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Sony Headphone internal codes and Bluetooth SoCs

Sony WF-1000X teardown
Sony WF-1000X BT

In a previous article I outlined many of the current and past Walkman model internal codes Sony uses.  While the Walkman models use ICX for their prefix, the headphones use HDX. I will try to keep this updated with the latest information but it is not always possible to find the code, the Bluetooth chip or both.

Sony WH-CH510
Sony WH-CH510
Most of the information is from the FCC documents, some from the Bluetooth certifications, and some from teardowns. Not all of the data will be complete because the images on the FCC are of poor quality or the code is not always shown in the pictures from the FCC or teardown.

Here are the links to the Bluetooth SoCs Sony has used for the past few years in their headphones.

Qualcomm CSR8675

Qualcomm CSR8670

Airoha AB1522

Realtek RTL8763B

Mediatek MT2811

There is no link to the MT2811 since there is no information at the moment. Not sure if Mediatek is just keeping it unpublished for now or will not publish it at all. From the Bluetooth certification, this might just be an Airoha Bluetooth chip re-badged as a Mediatek one, but that is only a theory. I will have a post up about the chip shortly.

The list is incomplete with a few entries missing. Any entries with * beside them are not 100% confirmed, either because of poor picture quality or conflicting evidence.

Update (January 2020 update): Some new devices and an unknown code. WH-1000XM4, WH-CH710N, WF-XB700, WF-SP800N, WI-SP510 and HDX-2947.

Model Code Bluetooth SoC

WF-H800 ?? MT2811
WH-H810 HDX-2941 MT2811
WH-H910N HDX-2940 MT2811
WI-XB400 HDX-2937 RTL8763B
WH-CH510 HDX-2936 RTL8763B
WI-C310 HDX-2934 RTL8763B
WI-C200 HDX-2933 RTL8763B
WF-1000XM3 HDX-2931 MT2811
WH-XB700 HDX-2930 CSR8675
WI-1000XM2 HDX-2928 MT2811
WH-XB900N HDX-2929* CSR8675
WH-CH500 HDX-2918 airoha AB1522
WH-1000XM3 HDX-2916 CSR8675
WI-C300 HDX-2914 airoha AB1522
WF-SP700N HDX-2911 CSR8675
WH-CH400 HDX-2910 airoha AB1522
WH-CH700N HDX-2908 CSR8675

Model Code Bluetooth SoC

WH-H900N HDX-2893 CSR8675
WH-1000XM2 HDX-2892 CSR8675
WI-C400 HDX-2888 airoha AB1522
WH-H800 HDX-2887 CSR8675
??  HDX-2865 CSR8675
MDR-XB950N1 HDX-2854 CSR8675
WI-1000X HDX-2853 CSR8675
MDR-ZX220BT HDX-2852 CSR8675
MDR-XB70BT HDX-2842 CSR8675
MDR-XB50BS HDX-2840 CSR8675
MDR-XB80BS HDX-2838 CSR8675
MDR-1000X HDX-2837 CSR8675
MDR-XB650BT HDX-2834 CSR8670
MDR-100ABN HDX-2833 CSR8670
MDR-EX750BT HDX-2821 CSR8675
MDR-1ABT HDX-2819 CSR8670

Model Code Bluetooth SoC

MDR-ZX330BT HDX-2795 CSR8670
MDR-ZX770BN HDX-2793 CSR8670
MDR-ZX550BN HDX-2783 CSR8670
MDR-ZX780DC HDX-2863 unknown
MDR-XB950BT HDX-2755 CSR8670
?? HDX-2734 unknown
MDR-10RBT HDX-2587 unknown
MDR-RF6500 HDX-2516  unknown

And now some missing codes. If anyone knows these codes, please leave a comment below and source of the information.

Model Code Bluetooth SoC

WF-1000X ?? CSR8675
WI-SP600N ?? CSR8675
MDR‐AS600BT ?? CSR8670
MDR-AS800BT ?? CSR8670
MDR-1RBT ?? CSR8670
DR-BTN200 ?? CSR8670

There some older codes I have from older models, I do not have any codes between HDX-2500 and HDX-2100. I am guessing the rest of Sony's wired headphones fill in these areas and in parts where there are large gaps in the codes above. The HDX-2865 is either the WF-1000X or the WI-SP600N, but I have not been able to find out which one it is so far.

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