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New Light Unlimited from Kentucky

From Georgetown, Kentucky in the USA, the Young Blood Pulling Team around Jason Gibson have built a new tractor for the 6000lbs light unlimited and the 7500lbs modified class during the last winter. After many years in the 2WD truck class on KTPA and NTPA Grand National circuits, the team had decided to switch to the modified tractors. The Team around the owner and driver Jason Gibson started about 19 years ago with pulling in the 2WD truck class in his home state Kentucky.
Jason's crew consisting of his girlfriend Sara Carter, long-time friend Todd Stone and Sam Winkle and friends Eric Prewitt and his wife Johanna.
The first considerations to build a mod machine came in 2017. After 17 years in the 2WD division, it was time to switch classes just for a different new challenge. Jason competed with his Young Blood two-wheel drive truck his last full season in 2018 before they started to build their new toy.
But the two-wheel drive truck isn't sold yet, they still own the truck and still can run at local events from time to time. The truck is powered by a Miner Bros. V8 Hemi engine with a Fowler / Kobelco 14-71 blower on methanol fuel.
The crew started with the new project in the winter/spring of 2019 in their workshop.
The chassis of the modified ride has a steel wedge frame with a 3 bar chrome-moly roll cage, a Kirkey Racing driver seat, a rack and pinion steering, steel wheelie bars and a Rockwell SQHD rear end.
The Rockwell rear end has a Crutchfield Machine billet aluminum center section, with a Humpco billet aluminum diff, a Rockwell ring and pinion gear, Engler Machine & Tool Franklin magnesium planetaries carrier housing with 4-gear Crutchfield Machine planetary gear carriers, Engler Machine & Tool brake calipers with Mico Master cylinders and magnesium brake rotors. 
''Crutchfield Machine'' is the company of the former super stock competitor Robby Crutchfield from Liberty, North Carolina. Robby competed many years with a 640cui V8 Perkins alcohol powered Massey Ferguson 8280 component super stock tractor called ''Brutal Force'' in the 8000lbs super stock open class on the NTPA Grand National circuits in the past. Currently, he's building pulling parts for other teams in the US. 
The whole chassis including the aluminum fenders were built by Scott Tedder of Tedder Pulling Performance from Marion, Indiana. But it isn't a new chassis. Scott built that chassis side by side to his current Mr. Twister modified tractor in the winter season of 2013/2014. The Young Blood Team purchased the used Tedder chassis without the engines from Paul Knootz of Welcome, North Carolina. Paul Knootz competed with his tractor called ''Joker'' mainly in the light unlimited and modified division on the NTPA GN circuits from 2014-2017. Paul also ran for a single time in Benson, NC with 4 Hemi engines in the unlimited class in 2017.
Also in the package were the rear wheels and the whole drivetrain of the tractor. The rear wheels on the mod machine are a set of used cut Firestone Puller 2000HP tires with polished Midwest aluminum rims.
The completely new vinyl graphics on the fenders were done by Fast Signs from Charlotte, North Carolina.
The drivetrain of the tractor has an SCS magnesium reverser with a billet steel driveshaft between the reverser and the crossbox and a Modern Machine crossbox with billet steel gears. The crossbox on the tractor is not only built for 2 engines. With a dropbox, it's possible to run with 3 or 4 Hemi engines on the mod machine. Each engine on the tractor has a Molinari centrifugal clutch with 2 discs and is protected by a Browell aluminum bell housing.
The new Young Blood Jokers Wild is powered by 2 blown 526 Keith Black V8 Hemi engines with a displacement of 526cui on methanol fuel. In the 7500lbs mod class, they put a 3rd Keith Black Hemi engine on the tractor to increase the horsepower.
Each powerplant on the chassis has a Keith Black Stage 10 engine block with billet sleeves, a 4.5 Winberg billet steel crank with BME aluminum billet rods and Diamond billet pistons, Dart fuel aluminum billet heads with Keith Black Stage 5 rockers, aluminum valve covers, Dan Olson Racing exhaust headers, a billet steel camshaft, a Fowler / Kobelco High-Helix 14-71 blower with a Bohr Hammer carbon fiber injector scoop, a MSD 44 Pro Mag ignition, a Aeromotive fuel pump with a aluminum fuel tank, a RCD oil pump and a Dan Olson Racing aluminium oil pan. The 3rd engine for the 7500lbs mod division has the same setup as the front 2 motors only the carbon fiber scoop is different compared to the other 2 motors.
Each KB engine on the tractor should make around 2500-3000hp with this setup.
The 2019 season was a learning year for the whole team to find all the right setups for the tractor and for the engines. But with some constant results during the year, the team from Kentucky finished on a well-deserved 3rd place in the NTPA Grand National point standings in the light unlimited division. The Young Blood Team also competed on 3 events in Tomah, Wisconsin, Hagerstown, Maryland and in Bowling Green, Ohio with 3 engines in the 7500lbs mod division. The best result in the 7500lbs mod class was the 5th place in Hagerstown.
For the upcoming season, they have planned to replace the 2 front Keith Black Hemi engines by new better and more powerful Hemi engines. But it's currently not sure which engines will receive the tractor for next year.
One is sure Jason Gibson and his crew will compete in the NTPA Grand National Championship of 6000lbs Light Unlimited division again and on some events with 3 Hemi engines in the 7500lbs mod division in 2020.

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