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Explaining impeachment to Paul Mirengoff

Trump-hating Paul Mirengoff of Power Line wrote, "I confess to being puzzled by the triumphalism expressed by some Trump supporters at the end of the House Intelligence Committee hearings on the president’s dealings with Ukraine. Sure, nothing happened in these hearings that will cause the Senate to remove Trump from office. But this process isn’t about removing Trump, it’s about injuring him politically."

Mirengoff could clear up his confusion by re-reading just 3 words he wrote, "Sure, nothing happened."

Nothing happened.

He said it in context to the Senate removing Donald John Trump as president. Not removing him from office will remove him from office, according to Mirengoff. His argument is "If just 10% of the 55% of the public that opposes or is undecided about impeaching Trump favors defeating him at the polls, then more than half of the electorate wants to defeat him."

Democrats and Mirengoff truly believe that impeachment will sink President Trump.

Just like Russian collusion did.

Just like firing Jimmy the Weasel Comey did.

Just like Stormy Daniels did.

Just like Michael Avenatti did.

Just like Michael Cohen did.

Just like Michael Wolff's book did.

Just like the Mueller report did.

The media huffs and puffs but it cannot blow the House of Trump down because it is built by Americans.

So what if more than half the people want him defeated? He won with 46% of the popular vote last time. President Trump's supporters -- whom Mirengoff dismisses as a cult -- were enough to elect him in 2016, and are enough to win again in 2020.

As I said, the politics of impeachment are explained in 3 words he wrote, "Sure, nothing happened."

Nothing happened.


For Democrats (both those who admitted it and their helpers) impeachment is another nothing burger they have to eat. Without meat, it is a dry bun that leaves a bad taste in the mouth, and an emptiness in the belly. A steady diet of these things makes you too weak to vote, and Democrats have served nothing but nothing burgers for 3 years now.

But the nothing burgers that Democrats throw amuse Trump supporters, who are dining on Trump Steaks and drinking Trumpenfreude wine as we watch the Coup Klutz Clan set their sheets on fire as they attempt burn a cross.

And we are smothering our Trump Steaks in ketchup. Lots and lots of ketchup.

We do this because we realize it is not Donald Trump that Mirengoff and his Democrat cronies are attacking. The president is just the pinata that they swing at in their anger and frustration.

No, they want us dead. After all, we are deplorable. We are despicable. We are a cult.

We get it. We understand that if they can do this to the president of the United States then we do not stand a chance.

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