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Trump defeated the State Department

The State Department has been such a hindrance to U.S. foreign policy that people call it Foggy Bottom, and not just because that was the name of the area where it is headquartered.

Obama called it an empire of envoys. But they have good gossip to leak to reporters, so they always get good press. Consider the flattering coverage of the clueless foreign service brigade in the impeachment circus.

Presidents get around the bureaucracy by appointing special envoys.

Only President Donald John Trump has dared to take them head on. And he is winning. Foreign envoys know this firsthand because they are the hardest hit by the shift in power.

The Associated Press reported, "Colombia’s ambassador in Washington was embarrassed Wednesday by publication of a recording in which he trashes the State Department as a feckless institution subjugated to the whims of the White House.

"The Colombian newspaper Publimetro posted the recording of a 24-minute conversation between Ambassador Francisco Santos and Colombia’s foreign minister-designate, Claudia Blum. The paper said the private conversation took place last week at a Washington cafe and was recorded by a third person it did not identify.

"In the conversation, Santos complains that the State Department has lost the muscle as a driver of U.S. policy in Latin America that it had a decade ago when he was Colombia’s vice president. He says policy decisions are now primarily made by the National Security Council’s director for the Western Hemisphere, Mauricio Claver-Carone."

President Donald Trump appointed him to the post last year. Claver-Carone is an ardent foe of Cuba's communist regime.

Santos said, "The State Department, which used to be really important, is destroyed. It’s non-existent, non-existent."

He has since apologized and is headed to Bogota to explain himself to President Ivan Duque.

Santos made the biggest mistake a diplomat can make: being caught telling the truth.

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