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New home for Longnecker's single Griffon

The Rolls Royce V12 Griffon Merlin powered 7400lbs modified tractor called ''River Rat'' of Wayne Longnecker from Cambridge, Iowa in the USA has found a new home in the USA. Last year, Wayne decided after almost 40 years with Allison V12 and Rolls Royce Griffon V12 Merlin engines on his mod tractors to switch to MBR (Miner Bros. Racing) V8 Hemi engines on his new mod.
After a year in his workshop, Wayne decided to sell his V12 Griffon Merlin powered tractor to a new owner in the south of the USA. The complete tractor was sold to Doug Voth from Gainesville, Texas.
After the tractor was sold, the single Griffon Merlin machine received a new wrap job, a new look, and a new name. The tractor is called ''Super Marine Spitfire' now. After many years in a yellow-black look, the look was changed to silver metallic on the fenders and silver-gray on the side shields and the frame. The new look and design on the fenders, side shields and on the frame remind on the old airplanes from the second world war, which is very nice made. The new aluminum fenders were polished by the Team himself, that's why the fenders shining in that silver metallic look. The whole new wrap job was designed by Doug Voth himself and the company called ''Impact Signs'' from Ft. Worth, Texas applied them.
The Super Marine Spitfire (River Rat) was built by Wayne Longnecker and the River Rat Pulling Team during the winter of 2000 and 2001. But why have Wayne chosen an RR Griffon Merlin powerplant for his project at that time?
Wayne was a spectator at the Dutch Indoor Pull in Ahoy, Rotterdam in 1989. Then he saw somebody's Griffon engines pulling over there and he was impressed with the way they ran something different and he loved the sound own.
But it wasn't Wayne's only visit in Europe. He helped in 1999 the Green Monster Pulling Team from Germany to get their Allison engines running right again and he was together with the Team at the European Superpull again in Ahoy, Rotterdam. In 1993 Wayne and his Team take the chance to buy some engines through David Prince in England for a couple of thousand dollars. David Prince is the owner and driver of the twin Allison V12 powered mod tractor called ''Just Another Invader'' from Canada. In 2001, the team competed with the single Griffon tractor for the first time very successful in the Outlaw Pulling Series.
In the first years, his engine ran on av-gas, later he changed to methanol fuel. The engine received a homemade fuel injection system with a better ignition system and many other different small technical things. The methanol fuel system worked very well, but it wasn't a breakage-free time. They blew up a lot of superchargers and a lot of other parts during that period before they finally determined what they are doing wrong. After years of trial n' error, the engine of the modified tractor ran now pretty consistent without any big problems and brought him some further wins and titles in the Outlaw Pulling scene of the 7400lbs mod division.
Doug Voth has competed with his new toy on some Outlaw Pulling Championship pulls and on his home pull in Lindsay, Texas, where he also had the support from Wayne Longnecker this year. For the upcoming season, he has planned to compete in the Outlaw Pulling Championship and RRTTPA Championship (Red Rivers Truck & Tractor Pullers Association) in his home state Texas.

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