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Democrats impeach. America yawns

The Washington Times reported, "The nation’s top television networks had the patience to follow the House debate on impeaching President Donald Trump on Wednesday -- but only to a point.

"When Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s gavel signaled that Trump had been impeached, CBS was airing the season conclusion of Survivor and ABC was showing a live version of the old All in the Family sitcom. The Fox broadcast network, which hadn’t shown the hearing all day, aired The Masked Singer.

"NBC was the only major broadcast network to stick with impeachment through the vote."

Wayne Brady dressed as a fox won The Masked Singer finale.

So much for impeachment being a historic vote.

This does not mean the networks did not favor impeaching the Orange Man.

News Busters reported, "For 20 minutes and 25 seconds, the entirety of their Wednesday evening airtime, that’s how much time CBS Evening News dedicated to hawking impeachment to their viewers. The time was used to gush about Democratic speeches, mock White House spin, decry the President’s anger, chide Americans unwilling to go along, and boast about the lack of impartiality from Senate Democrats running for President."

But money talks, Schiff walks. CBS was willing to show how Survivor ended, not the impeachment.

Well, the former had a suspense the impeachment lacked.

And who won The Masked Singer had more of an impact on the nation than the impeachment.

Yahoo Finance reported, "In a note to clients published Wednesday, Lori Calvasina and the equity strategy team at RBC Capital Markets published the results from their latest investor survey. Among the questions the firm asked of investors was their view on how impeachment would impact markets."

When money talks, I listen.

The story said, "The view that impeachment could be a negative event dropped sharply, with just 3% of investors saying impeachment would be negative for markets. This is down from just under 50% of investors saying impeachment would be bearish in September 2018.

"'We didn’t explore the reasons for this shift in our survey,' RBC adds, 'but suspect it could be due to the view that the impeachment process isn’t hurting Trump’s chances for re-election.'

"And why wouldn’t investors want that?"

The New York Times reported (no link as it is a pay site), "It was a momentous day in American history. But, by all indications, it was not a momentous day in the lives of most Americans.

"So while the House of Representatives debated the impeachment of President Trump, one man in Houston was more focused on a $279 speeding ticket. Tourists in Chicago savored an impeachment-free shopping day. Members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 401 in Albuquerque followed a simple mantra: 'Anything but politics, man.'

"Americans may be deeply invested in the outcome of impeachment. They might adore or loathe Mr. Trump. But as history played out Wednesday amid the bombast and rancor of impeachment proceedings, many of them seemed intent on looking elsewhere."

Well, OK boomers, somebody does care.

The New York Post reported, "President Trump’s reelection campaign raked in $5 million in donations Wednesday — the same day the House of Representatives voted to impeach him, his campaign manager said."

Democrats cannot run a kangaroo court right.

President Donald John Trump made America great again.

Which is why Democrats impeached him. They want the country to fail so they can impose Marxism on us.

I did not think Democrats would be dumb enough to impeach him but they have. And America yawns.

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