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Save us from those saving the world

Glenn Reynolds in 900 words mocked the Democrat Party's desperate attempts to bring President Donald John Trump down by any means non-electoral. Hidden in the column was a reminder that comedy quickly can turn tragic.

He wrote, "At this year's Harvard/Yale game 'climate protesters' took over the field and delayed play. As double Ivy League alumnus (Dartmouth and Yale) Roger L. Simon writes, the level of idiocy there is making him think we should abolish the Ivy League as unserious. 'In the middle of this year's Harvard-Yale game, the great activists spewed out onto the field to demand, what else, action on climate change — delaying the game for over an hour. But all these Ivy League smarty-pants couldn't come up with a slogan more original than 'Hey hey, ho ho, fossil fuels have got to go.' Who'd they learn that from, their grandparents? Decades ago, during Vietnam, it was 'Hey hey, ho ho, LBJ has got to go.'"

Of course they chanted what their intellectual grandparents chanted. This is the same elitist Ivy League idealism from the 1960s. The idea was to make being against the war groovy. All the cool kids were anti-war then. Today, all the cool kids are anti-hydrocarbons.

Journalists credit the Ivy Leaguers ending the War in Vietnam but the war did not end until the communists sacked Saigon and renamed it Ho Chi Minh City. And even then it was not over until Pol Pot was installed as dictator of Cambodia. He then slaughtered 2 million of his own people -- one-quarter of the population.

By then all those idealistic Ivy League protesters were selling stocks on Wall Street or running the country in other ways just like their daddies did.

I would not be surprised if a future president of Exxon was among those arrested in that most recent protest.

Since Vietnam we have had more wars because it is what Ivy Leaguers do. The 4 presidents immediately before Donald John Trump were Ivy Leaguers, as is President Trump.

Reynolds -- an Ivy Leaguer -- wrote that the recent protest is a game to the protesters.

He said, "It's fantasy role-play, in this case by people sad that they were born too late for the 1960s. Anyway, if you care about climate, you should be protesting outside the Chinese embassy — China is adding vast numbers of new coal-fired power plants — unlike the United States, which has actually seen carbon emissions drop thanks to fracking."

They don't care about the climate, of course. They are too busy saving the world. I have reached the age when I fear not death but people who want to save the world. My soul can survive death with the grace of God but I have seen the horror unleashed by those who would save the world.

The issues may change from generation to generation, but the one constant for these savers of the world is a hatred of America.

Which is odd since the United States is the one country that has saved the world.

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