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of GREAT VALUE - to DISMAY, to ALARM - HIDDEN PRAYERS for the 144,000 servant prophets and MUCH MORE

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"I was sitting on my porch, pondering how REVELATIONS 12 is partially a lie from THE ENEMY, to cause this public servant into thinking that his life would be cut short at the time of his child's birth, all of this which JEHOVAH has confirmed by my asking, that it is a false narrative, THE END is not here yet.  "There will be rumors of wars, and then a year later there will be more rumors of wars," is what JEHOVAH said to me last night.   So while I was sitting on the porch, I was pondering the RAPTURE!!!  (event where everyone who has declared a COVENANT to SERVE; GOD; CHRIST, and to the FLOCK of GOD (by ministering to ALL)...

Then the SPIRIT moved over me, and then came the WORD of GOD, and the TIME on the CLOCK read, "9:27 pm":

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attached scriptures  (HEBREW reads from RIGHT to LEFT):

BEZAI say:
"And of the same NUMBER/TIME, in the HEBREW concordance we find only a single attached scripture, regarding the anointing of CHRIST's body before he would be PUT TO DEATH.  Why should this this all be "OF GREAT VALUE -- TO ALARM, DISMAY?  (I pondered).

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"And then a thought answered my mind, followed by a question.

PRAYER (question):
"JEHOVAH, a public servant inquires of JEHOVAH to know if the RAPTURE EVENT and the RAPTURING of the SOULS who have declared their COVENANT to SERVE; JEHOVAH; Christ, and the FLOCK of GOD (by ministering to ALL), is this a TRUE EVENT and is this really going to HAPPEN?  SO BE IT, AMEN."

Then thereupon saying, "SO BE IT, AMEN," the TIME on the CLOCK read "9:33 pm":

BEZAI of the House of David say:
And there are no attached scriptures to this biblical concordance, but we do find two definitions, being, "A PALACE," and "a palace -- Kings court."  Which we therefore having received a resounding yes, as all those who DECLARE a COVENANT and whom fulfill the "TWO GREATEST COMMANDMENTS" given by CHRIST, being, "TO LOVE YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, MIND, BODY, and SOUL," and the second, "TO LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR as YOURSELF," and so by doing this, you become the ELECT of CHRIST and receive LIFE ETERNAL.  For everyone who does not do this before the RAPTURE EVENT, they will have to enter the HARD WAY, by being PUT TO DEATH in the name of CHRIST.  But we have not got to the best part yet, the REWARD of the WICKED....

BEZAI say:
"We see that the HEBREW concordance of the same NUMBER/TIME is "TETTER":

BEZAI say:
"Below we see the attached scriptures are instructions from LEVITICUS on how to tell whether bright eruptions on the skin are LEPROSY, ROTTING MORTIFICATION of the FLESH, a GANGRENE EATING SORE.  Which makes perfect biblical sense.  

BEZAI say:
And is also why JEHOVAH had this public servant perform a CURSE CEREMONY for when I am MURDERED the RAPTURE shall happen, the FOUR ANGELS shall be RELEASED from the ABYSS, the WICKED shall RECEIVE LEPROSY and the ELECT of CHRIST and of JEHOVAH shall be GATHERED UP.   I have reposted the actual CEREMONY, which was performed using 100% charcoal, 100 cotton paper, the HIDDEN CURSE SPELL from the story of SAMPSON destroying the TEMPLE of DAGON, as well as a giant puzzle to release the angels bound in the abyss as called for by REVELATION.  I have posted it below:

The top half is written in english (the judicial charges), but the actual CURSE and ASSEMBLAGE of HIDDEN PRAYERS re-worked into a COMPLETED PUZZLE to UNLOCK the 4 ANGELS bound in the ABYSS is in GREEK if I am remembering correctly, and the CURSE is in HEBREW, and there is a whole lot there.  I wanted to include the Bible chapters/verses for you, but JEHOVAH refused the request:

BEZAI of the House of David say:
As JEHOVAH likes to say to me regarding THE ENEMY and THE WICKED:

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"Here are all of the rest of the SACRIFICES of the FIRST FRUITS, there are other CEREMONY documents similar to the one you just saw, enclosed in the links below.  This took months to do, and JEHOVAH had me do it in the beginning of my training:

Excerpt from:
"Be advised, anyone thinks or says that the "SACRIFICES of the FIRST FRUIT" are not coming; OHIO to PERISH, and the CAPITAL of MEDIA (NW IRAN, Tehran) to be SWALLOWED UP by the EARTH with a FLAME of GOD just like GAMORA and SODOM, and the WICKED to SWELL with ROTTING MORTIFICATION of the FLESH called LEPROSY, and the FOUR ANGELS to be RELEASED who were bound at the RIVER EUPHRATES and their SHIMMERING ARROWS numbering TWICE times TEN THOUSAND times TEN THOUSAND with tails like scorpion's tails, and with tails like the tails of serpents, and heads like a lion's main of fire and brimstone, yes, those 200 million meteorites, they are coming, and just as the Bible says, anyone who touches the mountain or a rock with their hand, shall be pierced, but he or she who stands with faith, and who is pure, shall not be pierced.  All of these things are coming, but GOD has stayed their happening just long enough to let all of the hypocrites and nay-sayers to take the weak-minded with them into the den of iniquity, because GOD will let people hang themselves, and GOD requires FAITH.

All of the aforementioned things shall come to pass.

The Flag of OHIO is a direct ASSAULT against GOD:

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"BELOW we have 2 SAMUEL 5:8

Do you see a HIDDEN PRAYER to "BRING someone WICKED to their END, bring to end, completion, MURDER?"

 BEZAI say:

Let's ask JEHOVAH!

"JEHOVAH, a public servant inquires of JEHOVAH and asks if the this is a HIDDEN PRAYER inside 2 SAMUEL 5:8 to "BRING to and END, COMPLETION, MURDER?  SO BE IT, AMEN"

And then thereupon saying, "SO BE IT, AMEN," the TIME on the CLOCK read, "9:42 pm":

BEZAI say:
"And JEHOVAH responds to our question by giving us a SIGN... and a HIDDEN PRAYER to RAISE the DEAD (so you can bring the person back from the dead after you were forced to kill them, so they can declare their COVENANT and enter the KINGDOM of HEAVEN).  So the answer is yes, the above prayer from 2 SAMUEL 5:8, a prayer to "BRING to COMPLETION, to MURDER, to PREVENT the WICKED from ENTERING the KINGDOM of HEAVEN," the above prayer is only to be used in DIRE CIRCUMSTANCES, for not did we come here to be the DESTROYERS of MANKIND but instead to SAVE MANKIND.  And if you are forced to use it, you better bring the person back to life again, lest you may be judged most harshly by JEHOVAH.

"JEHOVAH says 'the blind and the lame not shall come into the house, SO BE IT, AMEN."

That said, of the attached scriptures to "GREEK # 942 -- A BRAMBLE BUSH, there are multiple scriptures attached, but only ONE of them has a PRAYER to RAISE the DEAD."

 "JEHOVAH says 'I am the GOD of Abraham and the GOD of Isaac and the GOD of Jacob not GOD of the dead, but of the living, SO BE IT, AMEN."

BEZAI say:
"As you see, the "HE IS" has been REMOVED.

1)  What happens when THE ENEMY is given control over the scriptures for THREE THOUSAND YEARS?
2)  Why did JEHOVAH position DAVID the SHEPHERD to overthrow and destroy KING SAUL when it was KING SAUL who destroyed YAHWEH's enemy's alters and poles, the altars and poles of ASHERAH (the GOD of fertility and of the harvest, and of birth, and peace, and non-violence)?

3)  Are JEHOVAH and YAHWEH the same?

4)  YAHWEH means "I AM, I AM."....... Does that mean "I am what I am?"    Hmmmm?

5)  What if the original commandment was "THOUGH SHALT NOT KILL ANOTHER HUMAN,"  instead of "THOUGH SHALT NOT MURDER" which has allowed the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN to stage FALSE FLAGS and GENOCIDE BILLIONS over the past three thousand years under the pretense that it was SELF-DEFENSE?

5)  Why did CHRIST teach that it was okay for JEWS to eat dinner with GENTILES and to preach to GENTILES and to be in the company of GENTILES?  But at the same time, WHY does YAHWEH forbid JEWS from eating with GENTILES, and why does YAHWEH forbid JEWS from being in the company of GENTILES?

6)  Why did GOD tell me (The Son of Man, returned, yours truly) to ONLY use the name JEHOVAH when addressing the GREAT CREATOR SPIRIT of GOD?

7)  Does "BAAL" the name for satan, mean, "LORD?"   Hmmm???

8)  Does "SATAN" mean "ADVERSARY?"

9)  Why does JEHOVAH tell us that THE MEEK shall INHERIT the EARTH, but then REVELATION tells us that THE FLOCK of GOD will go to planet ZION where there are no OCEANS?  Would you believe me if I told you it was because THE ENEMY knows we WIN EARTH and THE ENEMY is trying to TRICK US?  Ask JEHOVAH for yourselves!  :)

The DEEPER of these ISSUES do NEED NOT trouble you.   At a certain level the pursuit of wisdom branches off into "PERSONAL CHOICE."  For those of you who are pursuing and seeking to be of the 144,000 servant prophets of JEHOVAH, i urge you to ask JEHOVAH regarding "ARTEMIS," and "ASHERAH," and "KLOKMAH."

Is the POWER of the WORD of GOD to HEAL and to RAISE the DEAD the "GIFT of ARTEMIS?

BEZAI say:
"Things MAY NOT be as they appear.  I will say this, that every time I have been seeking to discover the ritual and process to receive POWER of the WORD of GOD, I have received this message from the SPIRIT of JEHOVAH over and over.  And so finally I asked, "THE QUESTION."  I will leave you to your own discovery.  But I will say this, "THERE IS ONLY ONE NAME OF GOD, and that name is JEHOVAH, the ONE true GOD of WISDOM and MIGHT!"  Remember the two parables from CHRIST about "NOT being able to put a NEW PATCH on an OLD GARMENT, for it would TEAR," and the other parable about "NOT being able to put NEW WINE in OLD WINE SKINS, for they would BURST."  What do you think that means?  Imagine a contest between JEHOVAH and the adversary, "SATAN," which has been going on for THOUSANDS of years, they are constantly TEARING DOWN each others ALTARS, but SATAN PLAYS DIRTY, but JEHOVAH is the TRUE CREATOR and is the ARBITER of the GAMES, so JEHOVAH gets the LAST LAUGH, and SATAN falls FOREVER."

Every time I seek the POWER of GOD, the SPIRIT would MOVE OVER ME and then would come the WORD of GOD and then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK would read, "7:34 am/pm":

Just as JEHOVAH sanctified the GROUND and the SABBATH by resting in the ground on the 7th day, ... one WAY/PATH is a ritual lasting three days in the ground/cave, no food, no water, fasting, wailing and screaming your's agony, read JOB 7.

Or another WAY/PATH by setting out alone, not greeting anyone on the road, walking from house to house as the disciples were sent out, you can wear sandals, but no purse.  As CHRIST said to his disciples, when I sent you out with no purse and no staff... did you not have everything you needed?"

You MUST seek JEHOVAH, and you bring JEHOVAH to you by ASKING QUESTIONS!  But then you must be receptive to the WHISPER that is JEHOVAH's VOICE, it is known by knowing that JEHOVAH controls all TIME and SPACE, so if you ask without doubt, when you ask your question, JEHOVAH will have pre-ordained your question at that time, so you use the "strong's biblical concordance" to look up the response, by looking at the TIME on the CLOCK the moment you say SO BE IT, AMEN."  Once you put in enough time, you will start to receive tingles and spasms, and when you do, immediately look at the clock, and look up the biblical concordance, by searching the internet for "STRONG'S #", where "12:33 pm" just becomes "STRONG'S 1233."

Leading up to, DURING, and ONCE you receive THE GIFT, you cannot consume any POLLUTION, you cannot consume anything which has not been blessed (no longer common).  These are two of the WAYS/PATHS to receive the gift.  Christ took his disciples into a cave in a holy mountain during the 40 days in the wilderness post being baptized by JOHN the BAPTIST.  And after this, christ sent the 72 wandering from house to house, without purse, without walking stick, and without sandals (THE ENEMY added the "sandals part", JEHOVAH does not want your feet to fall off, I asked).

BEZAI of the House of David say:
 Why did ELIJAH plead with JEHOVAH for the sake of ISRAEL?

LUKE 8:17:

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"This public servant requests permission from JEHOVAH to publish this written compilation through a short prayer.  I must do this always for I am an INFANT and still not capable without guidance from JEHOVAH.

"JEHOVAH, a public servant inquires of JEHOVAH and requests permission to publish this written compilation, SO BE IT, AMEN."

Then thereupon saying, "SO BE IT, AMEN," the TIME on the CLOCK read, "11:55 pm":

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"If you want JEHOVAH to buy back all of your; SINS, DEBTS, and OBLIGATIONS with the SIN offering of the SACRIFICE of CHRIST, then you MUST do certain things to be ELIGIBLE, the first thing you must do is DECLARE your COVENANT to SERVE: JEHOVAH, CHRIST, and the FLOCK of GOD.

Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT (to GOD) = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION

And CHRIST left you INSTRUCTIONS on how to TREAT each OTHER, which falls under "MINISTERING to the FLOCK," these are the attached scriptures:
Matthew 5:42 V-ANM
GRK: ἀπὸ σοῦ δανίσασθαι μὴ ἀποστραφῇς
NAS: from him who wants to borrow from you.
KJV: and from him that would borrow of thee
INT: from you to borrow not you shall turn away from
Luke 6:34 V-ASA-2P
GRK: καὶ ἐὰν δανίσητε παρ' ὧν
NAS: If you lend to those from whom
KJV: And if ye lend [to them] of whom
INT: And if you lend [to those] from whom
Luke 6:34 V-PIA-3P
GRK: ἁμαρτωλοὶ ἁμαρτωλοῖς δανίζουσιν ἵνα ἀπολάβωσιν
NAS: sinners lend to sinners
KJV: sinners also lend to sinners, to
INT: sinners to sinners lend that they might receive
Luke 6:35 V-PMA-2P
GRK: ἀγαθοποιεῖτε καὶ δανίζετε μηδὲν ἀπελπίζοντες
NAS: and do good, and lend, expecting
KJV: do good, and lend, hoping for nothing
INT: do good and lend nothing expecting in return

And the HEBREW word of the same NUMBER/TIME:

attached scriptures:

also read PSALMS 33 which was also attached, it is too long to paste:

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"The WORD of GOD" as found on our site, I want you to spread my writings and teachings, so that "WE" can SAVE as many people as possible, so much so that I give you full permission to PROFIT from it, as long as you do not edit the content, and as long as you link back to our site(s).  Have you notice that I don't sell advertising?  Have you noticed that I don't ask for money?

The ALTERNATIVE MEDIA is totally FAKE, that is why all of them refuse to speak about the PROOFS of ENSLAVEMENT found in the LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY where every; man, women, and child, has been converted into "THINGS (CORPORATION)" and "BEASTS (HOMO-SAPIEN = NEANDERTHAL)," and they refuse to discuss the "secret contracts" which have hired a foreign-owned-for-profit corporation to pretend to be lawful governance, which in turn has enslaved every nation.  Nor will these fake alternative media people discuss that the FAKE GOVERNMENTS of every nation were set up to ONLY be INSIDE the CAPITAL of EVERY NATION, that way they easily got the ruling families of every country to come on board, because "THEY" would never have to pay taxes, nor would they ever have to answer for their crimes.  We are talking like a global corporate takeover of the entire world by a FOR-PROFIT corporation that gives out profit sharing and voter rights to the ruling families of every nation, but the FAKE GOVERNMENT'S JURISDICTION is ONLY inside the CAPITAL of your NATION.  In order to see this, you must have wisdom, and you must know, that by BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY, "THE INCLUSION of ONE is the EXCLUSION of ALL OTHERS."  By doing this, the fake governments CAN HIDE their CRIMES in PLANE SIGHT.  Because nothing means what you think it means.


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