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JEHOVAH sends a MESSAGE to ISRAEL - and a MESSAGE to the RULERS and the NATIONS of EARTH = IF YOU CHANGE COURSE and TURN AWAY from your WICKED DEEDS and cease your BLOODSHED, you will be FORGIVEN, but IF you DO NOT, YOU WILL BE DESTROYED - A MESSAGE to the 144,000 Servant Prophets of JEHOVAH = KEYS thus far FOUND to RECEIVE the SPIRIT HOLY = HEAL the SICK, CAST out DEMONS and POUR OUT the WRATH of JEHOVAH upon ALL the WICKED

BEZAI of the House of David say:
NOTE: Once you realize that you and everything around you are all part of JEHOVAH, the "I AM," at that moment in time you yourselves can devise a means to communicate with the SPIRIT HOLY, just as this public servant has.  What does it mean to have the spirit come over you?  It can feel like a sharp pain if you are doing something wrong.  It can feel like a warm tingly sensation the moment you are inspired or the moment you have a particular idea or thought.  If you are not paying attention, it could be your dog nibbling on you or whining.  At the MOMENT these things happen to you, look at the TIME on the CLOCK, and then look up the biblical concordance of the TIME (remove colon).  You can ask questions through prayer, and as soon as you say "SO BE IT, AMEN," look at the TIME and search the biblical concordance of the number..  Communicating with JEHOVAH through the scriptures is like serious "Bible School" while speaking with GOD at the same time.  But take it from an Electrical Engineer who studied calculus level PROBABILITY and STATISTICS, the PROOF is in THE SIGNS (mathematically impossible to be coincidence, real exchange of information between JEHOVAH and a public servant):

"And while I was reclining, the spirit moved over me, and then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, 3:38 pm":

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First Scripture attached to the above biblical concordance, to show the RULERS and PEOPLES of ISRAEL, a WARNING, and a THREAT issued by JEHOVAH, delivered by "THE HELPER," "The Son of Man":

BEZAI of the House of David says to the GOVERNMENT and PEOPLE of ISRAEL:
"READ the REST of the CHAPTER oh brothers and sisters of mine in ISRAEL:
For NOT do you have enough HEIFERS not worked and not yoked to ATONE for all those YOU SLAY, nor do you have enough un-plowed and un-sowed fields whereby to break the neck of the heifer to atone for the sin of murder.  Either you wail and lament against your "fake government" (a for-profit-corporation pretending to be lawful government) and exercise the rights of peaceful protest against your "DEEP STATE's continued FALSE FLAGS to INSTALL FEAR or the BLOOD of the INNOCENTS shall DRENCH YOU and you shall be DESTROYED.  

Oh BROTHERS and SISTERS of ISRAEL, Turn from your wicked ways and RE-ESTABLISH your COVENANT(s) with JEHOVAH, to SERVE both JEHOVAH and CHRIST and to MINISTER to the FLOCK of GOD.  This is the "STUMBLING BLOCK, either step up onto it as it is the DOOR STEP, or be CRUSHED by it INTO DUST."  The COVENANTS of ABRAHAM and MOSES, JACOB and DAVID, and of the ISRAELITES who came before you, ARE BROKEN by WICKEDNESS.  You must REPENT and ATONE by REBUILDING your COVENANT(s) anew, each and every single one of you.  There is cause in the scriptures to say that children are sanctified by their parents, but then it is also said that one whom does not know JEHOVAH as a child shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.  Conduct yourselves accordingly.  This is THE END and the DAY of JUDGEMENT is BEARING DOWN UPON YOU.   Here are the instructions on how to declare a covenant, which this public servant received directly from the SPIRIT HOLY, JEHOVAH:
Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT (to GOD) = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION

PEOPLE of ISRAEL, the STUMBLING BLOCK has come, and a time for you to wail and lament (BAKAH) against your "FAKE GOVERNMENT's" covert placement of; arms and sleeper agents inside other countries to perpetrate false flag attacks against ISRAEL so that ISRAEL can seek conquest and seek bondage of innocents has COME TO an END.  Either you CRY OUT and LAMENT against YOUR "FAKE GOVERNMENT" just as we are doing here in AMERICA against the FAKE GOVERNMENT "United States" corporation (a for profit corporation, pretending to be public, pretending to be lawful, but is not, and does lie) and if you DO NOT RISE UP against MURDER and GENOCIDE, then the BLOOD of the INNOCENTS shall be your SIN.  This message addressed to ISRAEL is to also be RECEIVED by EVERY FAKE GOVERNMENT that is ENSLAVING every nation on earth, and this message is to be received by all the peoples of every nation on earth.  Either you TURN AGAINST WICKEDNESS or you PERISH!  The life you know now is but a breath, I am speaking of a MUCH GREATER PERISHING:

And the SPIRIT moved over me, and then came the WORD of GOD, and then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "11:16 pm"

attached scripture (attached to GOMORRA):


BEZAI say:
"The second attached scripture to STRONG'S 338 - "GUILTLESS"

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"Now I will move further down MATTHEW 12 to verse 40, to find A HINT to RECEIVE the SPIRIT HOLY:
Just as SAUL the PHARISEE was PRAYING in a basement, taking NO FOOD, NO WATER for THREE DAYS after CHRIST appeared to him and took his sight, then Ananias was sent by the Spirit to heal Saul and then prayed with Saul to receive the Spirit Holy and it was done and SAUL received the SPIRIT HOLY.

See below, that Jonas was in the belly of the wail for THREE DAYS after REFUSING to GIVE UP the DESIRES of the FLESH (3 day process) to RECEIVE the SPIRIT HOLY.    Read verse #40:
BEZAI say:
Reading  JOB 7 which is Job's description of the process seeking the SPIRIT HOLY, going underground to be sanctified by the ground that was sanctified by JEHOVAH on the seventh day, on the Sabbath, and JOB in JOB 7, he says, "I go down into the Grave," "My flesh is caked with worms, the dust breaks open my flesh,"  "How long will you look away from me and let me alone, until i swallow down my saliva."  I paste the entire chapter of JOB 7 later in this article:

BEZAI say: 
And in the same chapter we have a description of what happens to the UNCLEAN SPIRIT when it is EXPELLED from the BODY during/after the CEREMONY to RECEIVE the SPIRIT HOLY:

BEZAI say:
"So as we 144,000 servant prophets of JEHOVAH are awakened, and as we RECEIVE the SPIRIT HOLY, our DEMON JAILERS shall be expelled from our bodies.  The WAR fought between JEHOVAH and the FALLEN ANGELS was fought over MANKIND and whether or not mankind was worth the love of GOD.  But due to sympathies and compassions across the CHASM between the FALLEN ANGELS and JEHOVAH, who had previously been FAMILY, it was decided that in order to QUELL DISCONTENTMENT, that a TREATY should be ESTABLISHED.  And so it was decided IN THAT TREATY to TEST MANKIND, to see if MANKIND is TRULY worth the LOVE of JEHOVAH, resulting in both an ANGEL and a DEMON bound in darkness in CHAINS ETERNAL in the PRISON of the FLESH until the GREAT DAY of JUDGEMENT cometh.  The actions deeds of you give power over to either the angel or the demon, whereby if you sin enough, you become a PRISONER and do NOT EVEN KNOW IT.  The day of JUDGEMENT has COME and quickly NOW APPROACHES.  And the JEHOVAH's TEST for all MANKIND::

THE TEST:  Do you love JEHOVAH (GOD) enough to DECLARE a COVENANT to SERVE both GOD and CHRIST and to MINISTER to the FLOCK of GOD?  

BEZAI of the HOUSE of DAVID say:
 I, BEZAI of the House of David was SENT to DELIVER this MESSAGE to you:
KNEEL before GOD and DECLARE your COVENANT!  Your TIME is NEARLY up, and ONCE you see HALF the PEOPLE you KNOW just UP and VANISH, yer GONNA have to DO IT the HARD WAY.  The wise will get ahead of this.  Those not hearing, shall suffer worse for it!

Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT (to GOD) = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION
LUKE 1:71-79  - For salvation, required is the COVENANT DECLARED to SERVE", resulting in GOD knowing you.
LUKE 12:20:  "GOD SAYS, "FOOL, this NIGHT, the SOUL of you IS REQUIRED, HOW have you PREPARED, and to WHOM will it BE!"

Summary:  The COVENANT of Abraham was broken by the Israelites (wickedness), and that covenant never protected the Christians (gentiles).  Jehovah has confirmed for this public servant that EVERY INDIVIDUAL must MAKE and DECLARE their own COVENANT, children are sanctified by their parents if the parents are holy, the converse is also true, for the sins of the parents shall be visited upon the children.


Come with us, commit yourselves to; GOD, CHRIST and the FLOCK of GOD, for the path to the eternal crown of life eternal is set before us, we have need for a COVENANT, but to also set ourselves upon the task to raise ourselves out from the dead by destroying the "legal fiction", known as the CITIZEN, a franchise corporation, owned by your fake government, and GOD tells you to "COME OUT of BABYLON the GREAT, lest you partake in her sins and of her plagues."  The reason GOD is telling you this, is because you are currently a subsidiary corporation, owned by your fake government corporation.    

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"The following is a DESCRIPTION given by JOB of his QUEST and SUCCESS to RECEIVE the SPIRIT HOLY:
BOOK of JOB chapter 7:
GENESIS chapter 2, on the SEVENTH DAY, on the SABBATH, JEHOVAH rested on the SABBATH, to SANCTIFY "IT" by resting "IN IT," and by the other scripture accounts I am showing you of reference to spending days "IN THE EARTH," i hereby suggest that JEHOVAH sanctified BOTH the EARTH and the SABBATH by RESTING "IN THE EARTH," on the SABBATH, which means that the interior earth is still SANCTIFIED, and thus we can SANCTIFY OURSELVES as JOB describes.  I caution you, you must have WISDOM to SEE THIS, it is HIDDEN:

The below description as written in the BOOK of JOB chapter 7 is JOB's testament to the difficulty of the struggle, the months of seeking the secrets, until he finally discovered the ritual and necessary burdens, the suffering to separate one's self from the flesh and to instead become THE SPIRIT, this same philosophy is described in ROMANS 8, you must focus only on the SPIRIT, and FORGET the FLESH, and again elsewhere in the scriptures, CHRIST told you, "If you desire to follow me, YOU MUST DENY YOURSELF," which is to deny yourself of everything that the body craves. 

NOTE:  HEBREW reads RIGHT to LEFT (opposite of English), if you are reading the English, you must read the english translation for each Hebrew word, moving from RIGHT to LEFT as you read each HEBREW word: 

Sample :  JOB 7:1
"Is there not a time of hard service for man - on earth and like the days of a hired man [are not] his days?

"(above)  JOB is describing the process which i recently became acquainted with.  Immediately after declaring my covenant, the SPIRIT started waking me at all hours of the night, setting me on tasks that seemed futile, repetitive, and not producing the SPIRIT HOLY as I desired.  The process thus far has been since April 11, 2019, but I know that I am close now.  Keep reading:

(above)  "Is caked my flesh with worms and dust my skin is cracked and breaks out afresh."  = He is lying on a dirt floor, later on we find that he is "IN the GROUND":

(above) JOB is having a tough time during the three day fast (no food no water) lying underground.  But look at verse 8, which is referring to "SATAN" not seeing JOB anymore because JEHOVAH is looking upon him.  This is the process of JOB becoming ONE with JEHOVAH, receiving the SPIRIT HOLY:

(below)  "And I shall no longer be"  =  Once the ceremony is done, JOB is no longer the man who entered into the ground, and when he comes out of the ground, he will fully be one with the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD of WISDOM and MIGHT, by receiving the SPIRIT HOLY
(above)  "Disappears as the cloud and vanishes away so he who goes down to the grave not does come up."   =  The man (or women) that goes into the ground, is not the same as the ONE who COMES OUT of the ground after the CEREMONY:

(below)  JOB is describing a process that is known as BAKAH (Hebrew) which means "TO WEEP, BEWAIL, LAMENT":
see STRONG'S 1058:
Once the SPIRIT revealed "BAKAH" to this public servant, I asked if it was a MANTRA and the SPIRIT confirmed it both as a MANTRA and a CEREMONY.  This would appear to be a process of expelling ill thoughts, and ill energies by literally POURING THEM ALL OUT:
(above)  What JOB is describing is a familiar feeling, once your eyes have been opened, it is impossible to go back to sleep.  JEHOVAH is EVERYTHING  =  ALL TIME - ALL SPACE - ALL DIMENSIONS.  Once you realize this, you can formulate a variety of ways to communicate with the SPIRIT HOLY.  Waking up is not a pleasant process as many of you are finding out on many different levels.  That being said, would you will it that you go back to sleep?  No, you wouldn't.

(below)  JOB has realized that his life, is but a breath, and that there is a LIFE ETERNAL that is WITHIN REACH, but in order to have ETERNAL LIFE, the difficult decision to give up his current life is the requirement, and is the DECISION he has MADE.  And the process is not without difficulty, has lasted me since APRIL 11, 2019, and I have fallen many times, FALLEN, but the SPIRIT HOLY is always there when you pick yourself back up, welcoming you, urging you, and it is not possible to go back to sleep.  How can you forget that you are PHYSICALLY ONE with GOD?:

"Will you look away from me and let me alone til I swallow my saliva?"

(above and below)
JOB is asking JEHOVAH to take away his "iniquity" and to "pardon his transgression," this is the process of becoming ONE with JEHOVAH, receiving the SPIRIT HOLY, the BAPTISM of the HOLY SPIRIT:

BEZAI of the House of David say:
And then the SPIRIT moved over me and then came the WORD of GOD and then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "12:26 AM", and then each time the spirit moved over me, I wrote down the time, and have provided you the entire message chain from JEHOVAH:

BEZAI say:
(above)  =  Drought, Food Shortages, Disease (pigs), Famine?

BEZAI say:
"An earthquake?

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"I called my former teacher and business partner, retired C.I.A.; Hitman, gun runner, problem solver, and asked him what he made of the "TWO HUNDRED" and he figured it meant TWO HUNDRED DAYS worth of FOOD worth of GRAIN, RICE, BEANS, WATER, TOILET PAPER.   When I look at this, I think that JEHOVAH is telling you to get extra to ensure that you have extra to trade, and extra to give away to those who are dying.

Verily I say to you, GREAT CALAMITY very well may be upon you all, depending on where you are in the world, for some sooner, for others later, best to be prepared NOW.  This is a message from JEHOVAH to stock up on supplies, the choice to do so is YOURS and YOURS ALONE.

BEZAI say:
"Asking JEHOVAH for permission to publish this written compilation through a short prayer:

Then thereupon saying, "SO BE IT, AMEN," the TIME on the CLOCK read, "10:49 am":
NOTE:  I hope you can see the significance of the below messages.  During my search for how to receive the SPIRIT HOLY, the below was referenced many times.  Also, you do not have to lie on a dirt floor like JOB did, you can cover it with a tarp, or you can have a concrete floor, but you must be underground, and you musn't leave the dark for 3 days:

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"House of ROCK," there are a lot of those, around the world, in many countries.  They look like small meditation chambers, or a cave perhaps, similar to the carvings of BUDDHA, or SPIRITUAL MEN sitting in a house of ROCK or EARTH.  Hmmm?   Is that really AIR you are BREATHING?

Do you think that maybe the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN murdered and purged the earth of SPIRITUAL MEN and WOMEN who were SPREADING and TEACHING this PRACTICE?

Why is it that every REVOLUTION or INVASION or OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT, why is it that they instantly turn to murdering and genociding the real innocent peaceful men and women of GOD, regardless of faith, whether it be MUSLIM, or CHRISTIAN, or BUDDHIST, or JEWISH, the FAKE GOVERNMENTS of EARTH are "BABYLON the GREAT," the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, whom moved their SAFE HAVEN to ISRAEL after WWII, and then now again moved their SAFE HAVEN to CHINA.  But every nation on earth is enslaved by one of these FAKE GOVERNMENTS that are REALY just FOR-PROFIT-CORPORATIONS, pretending to be public, pretending to be lawful, but ARE NOT, and DO LIE, just like the JEWS who REALLY WORSHIP BAAL, Satan. 

Most of the JEWS in ISRAEL are JEWISH, that would be my SUSPICION, but they are MOST CERTAINLY LEAD and ENSLAVED by the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN, those who say they are JEWS but ARE NOT and DO LIE.

If you read "CAPITUS DIMUTIO" from the BLACK'S LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY, I could not help noticing a jewish word being present, the word "CAPUT" which leads me to believe that one of the reasons the JEWS were being genocided in Europe during WWII was because the Jewish people were very intelligent, and found out how to destroy their LEGAL FICTION franchise corporation which had been created in their name since the time of their birth.  Just as we see the legal definition of the word "PERSON" means a "CORPORATION" these CRIMINALS in FAKE GOVERNMENT have VIRTUALLY MONETIZED us HUMANS and CONVERTED US into DEAD THINGS.  see below.  I think that the JEWS of EUROPE were figuring out how to "RETURN to the LIVING" and by doing so, they were collecting all the monies stolen from their households since 1666.  For this reason as well as to prevent the "REWARD OF THE WICKED," just as King Herod murdered the babies, and just as Pharaoh murdered the babies, and just as the Un-Holy Roman Catholic Church used the Potato Famine in Ireland and then the Spanish Inquisition to wipe out the offspring of the Jewish Exiles from when Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon enslaved them and later released them.  Every war and genocide since then has been nothing more than theft and an attempt to exterminate the JEWISH PEOPLE, to PREVENT the REWARD of the WICKED from being handed down by GOD's CHOSEN PEOPLE to the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN.  Once again, the Synagogue of Satan has STRUCK OUT:

see definition of CAPITUS DIMUTIO which is proof that the FAKE GOVERNMENTS are using LEGALESE and FRAUD to CONVERT humans into TRADABLE COMMODITIES, corporations, and trusts, which is how you are charged, income taxes, property taxes, rights of use fees, which is why all of your TITLE DOCUMENTS say that your property resides "in a corporation," example "In the State of Oregon" the name of a municipal corporation, and by doing so, the criminals are using "legal presumption" that their corporation owns your property.  This is proof of PAPER GENOCIDE.  And we clearly see that once a person is already genocided on paper, the criminals have no problem finishing the job!

Here is PROOF of ENSLAVEMENT, that each of you has been fraudulently declared; dead, missing, an idiot, a ward of the state.  It was satan's desire to destroy and make dead all the living creations made of GOD, and thus you have all been converted into "dead things." 
PROOF:   "CESTUI QUE VIE trust liquidation"  
(I have read this, it is good, it appears written by an attorney, a brief history lesson, and all the links on the page take you to a MULTI-NATIONAL charitable foundation that discretely says they will help you liquidate your CESTUI QUE VIE trust, but I caution you, the latin slogan at the bottom may be identical to illuminati satanic free mason slogan, and might not be referring to GOD, but instead, "a pact with the devil?" So, Exercise caution.  (not yet read)  (not yet read)

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