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The Real Medical: How to Heal - By Ben Horner

By Ben Horner

In Flint Michigan, during the summer of 2010, myself, Ben Horner, opened the medical marijuana dispensary Michigan Organic Solutions.  I was 31 and had five thousand dollars and a prayer that I could be one of those rags to riches stories like the Cali guys who led the movement for cannabis medicine.  Little did I know the power of that medicine and how learning to be a healer would change me!

Being a Chef of several restaurants, and being the managing partner of O’Toole’s Bar and Grill formerly in Waterford, I had skills which I adapted to found one of Michigan’s oldest cannabis dispensaries, which is now a State Licensed Provisioning Center.  Very few of the original centers survived the “cleansing” as described to me by founder of Third Coast Compassion Center, Darryl Stavros in 2012.  Stavros’ predictions came true over the next four years as raids decimated dispensaries and compassion clubs operating outside of the “Green Zones”: Flint, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Ypsilanti, where Dispensaries were allowed to exist.  Many of these centers where truly sick people went to get medicine were shut down, forcing the elderly, incapable of cultivating and processing their own medicine, to find their meds on the streets or drive long distances to the “Green Zones.”  I operated in the “Green Zones”, so my patients and I were safe for the most part.  I always operated understanding the risks and staying in compliance with the medical marihuana laws.

Over eight years Michigan Organic Solutions treated thousands of patients.  We also worked with hundreds of caregivers.  During that time we were sought out as a trusted source of information regarding all forms of cannabis including, growing, processing, researching and administering the plant in a variety of ways.  These experiences allowed me to witness many people successfully treat many forms of cancer, MS, seizures, PTSD and many other conditions. I also learned to grow and make many products from the cannabis plant. Over the years I have learned from many great people from Michigan and around the world, and tried to pass that knowledge on to others.

Now that I have successfully sold my provisioning Center, I miss working directly with patients every day.  So I have recently been teaching a beginners guide to growing and making cannabis products such as raw cannabis juice, topicals and Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), which are products that I have found most effective as a medicine. Smoking cannabis has its place too, but is not as healthy.  I worked with five super great people in Bay City this week.  At the end of the class I felt so great about it, everyone was happy.  I gave them some plants; RSO and we made and sampled some raw cannabis juice.  They gave me smiles and hugs.  I want more.  My next class will be in Bay City on December 8th .  I hope maybe to see you there.

In full disclosure this is a shameless plug from the owner of this magazine.

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