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Press pity party. Enjoy

Esquire magazine's Jack Holmes has the blues. Orange Man is treating the press as though they are unimportant. Considering they didn't stop his nomination, didn't stop his election, didn't get him indicted for Russiagate, and won't get him impeached, I would say he is right. They are the wind beneath his wingtips.

Holmes penned a 4,300-word thumb-sucker, "Chopper Talk: Where the White House Press Corps Goes to Get Ritually Abused by Donald Trump. In a world without press briefings, reporters are forced to ask the world's most powerful man questions over the roar of a helicopter."

The press did this to themselves. Reporters know it. They had a good thing going with the daily press briefings. Cable news got big ratings. Reporters had a shot at being the next Sam Donaldson.

Then the press got too big for its britches. Instead of reining in Jim Acosta, it sided with him in a lawsuit. The departure of Sarah Sanders as press secretary opened the door for President Donald John Trump to slam the door on the daily press conferences.

Instead, the president holds impromptu briefings. He answers their questions but does not allow them to preen for the cameras.

Let the crying begin.

Holmes wrote, "In the brave new world of the Trump White House, where there has not been a White House press briefing in over eight months, Chopper Talk is among the only opportunities members of the press have to question a principal member of the administration. And around three out of four times, members of the White House press told me, he’ll come over to take questions. It has become an essential event."

Hear the song of my people (as written by George Harrison):
I don't need no wah-wah
And I know how sweet life can be
If I keep myself free, wah-wah
I don't need no wah-wah
Trumpenfreude is delicious any time of day.

Holmes wrote, "The White House press are people who have reached what has traditionally been viewed as the pinnacle of American political journalism, waiting — and jostling — to ask the president a question no one can hear over the deafening hum of Marine One, only for him to yell about whatever the hell he wants and ignore attempts at a follow-up question. Sometimes, Trump will spot someone he considers an enemy of the state and jab a finger in their direction while saying the magic words: 'You’re Fake News!' On television, it appears as if the president is up against a pack of faceless jackals, baying at him for a quote. If it’s become essential, it’s also become something of a farce."

And yet the president will stand there for 20 minutes taking questions on 20 different subjects, answering them perfectly.

In the history of the presidency, none have been this available for a hostile press corps. Sure, all presidents will call their friendlies in the press and feed them exclusives.

But to even give the time of day to the likes of the Jeff Bezos Washington Post or the Carlos Slim New York Times is amazing. And President Trump does.

Holmes does not realize that instead of getting information secondhand from a press secretary, he gets the real deal directly.

He is like the teenage boy who whines about getting the keys to mom's SUV instead of dad's convertible. That kid does not realize that when his parents were teens they rode the bus.

Brian Karem of Playboy, who challenged a White House staffer to a fistfight, was among the bigger whiners in Holmes piece.

Hiolmes wrote, "Karem recalled an early incident in which the president was returning from a trip, headed to a White House event where he would serve a champion sports team some fast food. There was a layer of snow on the ground, the air was bitterly cold, and when the chopper arrived, it sent all of that blasting towards the crowd of reporters. It was chaos as everyone tried to shelter themselves from the storm, and that was before the president disembarked and walked right by the scrum, headed straight to the West Wing. At that point, all hell broke loose. People made a run for it trying to catch the president before he got inside. Some people fell. Karem claims to have pole-vaulted over one of the bodies strewn about and, in a gruesome victory, was the only reporter to get close enough to Trump to ask him a question before he got inside."

Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan feel the pain of "snow on the ground, the air was bitterly cold, when the chopper arrived," except instead of waiting for the honor to ask a question of he president, they were medevac-ing a buddy.

Cluelessly self-centered, Holmes plodded on, writing, "The prevailing sentiment from White House journalists is that it is horrible. It’s bad in the winter, like in Karem’s horror story, but some told me it’s worse in the summer heat. You’re packed into a rugby scrum, waiting and sweating, the D.C. swamp heat beginning to set into your every pore. People get testy. A few weeks before my Chopper Talk experience, according to one of my new colleagues, one reporter made the mistake of raising his phone to take a photo of the president and blocked the pool camera, which supplies video for all the networks, in the process. The cameraman slapped the phone out of his hand."

Oh the horror. The president has the press turning on one another. Orange Man Bad, indeed.

And there was this, "He tends to favor people he recognizes from the television screen, from which he gets the vast majority of his information about the world, and through which his entire presidency is continually being filtered back and forth."

What a numbingly idiotic assumption. He is briefed. He has access to information they don't have. He knows more than they do. We know this because every time the reports say that President Trump said something "without evidence," proof follows a few days later.

Holmes is young and foolish. The Washington press corps is a backwater that thrives on press releases and leaks. Its idea of a scandal is a phone call to the president of Ukraine.

Donald John Trump learned journalism on the streets of New York City, the media capital of the world. His divorces were Page One news as were his trips to bankruptcy court to get his interest rates dropped. Contrary to popular belief, he never went bankrupt.

President Trump is the best White House spokesman since Jefferson dined alone.

The Not-Ready-For-NYC journalists think they can bring him down.

Sure. Right after they finish whining about not getting to be on TV every afternoon.

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