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New Dyno for Pulling Tractors in the Netherlands

The Rednex Pulling Team around Arjan van der Kolk from Vroomshoop in the Netherlands has announced on their Facebook page, that they have purchased a new wheel hub dyno for pulling tractors and all other types of performance vehicles up to 12000hp for the year of 2020. It will be also possible for other teams to make test runs with their pulling vehicles etc. on the new dyno.

The official statement of the Rednex Pulling Team:

DPP REDNEX takes it to another level.
We will start the year 2020 with the installation of a new 12.000 hp wheel hub dyno.
1 of our shops will be converted to a one stop shop for fuel systems, turbos, engine parts, cnc machining and finally performance dynoing.
We welcome all performance vehicles, tractors, and trucks, drag racers, etc.

for further information, check here:

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