-A50 $299.99 CAD

Update: US price for NW-A55 has shown up on, it is listed at $219.99 USD, and will ship on January 19th.

The NW-A50 is $20 more than the NW-A40. Unlike in Europe, the North American NW-A50 does ship with a FM tuner. The NW-A50 so far only has 2 colour options, blue and black, while the NW-A100 is only offered in black and the NW-ZX507 shows only the silver model.I do hope more colour options will appear for the A-Series models.

I am not sure if pricing will be similar in the US, but the NW-A40 costs $149.99 USD, but in Canada costs $279.99 CAD, which is a huge difference of $100 CAD after conversion. But then the ZX300 costs the same, $699 USD/CAD, so there is that. A straight conversion gives $835 USD for the ZX500, $365 USD for the A100 and $230 USD for the NW-A50, but the retail price might be different. I do not see it on Amazon just yet, so perhaps they will appear after CES 2020.

I am attaching the photos from the websites in case Sony takes them down. Click on the photos for a larger size, I have kept the URLs in the top to show each site.

Sony NW-A100 NW-ZX500 Canada

Sony NW-A50 Canada

Sony NW-A100 NW-ZX500 US

Sony NW-A50 US

As a bonus (thanks Jeff), the NW-ZX507 will also be coming to Australia as well. No price or timing, but the ZX300 was $799 AUD, so I would expect it to be much more than this, closer to the Canadian price of $1100 or so.

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