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Democrats race politics backfire

The departure of Kamala Harris from the Democrat presidential circus drew an unexpected bitterness from some African-Americans.

Oh, they were not going to vote for her. Last month, The Hill reported, "47% of black voters said Biden was their first choice and 12% said both Warren and Sanders. Only 4% said Harris."

If we are to believe the poll, 96% of Democrats didn't think Harris was good enough to be president. Ah, but apparently the 96% also want her to still be a presidential candidate.

MSNBC weekend personality Joy Reid tweeted, "The reality is that no 2020 candidate is perfect, but the extent to which people -- including the media but also would-be voters -- punished and refused to even consider Kamala Harris for flaws she frankly shared with other candidates, was telling and depressing.

"And that refusal to even consider Senator Harris, or for that matter Julian Castro or Cory Booker, including out of an understandable distrust in the electorate, frankly, reflects in the polls that influence donors and that helps exclude candidates from the debate stage.

"Now we face the next debate for America's diverse party, which thoroughly depends on voters of color for electoral survival, likely having no candidates of color on stage. And the first states to winnow out the field have almost no people of color. And here we are. In 2019."

In 2008, this was no problem. Those states with "almost no people of color" went with an inexperienced black senator. Perhaps this is why most Democrats are passing on the 2 inexperienced black senators in this race. In 2019.

Cory Booker, the other inexperienced black senator in this race, is upset that Harris departed. He told MSNBC, "We started with one of the most diverse fields in our history. It's a damn shame now that the only African American woman in this race, who has been speaking to issues that need to be brought up, is now no longer in it."

Democrats offer diversity, not competence. But Booker has a point. The experienced white senators are even worse than him and Harris. One's a crook, one's a liar, and one's a commie. They are all socialists, which means they are willing to give you the shirt off your back.

The Democrat plan for decades has been to pander to racial and ethnic minorities to await that day sometime in 2050 or so (when I will turn 97) when non-whites outnumber white people and the Democrat Reich can at last rule for 10,000 years.

Demographics is destiny.

It also is racist.

And it also is doomed because long before the nation becomes this non-white paradise, the Democrat Party will become the non-white party. Diversity over competence is bad enough, but Democrats also are creating one hell of a monster with this race game. Which race eventually prevails? White? Black? Hispanic? And why would the other races stay if they are not dominant?

Democrats err in making skin color, not competence, the top qualification for a candidate. Martin Luther King's passionate plea for racial equality was also quite logical. Survival should depend on judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. No one should care about a paramedic's race, religion or sex when the ambulance arrives.

By appealing to the baser and frankly racist side of people, Democrats have boxed themselves in.

In 2019, as Joy Reid would put it.

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