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Hold media accountable for calling Trump Hitler

Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma went on CBS on Sunday morning, channeled his inner Alyssa Milano, and trashed our president, Donald John Trump. Someone should have thrown him a fish for he acted not like a representative of his state but rather like a trained seal telling the media what it wants to hear

Trashing President Trump is easy.

It takes real courage to stand up and call the media out for calling Donald Trump Hitler and worse. The media whines about President Trump's tweets, after calling him and his family every name in the book. Never forget that Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump the C-word in a scripted, taped television show.

And Bee kept her job.

Then there is Kevin D. Williamson's loathsome story on Donald Trump's entry into the race on June 16, 2015.

National Review headlined the piece "Witless Ape Rides Escalator."

In Paragraph 1, Williamson called the Man Who Saved Manhattan a "ridiculous buffoon with the worst taste since Caligula."

In Paragraph 2, Williamson called the Trump Organization "the Argentina of limited-liability companies, having been in bankruptcy as recently as 2009."

Speaking of witless, the company has never been bankrupt. It made 4 trips to bankruptcy court to refinance its loans.

He also called Trump Taj Mahal "the nation’s first casino-cum-strip-club, an aesthetic crime against humanity that is tacky by the standards of Atlantic City."

Paragraph 4 was a torrent of Tourette-style ad hominem barbs: "Donald Trump, being Donald Trump, announced his candidacy at Trump Tower, making a weird grand entrance via escalator — going down, of course, the symbolism of which is lost on that witless ape. But who could witness that scene — the self-made man who started with nothing but a modest portfolio of 27,000 New York City properties acquired by his millionaire slumlord father, barely out of his latest bankruptcy and possibly headed for another one as the casino/jiggle-joint bearing his name sinks into the filthy mire of the one U.S. city that makes Las Vegas look respectable, a reality-television grotesque with his plastic-surgery-disaster wife, grunting like a baboon about our country’s brand and his own vast wealth — and not see the peerless sign of our times?"

Williamson would in March 2016 top that mindless effort with his "The Father-F├╝hrer" piece in that same Counterfeit Conservative magazine.

Now after 4 years of bilge water masterpieces like that, Williamson dared to complain last week, "Democrats are so committed to their exotic fairy tale — Trump is a monster, Trump is a Nazi, Trump is a white nationalist, etc. — that they have forgotten how to run an ordinary campaign against an ordinary failure."

Senator Lankford went on CBS on Sunday and passed up the opportunity to call out the freakish name-calling of President Trump by the media.

Instead, Lankford said, "I don't think that President Trump as a person is a role model for a lot of different youth. That's just me personally. I don't like the way that he tweets, some of the things that he says, his word choices at times are not my word choices. He comes across with more New York City swagger than I do from the Midwest and definitely not the way that I'm raising my kids."

The media set the tone on June 16, 2015, when Donald Trump entered the race.

National Review's ugly personal attack by Williamson gave license to CNN and the rest to call Donald Trump Hitler.

Republicans need the courage to revoke that license.

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