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Ministers Aflame Conference. #Day1 By Rev. Goddowell Ivworin

Ministers Aflame Conference Kicks Off On the 2nd of Dec.

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Rev. Goddowell Ivworin ministering on the topic: "The Spirit of Prophecy" with text from Rev. 19:10

What is the Spirit of Prophecy?

The spirit of prophecy is beyond seeing vision. The spirit of prophecy is different from the gift of prophecy and the gift of prophecy is not also the same with the office of prophecy, so you don't need the gift of prophecy to prophesy because the spirit has been poured upon all flesh. Prophesy and vision are for everyone that is born again.

The Holy Ghost lives in the man that is born again therefore the manifestation of the gift is for every man that is in Christ (1Cor 12:1) {The Brethren}. So if you are born again, you are to manifest these gift but the manifestation of the gift is beyond seeing visions. The office of the prophet functions by the spirit of prophecy and the work of the prophet is not seeing visions alone because if that is the only work of the prophet there is no difference from him and the native doctor (witch doctors) because they see vision also.

How the Gift can be Manifested
Every gift can be manifested by just knowing (being aware) while some other persons can manifest the gift by training, in the sense that somebody who knows you have the gift can begin to talk to you and in due time you will begin to manifest the gift without stress because they are already in you. However, you manifesting the gift of seeing vision or prophesying does not give you the right to open a church immediately because this is the reason we have some big churches today who are highly gifted but the content of their message is poisonous.

As a man of God you don't call somebody a father in ministry because he has money, wealth or highly anointed, it is above that. Therefore fathership in ministry is not by gift, wealth or popularity but it is by the content that you can learn from someone, in order words you can make someone your mentor because there are people who have made some big men of God their father and they have never seen them one day neither have a personal encounter with them.

In Eph 4:11-12, the word pastor and teacher are one, the teacher is just an explanation of the office because all office carry the same mandate (Eph 4:12). So whether you are an apostle, pastor or prophets your gift is for the church and your gift is for the perfection of the saint. When the saints/believer are perfected, they are fixed into where they can function through knowledge - the knowledge of Christ.

What is the Ministry
(2Cor 5L17-18) The work of the pastors, apostles is to bring the saint (anyone born again) to the level or stage of a certain knowledge and when they attain that height, they will be able to do ministry. Ministry is for all believers but some are chosen into these offices in Eph 4:11 in other to build the saint. (Eph 4:13) The fullness of Christ should be the focus of every minister of the gospel which is to bring the believer/saint to the fullness of the knowledge of Christ.

Their focus is to bring the saint to the place of maturity but unfortunately we have members in the church today that does not know their left from their right and they are swayed up and down by various doctrine they hear. The work of the 4 fold ministry is by the spirit of prophecy (Eph 4:14). We (men of God) need to engage the spirit of prophecy in this end time.

Those who are in the office of training the believer were first believers before they entered into the offices by training, therefore you must undergo intensive training before you can in turn train others. Take note, if you are not well trained you cannot train others to a level where they can manifest Christ (Act 11:26).

Therefore the Spirit of Prophecy is simply the mesage of Jesus Christ and anytime you are explaining Christ to men, you are prophesying because the spirit of prophecy in a man is what enables him to explain Christ to men accurately. (John 16:12-14) The Holy Spirit is not just the spirit that reveals things but also reveals Christ (1Cor 2:9-10). John the Baptist was called the greatest prophet by Jesus because in John 1:21, he prophesied about Jesus and what He came to accomplish on earth. The baptism of John is the message of the coming of the son of God.

So any spirit that reveals Christ to humanity or preaches Christ to humanity is operating with the spirit of prophecy.

Shout Halleluyah!!!

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