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You will definitely need a microSD for the new A-Series Walkman

Sony NW-A100 Walkman

The move to Android for the operating system apart from impacting the battery life, has cut the actual storage in both the new A-Series and ZX-Series. In the product videos for both the A-Series and ZX-Series, some fine print can be seen at the bottom when the storage capacity is mentioned.

In that fine print the actual storage capacity is provided for both models. The A-Series drops from 16GB to approximately 6.26GB and the ZX500 from 64GB to around 48.64GB. The drop in capacity for the A-Series is quite significant, and you will NEED a microSD in order to have any sort of decent capacity for your music.

I will agree that microSD cards are quite cheap these days, 128GB is around less than $20, and people probably have spare microSD cards at home, but this is not the point. Sony knows Android takes up space, so bumping up the base A-Series to 32GB, and the ZX-Series back up to 128GB, would have been a nice upgrade.

Sony ZX500 Walkman

The funny thing is, Sony claims the new A-Series has a large memory on their product page:

Store even more music with the microSD card slot

Expand the already large memory of your NW-A100 with a microSD card – pop one in the slot to enjoy endless playlists and even the biggest music collections on the go.

Sorry Sony, this is not large, especially if people will start loading up large sized FLAC or other high quality music files onto their devices. Then there will be the streaming apps, some of these take up a bit of space, and adding a few might eat into that 6.26GB quite quickly.

So prepare to buy a microSD card with your new A100 and perhaps even ZX-Series. Maybe I am over reacting here and spending 5-10 bucks more for a microSD car is nothing, but at 349 Euros/320 GBP, Sony could at least throw in a 16GB card for free.

Perhaps a cool idea for the Anniversary model would be including a microSD car in the box where a small cassette tape is silk-screened onto the card. Just an idea. 

So when you guys pre-order, remember to add a microSD to your shopping cart.





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