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NYT: 7% of Hillary voters support Trump

The headline in Carlos Slim's New York Times was tantalizing -- "They Voted Democratic. Now They Support Trump" -- but I knew there was worse news for the Party Of Obama than the headline showed.

The story's premise was gee the 2018 election was not such a big deal after all. The Times now admits that 2018 was a midterm election that swung to the opposition party but has little bearing on 2020.

Which I have said all along.

I also pointed out that thanks to President Donald John Trump, Republicans ousted 4 incumbent opposition party senators, something not done in 84 years since FDR ousted 8 incumbent Republicans in his first midterm.

To win in 2020, Democrats must flip Trump supporters.

The opposite is happening.

Buried in Paragraph 19 was "7% of those who supported Mrs. Clinton in 2016 said they now approved of the president’s performance — despite his personality and his Twitter account, many said."


Juli Anna California, 57, a nurse from Coral Springs, Florida, told the Times, “He’s not exactly the person I’d have as my best friend, but he’s a great president. Most politicians just talk about doing things, but Trump does them.”

What have I been saying? Donald Trump is the Domino's of politics. He delivers.

Democrats thought they could isolate President Trump and demonize his supporters as deplorable.

But now Democrats are the outsiders. No one has to call their supporters crazy because we all know they are. Who the hell wears a knitted pink hat on the Fourth of July?

Matthew Headley, 41, is a general contractor and owns a pizza business in Grand Blanc, Michigan. In 2016, he voted for Hillary. He's for Donald Trump now.

He told the Times, “The wheels are turning in the right motion for a lot of people who it wasn’t for the longest time. The Democratic Party fell apart on the heels of Trump winning. The harder they’re going after Trump, the more they’re just alienating people and pushing them away.”

Michael Townsend, 38, of Dunmore, Pennsylvania, told the Times, “In the last couple years, the Democrats had kind of been losing the work, and I thought Trump might get us that work, and to be honest, I’ve been in construction 21 years and the last two years were the best years I’ve ever had.”

President Trump began his re-election campaign the day after the election. Not by buying TV ads or giving great speeches, but by calling up CEOs and pushing them to invest in America.

He said he would Make America Great Again.

He did.

2020 is looking good.

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