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Bloomberg's on Trumpenfreude Watch

A New York Post editorial today caused me to place Mike Bloomberg on the Trumpenfreude Watch, as his entering the presidential race has raised his feud with Donald to the level where Bloomberg's business in jeopardy.

After personally making billions selling easily accessable and rapidly turned over trading information,  Bloomberg created his own News organization.

The Post in its editorial decried the journalistic ethics of Bloomberg News covering a presidential election in which its owner is a candidate.

The editorial said, "Bloomberg News says it won’t do investigations of any Democratic candidates while its owner is competing against them — extending to his rivals the same policy it already has regarding him. Trump, however, remains fair game. Anyone suspect that news slamming the prez will be extra-richly rewarded?

"This is a media company that pretends to be objective — yet it’s just announced an utterly partisan standard for its coverage: The Republican is fair game (at least!), while the Democrats are off the table. What’s the new slogan — fair but unbalanced? Democracy thrives on bias?

"And what if the owner gets the nomination: Does the no investigating his rivals rule then extend to Trump? Will it have to spike exposés it didn’t publish in time?

"Or does the entire multibillion-dollar company become one giant political contribution, protected from the usual campaign-finance laws by the First Amendment?"

But he figures that since he already has done this thrice as in mayoral races in New York City, doing this is OK.

And the only flak he will catch in the media is from the Post and other Murdoch-owned outlets that compete with with Bloomberg News. The Wall Street Journal also has a business news wire service, and of course Fox Business News compete with Bloomberg Television.

Academics and tax-exempt protectors of journalism's credibility have already abandoned that mission in favor of stopping Donald John Trump by any means necessary.

The real problem for Bloomberg is turning over the operation of his business to his underlings.

Donald John Trump's net worth dropped by a billion and the opportunity cost of running for president could be another billion as he has not been able to pursue other business opportunities that have arisen over the last 4 years of his candidacy and presidency.

A couple of billion bucks on paper is nothing when you say you are worth $50 billion.

Nevertheless, as the Post pointed out, Bloomberg News faces a loss in credibility.

The bigger problem is becoming a loser. Bloomberg totally misunderstands how Donald Trump became president. It began in the 1980s by building the Grand Hyatt in New York, which sparked a renaissance in building in Manhattan.

His publicity hungry flamboyance was entertaining. He was successful in building towers and casinos. People rooted for him because people like winners. Donald Trump was a winner.

Obama wrote in 1991, "[Americans have] a continuing normative commitment to the ideals of individual freedom and mobility, values that extend far beyond the issue of race in the American mind. The depth of this commitment may be summarily dismissed as the unfounded optimism of the average American — I may not be Donald Trump now, but just you wait; if I don't make it, my children will."

Does anyone want to be Michael Bloomberg?

And who heard of him in 1991?

He had to spend millions to win election as mayor. He already is spending $40 million on TV ads on his presidential campaign to get known.

Donald Trump was in the presidential race for 6 months before he bought an ad. He spent $66 million of his own money in 2016, a far cry from the billion Bloomberg is willing to spend.

The truth is Donald Trump was a better politician than the admittedly poor group of candidates that year. He hit the hustings, held rallies, and captured voters. His won debates.

His was an old-fashioned populist campaign worthy of Lincoln, Truman, and Reagan. Donald Trump was able to win the nomination without focus groups and consultants (or even polls early on) by studying politics and election campaigns.

Bloomberg did not do this. He did not even study the Democrat Party. Had he, he would have learned the party now hates billionaires.

By running and losing he will taint his eponymous company as a loser.

Never Feud With Donald John Trump because you risk everything in a battle you cannot win.

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