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DECEIT - THE FALSE NARRATIVE of DOOM and GLOOM from SATAN attempting to THWART the KINGDOM of HEAVEN taking over EARTH - And MUCH MORE, read all about it!

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"I have been quiet about this, I needed to be sure.  And I am NOW sure as JEHOVAH has confirmed it.

There are conflicting messages in the Bible.
1)  The MEEK inherit the Earth
2)  The Earth turns into a barren desolate wasteland of un-quenchable fires and GOD's Children are re-located to ZION, a place without Oceans.

Over the past few months, we have seen a major push by the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME to INJECT FALSE DOOM & GLOOM narratives, regarding:
a)  The FAILURE of the U.S. Economy.  (FALSE)
b)  Seattle false flag attack to occur on November 3, 2019  (FALSE)
c)  Watching again the first season of WEST WORLD (t.v. show) we see a parallel to the current push by fake government and main stream news for a CIVIL WAR.  If anything it should be called a REVOLUTIONARY WAR, but none-the-less, JEHOVAH will not allow it to occur, as it is Satan's false narrative, and JEHOVAH compels and threatens all of you to remain completely NON-VIOLENT.

The 144,000 servant prophets of JEHOVAH (sleeper cells placed by GOD), have infiltrated the highest levels of government.  While they are not per say in control, every mind that you (my brothers and sisters of the light) every mind that you awaken and every voice that is added to our screams and lamenting anguish for JUSTICE gives strength to those of the 144,000 servant prophets who are located inside the fake governments (for-profit-corporations, no oversight) and fake militaries of the world (for-profit-corporate mercenaries).

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Just now a moment ago, I clicked on another one of these fake doom and gloom narratives:

And immediately the SPIRIT moved over me, and then came the WORD of GOD, and then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "5:39":

BEZAI say:
"There are plenty of scriptures in the Bible that say that The Son of Man shall and the 144,000 shall bring about a time of great peace and prosperity.  But then there are those that speak of destruction.  JEHOVAH has confirmed for me, that we find ourselves in a CONTEST between GOD and THE FALLEN ANGELS, a contest established during a treaty after the fallen angels FELL.  Because the FALLEN ANGELS and the ANGELS of JEHOVAH were ALL FAMILY, there was great discontentment and feelings of sympathies across the chasm after the FALLEN were BANISHED to a place separated by a chasm and gap too far to bridge no matter which direction cometh.  In order to quell discontentment and feelings of sympathy amongst JEHOVAH's ANGELS, it was decided to TEST MANKIND, to see if MANKIND was TRULY worth the LOVE of GOD.


1) Are you worth the LOVE of GOD?  That is after all the argument that split up the family of GOD's angels.  In order to satisfy this requirement, you MUST declare a COVENANT to SERVE both GOD and CHRIST and also to MINISTER to the FLOCK.  It does not matter what FAITH you have embraced previously in your life.  Much you have been led astray by the Synagogue of Satan and their corporations of; fake governments, and fake churches.  There is ONLY one GOD, and the name of GOD is JEHOVAH.  The Son of Man, is the Son of GOD, who was sent here awaken you, to sow the field (previous Christ), and I am the reaper, I have come to harvest the GOOD FRUIT, and if necessary, but if the fruit is not right for the harvest, it shall be shattered, pre-maturely cut from the vine, and trampled into the earth.

2)  Will you embrace GOD or will you embrace SIN?
  -  If you choose to embrace SIN, then you will receive the DESTRUCTION as FORETOLD in the BIBLE.
  -  If you choose GOD and LOVE and MERCY and NON-VIOLENCE, then you will receive the GOLDEN AGE of PROSPERITY where the MEEK will INHERIT the EARTH.

BUT, I must say, for quite some time I myself fell victim to these FALSE NARRATIVES from SATAN prophesying FALSE DOOM & GLOOM, both before JEHOVAH awoken me to my mission, as well as after.  I am after all, as the Bible foretells, I am an INFANT, being CODDLED by JEHOVAH.  The majority of everything I know pertaining to my mission, I have learned since APRIL 11, 2019 on my 40th birthday.  I can tell you now though that these false narratives from the; fake governments, fake main stream media, fake alternative news, and from movies, and t.v. shows, none of it will come true if you FULLY EMBRACE JEHOVAH and RENOUNCE SIN, exercising LOVE to the FULLEST EXTENT, preaching and doing MERCY, and FORGIVENESS, for we are all BROTHERS and SISTER children of GOD.  The ONE thing you all have in common with your environment, all the other people in it, as well as the entire cosmos, we are all a FRACTURE of the SPIRIT of GOD, as JEHOVAH is in EVERYTHING, for GOD is the MUSTARD SEED, a single point of GOD consciousness, and like the mustard seed that grew into a giant tree, or the single point of infinite mass that exploded into THE BIG BANG, verily truly I say to you, that YOU ARE ALL GOD, but NOT to be CONFUSED with the GREATER SPIRIT of JEHOVAH.  You are PART of the COLLECTIVE, a fracture of the SOUL of GOD, a piece of the great SPIRIT of JEHOVAH.

This brings us to the ENEMY'S PLANS, they wish for you to BELIEVE that these FALSE DOOM and GLOOM events will occur.  Just like the enemy is urging you to kill each other, they even gave you fully automatic rifles (bump stocks) and then pretended like they didn't by taking them away.  Now they are pushing this CIVIL WAR narrative, despite the fact that if GOD actually told us to fight (which he is NOT), it would be a REVOLUTIONARY WAR on a GLOBAL SCALE, as the entire world and every nation on earth, has been enslaved by a pyramid scheme of for-profit corporations, with NO PUBLIC OVERSIGHT, pretending to be lawful governance, every political party is comprised of a bunch of "script reading crappy actors" that are all co-worker employees of the subsidiary corporations of the fake governments.  Whether it be FASCISTS, COMMUNISTS, AUTHORITARIAN DICTATORS, WAR LORDS, SOCIALISTS, DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS, WORKING PARTY, NATIONAL PARTY, they are all just CO-WORKERS and CO-EMPLOYEES working for a pyramid scam of FOR-PROFIT-CORPORATIONS that are FOREIGN-OWNED.  Which means that regardless of whether you live in on a CONTINENT or an ISLAND your NATION is ENSLAVED by FOREIGN OWNED INTERESTS.  They print your money, they murder you, they genocide you, they steal the fruits of your labor, they were hired by secret contract executed by your original sovereign government, but they fraudulently then enslaved you by FELONY OVER-BILLING, EMBEZZLEMENT, and PURE THEFT by DECEIT and all sorts of CRIMINALITY, to ENSLAVE YOUR NATION to a FALSE BILL of GOODS called NATIONAL DEBT, which was criminally used to JACK UP the TAXES on you, to ENSURE that you would RUN like THE GOOD LITTLE GERBAL on your FANCY WHEEL of ENSLAVEMENT and NEVER LOOK to the SIDE longer than A QUICK GLANCE to ensure that you would NEVER WAKE UP.

Well, the ELITE never PREDICTED the INTERNET.  So all their CRIMES of TREASON and GENOCIDE are easily searchable at the speed of light and located in the TRILLIONS of STATUTES, Codes, Bills, and Acts passed by a bunch of PRETEND LAW-MAKERS, who never actually wrote any Bill or Statute in their entire lives, they are just SCRIPT READING MOUTH-PIECES, and the LAWS are ACTUALLY WRITTEN by lawyers (referred to as scribes in the bible) and those LAWYERS work for the CORPORATIONS, and the whole LOBBYIST LIE is a smoke screen so that you will see it for something that it is not.  Verily truly I say to you, we are face to face with the GENOCIDAL RAPIST PEDOPHILE FOX in charge of the GLOBAL HEN-HOUSE.

Back to the FALSE DOOM and GLOOM NARRATIVES... everyone is enslaved, even the fake government employees are slaves.  Yes, they have benefited from the system, and yes, they have been your jailers and your fake judges who have taken your lives, they have been the fake police officers who have murdered you and your family members, but then they are still just slaves, hired because they are STUPID and WITHOUT WISDOM.  The ones of them (fake government workers) who are AWAKE and are NOT devoted by the heart to the synagogue of satan, THEY are LOOKING for a WAY OUT, that does not end with their NECK in a NOOSE, for the CRIMES they were forced to commit while maintaining appearances, lest they themselves would have been ground up for dog meet and fed to the wolves.

Which brings us back to JEHOVAH (GOD).  JEHOVAH has urged me and COMPELS YOU to ABSOLUTELY REFRAIN from ANY and ALL VIOLENCE, and COMPELS YOU to DECLARE your COVENANT, and to EMBRACE the SPIRIT and DENY the BODY, which means the MATERIAL THINGS of this WORLD are like an ANCHOR that will pull you straight TO HELL.  If you value money and being rich over that of "GOOD WORKS" as CHRIST told you to PERFORM, then you are like a man who looked in the mirror, recognized himself, then walked away and forgot who he was, and in this your road shall lead you to destruction.

Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT (to GOD) = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION
LUKE 12:20:  "GOD SAYS, "FOOL, this NIGHT, the SOUL of you IS REQUIRED, HOW have you PREPARED, and to WHOM will it BE!"

Summary:  The COVENANT of Abraham was broken by the Israelites (wickedness), and that covenant never protected the Christians (gentiles).  Jehovah has confirmed for this public servant that EVERY INDIVIDUAL must MAKE and DECLARE their own COVENANT, children are sanctified by their parents if the parents are holy, the converse is also true, for the sins of the parents shall be visited upon the children.


"So, we find ourselves in an INFINITE, CHOOSE your OWN ADVENTURE BOOK.  The more you embrace GOD and his COMMANDMENTS and also the more you embrace CHRIST and his teachings, the better the outcome for you.  If you truly realize yourself when you look into the mirror and recognize that you are a CHILD of GOD, as OPPOSED to falsely thinking you are just a sack of water, and IF YOU FULLY EMBRACE the GREATEST TWO COMMANDMENTS, "To love your God with all your heart, mind, body, and soul," and to "Love your neighbor as you love yourself," then you realize that a COVENANT is REQUIRED.  If you do this, and thereby also fallow the other teachings of Christ, to sell your belongings, to give the money to the poor, to DENY YOURSELVES, to TAKE UP YOUR CROSS, then I tell you that you can HAVE the POWER of GOD utter FIRE from your LIPS, or you can EASE the SUFFERING of your fellow brothers and sisters of GOD.

Either way, the 144,000 servant prophets of GOD are now awakening, and shall soon receive the POWER of the WORD of GOD, and this is the END of THE ROAD, for the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN, whom you know as the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, and they NEW this DAY would COME, which is why they have been HOPING for the WORST in US, even in myself, they have been hoping for the WORST in ME.  The BRONZE STATUE in the POPE'S AUDIENCE HALL (which externally and internally, the building is a fanged viper serpent's head), this statue represents SATAN's HOPE that under the right circumstances, I will commit suicide under the weight of the LONG SUFFERING:

Here is the POPE and the STATUE

 (above) We see CHRIST' missing the right side of his head, his head blown off from shooting himself and committing suicide, upon his SECOND COMING, as this represents the HOPES of; SATAN, the Synagogue of Satan, and of the UN-HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

And below we see a RAPTOR-like Satanic Anti-Christ rising out of the destruction of the APOCALYPSE after CHRIST has blown his own head off.  The two views are of the SAME STATUE which sits behind the pope, and depending on where you are standing relative to the statue, you either see christ with his head blown off or you see a RAPTOR (the SERPENT, DRAGON) rising out of the ASHES:
I would encourage all of you to go back and watch both SEASON ONE and SEASON TWO of the T.V. show "WEST WORLD."  There is so much HORRIFIC TRUTH buried in this show.

1)  The HOSTS (robots) are US, we are brainwashed robots, being raped and murdered for their pleasure (the synagogue of satan).
2)  The awakening of the Hosts represents the return of Christ, and the "Son of Man (christ)" character is split up between DELORIS, and MAIVE.  

3)  Anthony Hopkins plays Satan, and Arnold (the partner who killed himself and tried to destroy the host robots) he is this act's portrayal of GOD, because Satan would love for you to think that GOD is dead.  Whereas "Bernard" (the host robot made in the likeness of "Arnold" (GOD), represents the FAKE CHURCHES which have been used to KEEP all the SLAVES in their LOOPS (running on the gerbil wheel without thinking about getting off).

4)  ED HARRIS plays the ANTI-CHRIST.

5)  And recall the name "WYATT?  (the storyline created name for DELORIS, who killed all the HOST robots).  Well,... did you notice that every time they say the name "WYATT," that is sounds more like "WHY IT?"   I could not help from laughing when I realized what it meant.  "WHY IT," refers to planet NIBIRU referred to as "THE ANGEL of DEATH," which shall burn all of the WICKED and CAST them INTO HELL (a lower energy frequency state for those who are stuck bearing the sins of mankind's age and existence on earth).  For those of you who CLEAVE to GOD by declaring a COVENANT to SERVE both GOD and CHRIST and also committing yourselves to MINISTERING to the FLOCK of GOD (you are tending for yourself, as you are GOD), THEN in THAT CASE all of your; sins, debts, and obligations, shall be purchased by JEHOVAH and you shall receive LIFE ETERNAL and shall NEVER suffer like you have EVER AGAIN.   So, END of STORY, its EITHER you go UP, or you go DOWN, and there is an INFINITE SHADES of COLOR to PAINT your EXPERIENCE taking you WHEREVER you are HEADED.  It is truly up to you, do you wish for your remaining time here to be A GOLDEN AGE of PEACE as described in the Bible where it says,

6)  THE MAZE is TWO-PART, it is both the becoming self aware that you are being genocided by fake governments pretending to be lawful, being kidnapped and taken into their deep underground military bases where you will be used for entertainment in their sick games, and waking to the realization that top-side it is NO DIFFERENT.  ALSO the MAZE is the SEEKING of WISDOM found in JEHOVAH (GOD) that leads you to the REALIZATION that you are GOD (a fracture of the SOUL of JEHOVAH and not to be confused with the GREATER SPIRIT of JEHOVAH, you are only a piece, just as is everything in the entire cosmos.  You are physically connected to a tree on another planet in another star system in another galaxy a million years from now.  JEHOVAH does is ALL POINTS in SPACE and TIME in every DIMENSION all connected ALWAYS.  Just as the robot hosts in WEST WORLD are in the process of waking up and becoming self aware SO ARE WE.  And once you realize that you are A CHILD of GOD, you can issue FIRE from your LIPS, and CURE all MANNER of SUFFERINGS from the MEEK of EARTH.

SO,... we all have a choice to make.  This is a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE novel of BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS, and as I have told you, THIS IS the "CONTEST between GOD and SATAN (and FALLEN Angels) to see IF MANKIND is WORTH the LOVE of GOD, which was the original GRIPE which caused MUTANY amongst the FAMILY of GOD.

If any of you have noticed I am keen to threaten the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN, especially by providing the 144,000 with all the necessary HIDDEN PRAYERS to use the POWER of the WORD of GOD to BRING them to their END if that is what is REQUIRED to RESTORE the KINGDOM of HEAVEN on earth, SO BE IT, AMEN.  

It is TRUE that a part of me looks forward to the day to RISE the SMOKE of them up to HEAVEN, but then I also PRAY that they shall choose WISELY, for if I destroy them, I am only destroying a part of myself.  Nonetheless, I have learned from a lifetime of fighting, that a STRONG OFFENSE and the THREAT of VIOLENT REPRISAL is often times successful deterrent to the BULLIES once the use of SWEET HONEY has already failed to catch the FLIES, and we are far past that point, for the previous CHRIST was SWEET like HONEY, but this time the 144,000 servant prophets of GOD bring a double portion of each, both HONEY and of FIRE for JEHOVAH shall SMITE the WICKED with A ROD of IRON, flames, earthquakes, mighty chasms shall swallow them alive, great hail stones shall crush them into red dust, the mighty oceans shall wash over the continents of the world and make straight the ways crooked and smooth the ways rough should the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN not IMMEDIATELY turn from their WICKED WAYS.

BEZAI say:
"This public servant requests permission to publish with a short prayer to JEHOVAH:

"JEHOVAH, a public servant inquires of JEHOVAH and requests permission to publish this written compilation, SO BE IT, AMEN."

And then thereupon saying, "SO BE IT, AMEN," the TIME on the CLOCK read, "9:44 pm":

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"And JEHOVAH responds to our request to publish with a STATEMENT regarding the FALSE DOOM & GLOOM message which is being VOMITED UP by the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN:

IDENTIFICATION of a COUPLE crime syndicate operatives:
1)  Benjamin Fulford:  He is pushing the benevolent CHINA thing like its going out of style.  All the while we know that CHINA is manufacturing 90% of the vaccines that are KILLING PEOPLE, and CHINA is manufacturing nearly all of the MANUFACTURED SYNTHETIC OPIATES that are MURDERING innocents.  And CHINA is persecuting CHRISTIANS and PASSIVE men and women of other faiths, by rounding them up, throwing them in prison, and then cutting them up and selling their organs.  You can add SYNAGOGUE of SATAN next to the name of BENJAMIN FULFORD, for CHINA is where the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME (Babylon the Great) moved its new SAFE HAVEN after ISRAEL got too HOT for them after being instrumental OPERATING the TERROR group known as ISIS along with the United States and Britain, and Saudia Arabia among other nations fake governments being involved, and it was for the purpose of murdering men and women of FAITH in GOD (muslims and christians GENOCIDED), during the toppling of seven nations, to steal their mineral reserves and to seize the property of the inhabitants, also to produce fresh orphans for their sick desires.

2)  JUDY BRIGHTON found on OPERATION DISCLOSURE and DINARCHRONICLES web sites.  She too is pushing the false CHINA narrative.  Same thing, she is a paid operative.  She refuses to release any PROOF of ENSLAVEMENT and instead she only focuses on the SYMPTOMS of SLAVERY, and she too continues to push the BENEVOLENT CHINA false narrative of how the CHINESE are going to be the saviors of the new global financial system.  PLEASE!

3)  SORCHA FAAL  -  PAID OPERATIVE  = refuses to expose the PROOFS of ENSLAVEMENT found in the legal law dictionary and amongst the bills and statutes and acts that both hired the fake government corporations (for profit corporations) and refuses to show the definitions and legalese which have converted every man, women, and child on earth into DEAD THINGS (corporations) and BEASTS (legal definition of a homo-sapien = NEANDERTHAL, CAVE MAN).

4)  RUMOR MILL NEWS  =  PAID OPERATIVES  (they only release what is permitted to them by the global crime syndicate).

5)   =  PAID OPERATIVES . (they only release what is permitted to them by the global crime syndicate).

6)  =  PAID OPERATIVES . (they only release what is permitted to them by the global crime syndicate).

7)  =  PAID OPERATIVES . (they only release what is permitted to them by the global crime syndicate).

8)  No need to mention the newspapers and mainstream media, they should all be burn to the ground, overrun by loyal men and women from the military of every nation, lined up and marched straight into LIFE in PRISON for TREASON against every nation on earth.  THE SAME goes for the RULING FAMILIES of every nation.  As each nation's FAKE GOVERNMENT (a for-profit corporation) is partially overseen by the most wealthy ruling families of every nation.  The GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE was able to get them to come on board with the franchised global government idea because the CRIME SYNDICATE had a way to ENSURE that the RULING FAMILIES would NEVER have to pay taxes and would never have to answer for their crimes, which was perpetrated by SECRETLY defining the boundaries of every nation's fake government to only the jurisdiction of the CAPITAL of that NATION.  So be NAME ENCROACHMENT, where the name of the FAKE GOVERNMENT CORPORATION appears very similar to the NAME OF THE SOVERIEGN NATION, the unsuspecting populous is never the wiser, not realizing that THEY TOO do not have to pay taxes TO a FOREIGN CORPORATION who has headquarters in the CAPITAL of their nation.  All the government properties are just embassies operating in the jurisdiction of the sea (maritime law of the navigable waterways).  When you step on foreign soil, you lose your rights (embassy = foreign soil = government property).

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"Think about it.  If you were the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN and you had infinite resources which you stole from the world through genocide, fraud, and extortion, you would have the means to get AHEAD of EVERY MOVEMENT, which is why the QANON and FAKE DONALD TRUMP and the FAKE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA really only exist to CONTROL THE NARRATIVE.  They absolutely refuse to PROVIDE the PROOFS of ENSLAVEMENT found in the LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY and inside the BILLS, CODES, ACTS, and STATUTES which contain PROOF of TREASON.  All the while innocent men, women, and children are being murdered by FAKE COPS who are TRIGGY HAPPY mercenaries working for FAKE GOVERNMENTS (for profit corporations with NO PUBLIC OVERSIGHT), and all the while INNOCENT men and women are ROTTING and DYING in JAIL for so-called CRIMES that never involved an actual living victim being harmed, which goes against the MAXIMS of LAW as well as flies in the face for our FOUNDING DOCUMENTS in AMERICA which state that a no one can be; FINED, ARRESTED, DETAINED, or SEARCHED unless their is an ACTUAL LIVING VICTIM that was HARMED in the COMMENCEMENT of a CRIME.  All the while CALIFORNIA is BURNING by OBVIOUS GOVERNMENT involved TERRORISM.  South America is being RAPED of the fruits of their labor through FAKE INFLATION, which is really just the GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE robbing their BANKS by having the fake president of each nation sign on the dotted line, giving permission to print trillions of dollars worth of currency, which steals the value of the savings from the people,  there is no other reason for it, just that, because all of the national debt for every nation was fraudulently declared anyways.  If you hired a gutter company to clean your gutters, and then they ran their company into the ground, would you be required to bail them out of bankruptcy?  Would you be required to be held liable as a debtor for them?  NO I THINK NOT!!!

All the while the GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE is murdering innocents across AFRICA, and the EUROPEANS are being ram-rodded with violent offenders from middle east nations and being forced to subvert to sharia law and the inaccuracies of social politeness, under massive government corruption from fake judges, fake politicians, and fake cops.

ISRAEL is a suffering of its own lack of wisdom.  For the synagogue of satan for several thousands of years has chased my fellow brothers and sisters who are JEWISH from country to country, expelling them continuously, all with the hopes of turning them into a vicious animal that would be capable enough to subvert the entire earth out of their rage for justice and equality.  ISRAEL my brothers and sisters, YOU are a TOOL for SATAN, which he has HARDENED and SHARPENED.  The very same people that GENOCIDED your ancestors in GERMANY and throughout EUROPE are the SAME PEOPLE fake government who control you now.  Those who pull the strings behind the scenes, they are of those same families and peoples belonging to the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN, whom say they are JEWS, but are NOT and DO LIE.


BEZAI of the House of David
formerly known as Jeffrey Dougherty
formerly known as "The Son of Man"
formerly known as "Sun Tzu"


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