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No European Superpull in 2020!

On Wednesday 2nd of October 2019, the organization of the European Superpull in Ahoy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands has announced on their facebook page there will be no European Superpull in 2020. Because of several things, the organization of the pull has decided to expose a year to rethink the concept of the event. We hope the oldest indoor pull in Europe will return with a new and better concept on the calendar in 2021!

The official statement of the organization:

42nd edition with a year postponed
The traditional indoor tractor pulling event European Superpull will not take place in 2020. Organizer Rotterdam Ahoy has decided to skip a year to reflect on the concept of the event.
Although every year thousands of visitors come to the international competitions in the Ahoy Arena and the activities in the adjacent Hall 1, the public interest is also under pressure. Partly due to the high demand for free weekends in the annual programming, Ahoy is reconsidering the future possibilities for European Superpull in a 'sabbatical year'.
Difficult decision
"It is a difficult decision," says Jolanda Jansen, general manager of Rotterdam Ahoy. "We cherish our traditions and are proud of our history, but you also have to dare to look ahead and review what you have been doing and doing all these years. Every year an enthusiastic team of people is fully committed to a spectacular event - and with success - but we must also note that the efforts that are required every year are constantly increasing. ”
The event was scheduled for February 29, 2020. A new date in 2021 is being considered, which does not exclude the possibility that the period for the event will shift. "We see it as an opportunity now for European Superpull to carefully and extensively investigate with all involved and any new parties how we can best serve the target group, grow and make the concept viable again for longer."

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