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Sony Black Friday Deals

Sony Black Friday Deals 2019

Better late than never, that is what they say right? Anyways, Sony has some great deals on Amazon right now and I am sure they will either go up till Cyber Monday or maybe even longer. So if anyone was thinking of picking up anything from Sony, please do use the affiliate links, a tiny portion does trickle down to me. Of course if you can find it cheaper someplace else, do buy it there of course, like Best Buy or the like.

So I will begin with the WH-1000XM3. Price drop of around 70 dollars or  100 pounds. Unfortunately in Germany, the price drop is less drastic, 1.32 euro, pathetic. The UK did seem to get a better bargain, but it does start off more expensive as a starting price in the UK anyways.



Now onto the WF-1000XM3, good news here, there is a discount in Germany now as well, 40 euros. In the UK the discount is around 19 GBP for the silver and 34 GBP for the black. Unfortunately they are not discounted in the US, so perhaps they will receive a price cut before the holidays or in the new year.


I checked to see if the new Walkmans were on sale but no such luck. I guess they are too new to have any black Friday discounts but if anyone wishes to grab the A55, then check it out below.




Finally, the rest of Sony's new products and walkman's can be found at this page. Not all are discounted, so best to wait for discounts I feel. Thanks for reading everyone, any support for the site always helps and is welcome. I have some money saved up, but I am not sure what to buy just yet. I was thinking of the new Walkmans but I have seen a few reviews that are not the most positive.

So please post some ideas in the comments below what I should grab. Should it be WH-1000XM3? WF-1000XM3, or new A-Series Walkman? The ZX is slightly out of my price range but if I save for a bit longer, I might be able to afford it. Also please post any better deals links for your local area if the price is lower.

Thanks everyone, and happy shopping.

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