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  Some people think they can have a new pickup truck and expect to use it when the assembly line has a frame with engine and fuel tank installed with no further assembly...

RESPONSE to DESTRY (Freewill) - RE: Destry's Rebuttal to Anna Von Reitz (AVR) and the assemblies under her direction!


I Rebut this Decree from AVR and the assemblies under her direction!

  In order for the assemblies to stand, they must be PUBLIC, and instead they are PRIVATE, secretly being set up as TRUSTS, where certain key founding and influential members deposit MONEY into the TRUST, so they then have SECRET POWER to OUT-VOTE and EXPELL un-wanted; INQUIRY, ADVANCEMENT, or PURSUIT of TRUTH.  In order for them to be public, there can be NO ENTITY to the best of my knowledge, and most certainly not a situation where a rich man can influence the assembly by depositing more money into it than any other can afford.  We are either all equal as Children of GOD, being a fracture of the SOUL of JEHOVAH, the "I AM," or we are SLAVES.

As long as the Michigan Jural Assembly and the Alaska Jural Assembly, and the other state assemblies are being set up as PRIVATE SOCIAL CLUBS for the ELITE and for those who swore an oath to the United States Military (retired military involved in setting up assemblies, corporate mercenaries who swore an oath to the fake government), as long as that is the case, the state assemblies are KAPUT and just another level of CONTROL being ORCHESTRATED by DESPERATE globalists from the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, frantically trying to setup OTHER OPTIONS of ENSLAVEMENT.

For those who may not yet have properly connected the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME to the BIBLE, it is also known as BABYLON the GREAT, a pyramid scam of for-profit-corporations which have enslaved every nation on earth, they pretend to be public, but are not, they pretend to be lawful, but are not, and they DO LIE.  Each of them hired by secret contract, read into the public record without the knowledge of the general populous, and all of these fake government corporations are all owned by the "United Nations Corporation," and the BRICS Nations Corporation," which are both owned by a single parent corporation that has yet to go public, but already exists.



PS  -  Regarding Anna Von Reitz (AVR):

 Anna Von Reitz  =  She is a paid global crime syndicate operative, weaving powerful lies inside powerful truths.  On one hand she exposes the truth, that we have all been un-lawfully converted into corporations, on the other hand she tells you she has a blood oath with the vatican, and worse, she tells you that you need to correct your political status to that of being  a "STATE CITIZEN."   But we have discovered that any CITIZEN is still a FRANCHISE CORPORATION owned by the FAKE GOVERNMENT enslaving every NATION.  So Anna Von Reitz is no different than ALEX JONES or MIKE ADAMS the HEALTH RANGER... sure they put out a whole lot of truth, but they don't publish anything their handlers don't give them, and it is always watered down, missing the KEY PROOF of ENSLAVEMENT, and mainly focuses on SYMPTOMS and FALSE SOLUTIONS, all the while CENSORING anything that would JEOPARDIZE the GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE who employs them as FAKE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA paid operatives.

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