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Americans defy experts by thriving

Two news stories showed the people in America defied the experts in Washington and are making America great again. Jobs are rising and the trade deficit is falling.

The trade war with Red China was supposed to tank our economy. For decades, Washington sold trade agreements as creating jobs. Yes, for every $75,000-a-year job we lost at the factory, Walmart hired a couple more greeters.

Then after two decades of NAFTA, Obama declared with glee "those jobs are not coming back."

What did he care? He got his $66 million book deal. Screw you suckers for believing in his hope and change.

But the Obama legacy is the election of President Donald John Trump and the jobs are coming back.

Boy howdy.

CNBC reported, "The jobs market turned in a stellar performance in November, with nonfarm payrolls surging by 266,000 and the unemployment rate falling to 3.5%, according to Labor Department numbers released Friday.

"Those totals easily beat the Wall Street consensus. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been looking for solid job growth of 187,000 and saw the unemployment rate holding steady from October’s 3.6%."

Larry Summers, director of the National Economic Council under Obama, said, "Bottom line, America is working. These are very strong numbers. These are happy numbers, these are sunny Friday numbers."

America added 54,000 manufacturing jobs as once again we prove Obama wrong.

The story also said, "Average hourly earnings rose by 3.1% from a year ago, while the average workweek held steady at 34.4 hours. Economists had been looking for wage gains of 3%."

Wages are rising ahead of inflation for the first time in a long while. I am so happy for today's workers. My only advice is to sock 10% of the money in a stock index fund so you can retire.

Then there is the trade deficit. It fell.

Market Watch reported, "U.S. trade deficit falls 7.6% in October to 16-month low on decline in Chinese imports."

Imports fell 1.7% while exports dropped just 0.2%. Keep that up and watch the trade deficit disappear.

We can make all that stuff here.

This is the punk rock economy. Americans are defying their government by working hard and creating the best economy in 50 years. We are a great nation that stretches across a continent and 2 mountain ranges. We turned a desert into a breadbasket. Never underestimate us again.

All this good economic news helps President Trump as he negotiates a trade deal with Red China.

James McDonald, CEO of Hercules Investments, told Yahoo Finance, "Trump now knows he's got a strong market, high confidence, and he’s negotiating from a position of strength going into December 15. This good news is going to give Trump extra leverage to push back on China and to defend himself as well.

"I don't think this report is everything. But it's definitely going to set the tone for both how the Fed is going to perceive things going forward, and how Trump is going to proceed going forward."

America will slap another 15% tariff on Red China on December 15.

We can afford to. They need us more than we need them,

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