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Firmware update to version 4.2.2 for WH-1000XM3

Sony hes released a new firmware update for the WH-1000XM3. The update allows users to turn off the Touch sensor on the side of the headphones to be turned on an off in the Sony Headphones Connect app.

Link to the firmware update can be found here, but the update occurs through the Sony Headphones App and not a download on the website. This update seems to address the issue with people accidentally activating the headphones/functions by brushing the earpad. With the ability to turn this off, this issue should be fixed. I feel this is a good alternate to opening up the headphones to disconnect the cable from the touchpad.

Oddly enough after the update, if the NC does not work as well, Sony has a site to address this.

If the noise cancellation has become less effective after this update, please refer to the Q&A page and check the settings of your unit.
The information can be found at this link. In the app, it allows users to optimize the noise cancellation to focus on voices or remove them completely. Hopefully this should help people with any issues.

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