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Firmware update 1.3.7 for Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony has finally released a new firmware update for the WF-1000XM3. The previous update was pulled from the site because some issues but now Sony seems to have resolved them. The changes in the firmware:

  • Improves connectivity with iOS
  • Improves other functions

Previous Benefits and Improvements
  • Improves connectivity with Windows 10, resolving an issue where on some specific builds of Windows 10, sound would not playback after Bluetooth pairing
  • General performance and stability improvements

This update includes the Windows 10 Bluetooth fix from the previous update which was pulled due to iOS connectivity problems. As with all wireless headphones, the update needs to be performed via the Sony | Headphones Connect application.


Likewise, it is advised to keep the headphones on during the update in order to avoid any problems. So either insert them into your ears during the update or change the "Automatic Power Off" to "Do not turn off" for the device not to turn off when not being used. Of course remember to change that back after the update.

If anyone encounters any issues or problems during or after the update, please post below or the Sony Subreddit. I have seen one user mentioning the new update breaks noise cancellation and other functions, but it appears other users have no issues, so I would recommend updating to the new firmware.


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