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How to Trump impeachment

PAT CIPOLLONE, presidential lawyer.

In January, the Washington Post gleefully reported, "As Mueller Closes In, White House Hires 17 New Lawyers."

11 months later, Democrats are saying Mueller Who? I predict they will want to forget 11 months hence they ever heard the word impeachment.

As early as September, I advocated a go-ahead-and-impeach-my-day approach to this farce run by Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler. President Trump would eat them alive on the witness stand.

Putting actual witness on the stand would make them pay for impeachment.

The latter seems to be the preferred approach months later. If impeached, President Donald John Trump would seize the trial in the Senate as a means of settling the score once and for all on Obama and the rest of the rats who abused power by using the Deep State to spy on him and other Americans.

Joe Biden selling America out to Ukraine and Red China for jobs and investments to his coke-addled party boy, Hunter, was almost as bad as Hillary the Troll demanding tribute from foreign governments to her Fake Charity when she was secretary of state. Her acceptance of emoluments had the blessing of Obama but not Congress, as the Constitution requires.

A more corrupt administration we never had.

The president's top lawyer, Pat Cipollone, certainly has a plan to turn inside out this effort by Democrats to brand President Trump with impeachment. They want to impeach by Christmas and force the Senate to deal with it beginning on January 3, when Congress returns from the Christmas holidays.

In a letter to Nadler on Sunday, Cipollone made it clear that he will assert and defend the president's right to an actual trial by a jury of his peers, also known as the Senate.

The letter said, "I write in response to your letter of November 26, 2019, to President Trump regarding the purported 'impeachment inquiry' currently being conducted by Democrats in the House of Representatives. As you know, this baseless and highly partisan inquiry violates all past historical precedent, basic due process rights, and fundamental fairness. Your letter asked that the President notify the House Committee on the Judiciary by December 1, 2019, whether the Administration intends to participate in a hearing scheduled for December 4, 2019. You scheduled this initial hearing -- no doubt purposely -- during the time that you know the President will be out of the country attending the NATO Leaders Meeting in London."

My interpretation is the president's schedule matters. This NATO meeting was determined by NATO and not the president.

I believe Cipollone pointed out that President Donald John Trump fulfilling his official duties takes precedent over impeachment because under the presumption of innocence, he is president until 67 senators decide he is not.

The letter continued, "Your letter provides little information about the upcoming hearing. It vaguely indicates that you intend to hold a hearing to discuss the 'historical and constitutional basis of impeachment.' We understand from rumors and press reports (though not from any notice provided in your letter or in the official notice of the hearing) that the hearing will consist of an academic discussion by law professors. We understand this to mean that your initial hearing will include no fact witnesses at all."

My interpretation is that Cipollone is pointing out that press accounts and other rumors count for nothing legally. The clock on impeachment does not begin for the president until the House votes to impeach him. That is extremely important.

As a lawyer, Cipollone was a Wood Chipper gobbling up the kangaroo court proceedings of Schiff and Nadler's proposed rules.

Given Schiff's failure to lay a glove on the president, I believe Nancy wants this impeachment voted down. She may be in her dotage, but her political instincts are so ingrained in her DNA that even if she were in a coma, she would be counting votes and making deals. You do not have to like the woman or agree with her to observe her achievement in not only becoming speaker but becoming speaker again after an 8-year absence. The cliche among celebrities is "I'm a survivor" because they suffered a few years of losing the spotlight Nancy really survived political death when she lost the speakership.

If impeached, Cipollone can make Democrats pay in many ways. For example, he can demand on Day One of the trial 60 days for discovery and the deposition of witnesses. Nowhere else in the judiciary today does an indictment lead to a trial the next day.

Whether such a delay stops all Senate action until the trial begins is a decision of the presiding judge, Chief Justice John Roberts.

To be sure, this delay would allow the nitwit Democrat senators running for president to campaign. Winter in Iowa and New Hampshire are a fate I would wish only on my worst political enemies, so happy trails Fauxcahontas and Spartacus.

But the president is unencumbered by the proceeding. He can hold rallies, meet with heads of state, fire dissidents, and otherwise do as he pleases.

The best outcome for Democrats now is for the 31 Democrats in Trump districts to vote impeachment down.

That is my prediction. Enough of those 31 will break ranks to stop the impeachment from passing.

If not, you may fire when you are ready, Cipollone.

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