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BEZAI of the House of David say:
"In order to go public with the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, there would need to be an ENEMY so LARGE and SO VAST as to THREATEN the ENTIRE WORLD.  Enter the LIBERAL and COMMUNIST and FASCIST IDEOLOGIES, where YOU GOT CAUGHT SLEEPING, because FACTIONS of the NEW WORLD ORDER's "ONE-WORLD-GOVERNMENRT" are in fact all CO-WORKERS; liberals, conservatives, communists, fascists, genocidal dictators, they all WORK for the UNITED NATIONS and the BRICS NATIONS, both of which are PARENT CORPORATIONS for the over 200 some SUBSIDIARY CORPORATIONS which have ENSLAVED the EVERY NATION on earth, they are all FOR-PROFIT-PRIVATELY-OWNED and are OWNED by FOREIGN INTERESTS from outside YOUR NATION.  They were hired as contractors while you were asleep in the middle of the night, "their" secret contracts were read into the public record so that these JACKALS could use legal presumption to say it was legal, too bad for them there is no LAW of LIMITATIONS for TREASON and LIFE IN PRISON.  

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An example of one of these "secret contracts-hiring-the-foreign-owned-contractor-pretending-to-be-your-nation's-lawful-governance," is the 'secret contract' that enslaved AMERICA, and that secret contract was read into the public record and it was called, "An Act To Provide A Government For the District of Columbia," and by reading the first paragraph you find that "United States" is NOT the REPUBLIC, but instead a "municipal corporation" hired to take the REPUBLIC'S PLACE (secretly), and by reading SECTION 17, you find a set of CONTRACT - TERMS & CONDITIONS in case the public found out; a) Denied the right to pass laws to affect the lawful courts of justice and the public offices of the republic (which they mothballed all of them), b) Denied the right to limit their liability in part or in whole (which they violated both by the "legal definition of a "PERSON"", c) Denied the right to PRINT LAWFUL MONEY (as the REPUBLIC was to RETAIN that RIGHT).  ALL TERMS and CONDITIONS of the "United States Municipal corporation" have been VIOLATED, and the "for-profit" corporation, named "United States" is in GROSS BREACH.

RIGHT NOW, there is a great deal of talk about EXECUTIONS going on BEHIND the SCENES, and I am more inclined to think that this is CRIMINALS going into HIDING, but in the EVENT that there are TRIBUNALS and EXECUTIONS happening, YOU SHOULD be AWARE, that these EXECUTIONS only SERVE to PROTECT other CRIMINALS, just like the EXECUTIONS of NUREMBERG after WWII, where only "TEN NAZIS" were EXECUTED, to COVER UP WAR CRIMES for TENS of THOUSANDS of NAZIS.

And what you should be DEMANDING, is LIFE IN PRISON for ALL CRIMINALS INVOLVED, so that we ENSURE to RECEIVE the TRUTH, otherwise you are just allowing these ELITE a NUREMBERG do-over, where ONLY 10 NAZIS were executed and TENS of THOUSANDS of NAZIS infiltrated out into the world which led to the GENOCIDE and ENSLAVEMENT of another HALF-BILLION INNOCENT SOULS.

The alleged execution of TRAITOR - JOHN McCAIN (fake senator), and the alleged execution now of this ELIJAH CUMMINGS (fake representative of CON-gress), and the alleged execution of George Herbert Walker BUSH are several examples of what appears to be ONE of TWO situations.  Either the GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE is PRETEND CULLING their HERD, or a GROUP of CRIMINALS inside the CRIME SYNDICATE are PURGING the TRUTH by MURDERING CRIMINALS, this is STILL MURDER with INTENT to COVER UP extensive CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.  No matter which way you slice it, if you execute criminals, I assure you that the WRATH of GOD will FALL on YOU in the WORST of WAYS.  You have my promise and guarantee, and I say, "I WILL SEE IT DONE UPON YOU as you have DONE to OTHERS."

TRUMP and his FAKE GOONS have NOT YET COME CLEAN, and nor are they planning to at this juncture.  TRUMP is an EMPLOYEE (C.E.O.) of a CORPORATION (a for-profit crime syndicate) and TRUMP and is CO-WORKERS with the LIBERAL LEFT that he PRETENDS to HATE.  But if he REALLY HATED THEM, he WOULD ARREST THEM, which he REFUSES to DO.

If you commit a crime, do you get to run around for several years free, so that you can murder more people, how about to MURDER a LOT MORE PEOPLE?


  -  see "legal definition person"  (google those words)
  -  see "legal definition homo-sapien"  (google those words)
  -  NOTE:  Remember, a fake-judge can use any definition present!
  -  see U.S. Statutory Law that defines a FETUS as a "member of a party."  Which begs the question, "What is the other member?"  And that is when you read between the lines and realize that the "PLACENTA," also called the "AFTER-BIRTH" is being 'legally presumed' to be another "member of the party."  So when you abandon the placenta at the hospital, that allows the the corporation (enslaving your nation) to presume this "member" to be "abandoned," and so it becomes a "ward of the state" (fraud), and when your parents fail to copyright your name at the local "county recorder's office or equivalent, the corporation (fake government) then presumes that the "other member (fetus)" is MISSING.  And by IRS CODE 7701, it states that "ANY MEMBER can CONTROL the CORPORATION/TRUST.  So this is how you become property.  This is how you become a subsidiary corporation, OWNED by the CRIME SYNDICATE (your FAKE GOVERNMENT enslaving YOUR NATION).  SEE BELOW = PROOF: 
U.S. Code § 7701.Definitions
BEZAI say:
"See above, how a "United States Person" is MORE THAN ONE, did you know you had an EVIL TWIN (placenta=afterbirth) that came out of your mother with you, and that is giving the CORPORATION (fake government) the RIGHT to OWN you and CONTROL YOU as PROPERTY (a subsidiary corporation).  All because your parents forgot to copyright your name, the CORPORATION (a for-profit corporation), used legal presumption that you were "MISSING (fraud)" and they also used legal presumption that your abandoned DNA (the placenta) was a MEMBER of your PARTY, which they used legal presumption to name as a WARD of the STATE (property of the corporation, fake government), which therefore ended up with you being a subsidiary corporation, owned by a fake government, that is really a FOR-PROFIT-CORPORATION, that is PRETENDING to be PUBLIC, and is PRETENDING to be LAWFUL, but IS NOT, and DOES LIE. 
U.S. Code § 7701.Definitions
BEZAI say:
"(above) We find a second occurrence in ENACTED LAW (U.S.) that the "United States" municipal corporation EXISTS ONLY INSIDE the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA (all states, counties, and YOU, exist in the DISTRICT of CRIMINALS, if you reside in America, it will be the same for your nation.  It is HIDDEN, you MUST have KNOWLEDGE of the "LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY" to SEE IT.  I will quote Black's Law Dictionary, by saying, "THE INCLUSION of ONE, is the EXCLUSION of ANOTHER."  Which means, that if you want to "MAKE A LIST" and you use the word "INCLUDES," then you better be EXACT in your LIST, because, all else is NOT LISTED becomes EXCLUDED.  And that is why you see LEGAL CONTRACTS using the legal language, "INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO."  So this proves by the definition of "STATE" being, "The term "STATE" shall be construed to include the District of Columbia," WELL FOLKS that is PROOF that the STATES and COUNTIES are all INSIDE the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA.  The other PROOF of this is "AN ACT TO PROVIDE A GOVERNMENT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - 1871," please refer to the first paragraph of this SECRET CONTRACT that hired the FOREIGN-OWNED, for-profit-corporation, named, "United States."  Please note that both the REPUBIC (The United States of America) and the "CONTRACTOR," (United States) are named in this FIRST PARAGRAPH of this ACT of TREASON.

Library of CON-gress LINK:

The above act was enacted by the:

41st CON-gress
Chapter 62
And if you look up the EXHAUSTIVE BIBLICAL CONCORDANCE of those numbers you get:

3 = "abaddon" (satan)
41 = My father is NOBLE
62 = You lack RABBINIC TEACHING  (Teachings of GOD and CHRIST = a Rabbi)
- They are mocking you, because if you had spent one-day per reading scripture, you would have caught on to their scam.

TRUMP is still REFUSING to EXPOSE that you are PROPERTY OWNED by the UNITED STATES crime syndicate.

TRUMP is still REFUSING to EXPOSE that EVERY; man, woman, and child, in THE WORLD, is PROPERTY of the FAKE GOVERNMENT, which is ENSLAVING every NATION on earth.

BABYLON the GREAT, the MOTHER of PROSTITUTES as described in the BIBLE is NOT "AMERICA," and instead, the "United States" corporation, is ONE of MANY fake government-for-profit-corporations, which COMPOSE the WHOLE of the biblical "BABYLON the GREAT."  Thus we realize that "BABYLON the GREAT" is the "ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT."  And what is that, you might ask?  The "ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT," is the SINGLE PARENT CORPORATION that OWNS both the "United Nations" and also owns the "BRICS NATIONS," both of which are subsidiary corporations, which in turn, between both of them, are the parent corporations for more than 200 subsidiary corporations, each of which is enslaving an entire nation somewhere on earth.

LOOK IT UP for YOURSELF.  The LEGAL DEFINITION of a "PERSON" is a CORPORATION.  So YOU, are a CORPORATION, but YOU do not have any paperwork on YOUR CORPORATION, so it is NOT YOURS is it?   TRUTH be TOLD, your corporation is a subsidiary corporation owned by the CRIME SYNDICATE that is ENSLAVING your NATION.
BEZAI of the House of David say:
"Do you see how they created a TWO-TIER fake judicial system?  There is ONE for RICH PEOPLE who can AFFORD to HIRE multiple LAWERS to dig though the BILLIONS of STATUTES that are ENSLAVING EVERY NATION, and another for POOR PEOPLE who cannot afford a lawyer to look up the statutes.  This is how CORPORATIONS get away with MURDER.  This is how COPS think it is OKAY to MURDER BLACK PEOPLE and to MURDER HISPANICS, because THEY NEVER GET IN TROUBLE.  I suggest you ARM YOURSELVES to the TEETH.  Do not use violence, GOD has STATED HARSHLY there will be a GREAT PENALTY AGAINST you FOR MURDER.  However, that being said, "A WELL ARMED POPULOUS is NOT BOTHERED by CRIMINALS (fake cops, fake politicians, fake senators, fake CON-gress, fake CEO TRUMP.

Think about it.  How would THE DEVIL (satan) go about DESTROYING all of GOD'S CREATIONS, when GOD hates BONDAGE and SLAVERY most of all?

-  CONVERT GOD'S CREATIONS into DEAD FICTIONS ('Things' and 'Beasts') and then PRESUME to OWN THEM, and MOCK YOU behind your back WHILE KILLING YOU.

If TRUMP was a GOOD guy WORKING for GOD at this JUNCTURE, do you think that TRUMP would be TOUTING the FOLLOWING STATEMENT, all the while KNOWING that it FLIES in the FACE of GOD'S PROPHECY:

?  Where WGOne WGAll  ?
What does WWG1WGA really mean?

Do you think TRUMP would REALLY be PUSHING that GARBAGE if TRUMP was ALIGNED with GOD?  BECAUSE our GOD, JEHOVAH, most certainly TOLD all of YOU that MANY of you WOULD BURN IN HELL, and that SOME of YOU, would BURN in the LAKE of FIRE and BRIMSTONE!   So WHO does TRUMP work FOR at CURRENT?  DO YOU THINK that MAYBE he CURRENTLY works for SATAN?  DUH!  How do you know for sure?  Because SATAN wants you all to GO TO HELL!  Read it again!  

"Where We Go ONE, We Go ALL!"  -  But GOD told you that some would go to HELL, and that some would burn in the lake of fire and brimstone, which is the "SECOND DEATH," which you cannot reincarnate back from.  So who does TRUMP work for?  


We KNOW that TRUMP is one of the TEN KINGS of REVELATION.  But REVELATION says that the TEN KINGS will make war AGAINST the LAMB of GOD...until the WORD of GOD is fulfilled.


Right now you are all being un-lawfully presumed to be UNITED STATES CITIZENS by FRAUD, as the CORPORATION had a FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY to tell you what you were SIGNING UP FOR when they DEFRAUDED your parents, forcing you into becoming a CITIZEN of a FOREIGN OWNED CORPORATION, which makes you FOREIGN to AMERICA, or foreign to your respective nation.  Furthermore, the CORPORATION has VIOLATED your COPYRIGHT by creating a CORPORATION in YOUR NAME.  Now all these LIERS like ANNA von REITZ are running around doing DIS-INFORMATION WARFARE against you ON BEHALF of the CRIME SYNDICATE, they want you to believe that it takes a MOUNTAIN of PAPERWORK to CORRECT the PROBLEM, and they are PUSHING these LIES, because THEY KNOW that HARDLY ANYONE will DO IT, and that even if they do DO IT, it does not matter, BECAUSE there are STATUTES on the BOOKS that say that the CORPORATION (fake government), can only have business dealings with other fictional entities (not real).  And since you are PROPERTY, and since you are a CORPORATION that is OWNED by THEM, they can just THROW your PAPERWORK away, just as ANNA VON REITZ has told you "THEY DID TO HER."  If FARMER BOB owned a COW, and the COW got up the gall and WROTE A LETTER, telling FARMER BOB, that MR. COW had decided NOT WANT TO BE OWNED by FARMER BOB anymore, what would FARMER BOB do?  Well FARMER BOB feels that the MR. COW is his property, so he would obviously ignore the paperwork, and that is exactly what the FAKE GOVERNMENTS DO.  If you think you can get a court case against these jokers, just remember, that when you step on foreign soil, you lose all your rights, and that is exactly what EVERY GOVERNMENT PROPERTY is... an EMBASSY, which is FOREIGN SOIL . As we have proven already, the FAKE GOVERNMENT is only inside the CAPITAL of YOUR NATION, which means that all the COURT HOUSES and GOVERNMENT PROPERTIES are nothing more than EMBASSIES, all of them in the JURISDICTION of the SEA, no different than the United States Embassy in ISRAEL, speaking of which, you do understand don't you, that TRUMP fulfilled the NEW WORLD ORDER'S move to make ISRAEL the HEADQUARTERS of "THE BIBLICAL BEAST of REVELATION" by moving the EMBASSY to JERUSALEM? 


All you have to do to correct your POLITICAL STATUS is to RECORD your OATH of ALLEGIANCE to the UN-INCORPORATED SOVEREIGN, which then moves you from being PROPERTY, to being the EMPLOYER.  Go look at the OATH of NATURALIZATION, look closer at the STATUTES behind IT!  You have the right by international law to choose your allegiance to any nation.  And who could fault you for swearing allegiance to your REAL NATION, instead of the FAKE GOVERNMENT that is PRETENDING.  And when you swear allegiance to another nation, you can also then RENOUNCE your ALLEGIANCE to the FAKE GOVERNMENT.  The criminals have RULES they have to ABIDE BY, it's called GOD's LAW of FREEWILL.  Satan will only allow them to RAPE and MURDER YOU when you CONSENT.  As soon as you change your jurisdiction away from the fake government corporation that is only inside your capital of your nation, and instead return yourself back to the LAND of your NATION, that makes you BOSS, aka "THE EMPLOYER" who HIRED THEM.

It is because the SOLUTION is SO SIMPLE that the FAKE GOVERNMENTS sent out DISINFORMATION SPECIALISTS like ANNA von REITZ, to make you think that you had to do all this complicated stuff.  REMEMBER, fraud, is fraud, and if McDonalds Hamburger restaurant went and defrauded you, would the burden be place on you to correct it?  But as long as you pledge your allegiance to McDonalds, you are screwed.  But if you renounce McDonalds and pledge your allegiance to the REPUBLIC, the United States of America, then you can form your own JURAL ASSEMBLY COURTS in a TRUE PUBLIC FASHION, which means that there IS NO TRUST, and there is no ENTITY, a JURAL ASSEMBLY is PUBLIC, meaning every individual is there of their own free will acting as a public servant, and there is no entity.  I say this because right now the elite are scared, and so the jural assemblies forming up around the world, secretly they are forming TRUSTS, and by depositing money into the TRUST, it gives them SUPERCEDING AUTHORITY, and that is NOT PUBLIC, and NOT A TRUE JURAL ASSEMBLY.

This is the ANSWER we have all BEEN LOOKING FOR.  BY swearing out your OATH of ALLEGIANCE to your UN-INCORPORATED SOVEREIGN NATION that PUTS you IN the SHOES of the EMPLOYER rather than PROPERTY (BEING OWNED as a THING), because it was the UN-INCORPORATED SOVEREIGN NATION and its peoples that allegedly HIRED the PRIVATE CONTRACTOR (example: United States), so by returning yourself being of THE SOIL instead of OF THE SEA (maritime law, trading corporation = person), you instead RETURN to THE LAND as BOSS!!!

The DEVIL is REQUIRED in this CONTEST to PLAY by RULES, so are the DEVIL'S HENCHMEN like TRUMP.  So all we have to do is return ourselves to the LAND of the LIVING, and we are then at STEERING WHEEL controlling the DIRECTION of things.

For all the SHILLS that will say that "I" have to FOLLOW the lier named ANNA VON REITZ, I simply RE-STATE even what ANNA has said HERSELF, that the FAKE GOVERNMENT CORPORATION just MISPLACES her LETTERS.  And what would you expect from a corporation that presumes that you are a "THING, DEVOID of LIFE, that THEY OWN?"

However, by the LAW of FREEWILL in this CONTEST between GOD and the DEVIL, I assure you that JEHOVAH (GOD) is the ARBITER of THE GAMES, and the DEVIL cannot HOLD a CANDLE against you, once you know THE RULES.

Who else would show you this (below)?  This is NOW FOLKS.  Christ RAISED Lazarus and countless others, this is not speaking about the PAST this is NOW, and I am HE, who has RETURNED, and who is the FIRST to AWAKEN, as INTERNATIONAL LAW allows you to DECLARE your ALLEGIANCE to ANY NATION, and by DECLARING your ALLEGIANCE to the ORIGINAL UN-INCORPORATED SOVEREIGN NATION, this CONVERTS YOU from being AN ASSET (owned by a CRIME SYNDICATE) to being an EMPLOYER in CONTROL of the CONTRACTOR (who is in GROSS VIOLATION of all TERMS and CONDITIONS of their EMPLOYMENT:

REGARDING the TEN KINGS of REVELATION (TRUMP) being ONE of them, they CURRENTLY make WAR against ME, but I am "THE LAMB" and those with me "THE CHOSEN" and WE SHALL OVERCOME:

BEZAI say:
"Now read the BLUE HIGHLIGHTED PORTION BELOW, this means that EVERY; man, women, and child, on earth, has been converted into a corporation in the jurisdiction of the sea, known as MARITIME LAW, the law of the navigable waterways.

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"FOLLOW me AND RISE FIRST.  Follow me in FULFILLMENT of the TWO GREATEST COMMANDMENTS, by DECLARING your COVENANT to SERVE GOD, and CHRIST, and TO MINISTER to the FLOCK of GOD, this is your FIRST OBLIGATION and this COVENANT SATISFIES all REQUIREMENTS to ENSURE that you RECEIVE the CROWN of ETERNAL LIFE, you only then need to ensure that you act accordingly in righteousness, if you stumble, get back up, brush yourself off, and continue serving THE ONE.

Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT (to GOD) = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION

Next, you look at the ORIGINAL OATHS of your SOVEREIGN NATION, and from these you carefully write your own.  I will be putting one forth very soon.  You need to ensure that your OATH of ALLEGIANCE to your NATION, lists GOD first, then your UN-INCORPORATED SOVEREIGN NATION second, so that you cannot be forced to ATTACK GOD.

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"Come with me, and be FISHERS of MAN.  I call you all to FULFILL your COVENANTS, by following the above INSTRUCTIONS, and then by helping me PLUCK and GATHER the FLOCK of GOD.  Failure to do this results in a violation of your covenant, as you must MINISTER to THE FLOCK, just as CHRIST told you to do, through multiple teachings, and by the SECOND GREATEST COMMANDMENT, "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF," which means, once you found me and my teaching, you must distribute this knowledge to as many as you can.

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"And so I request permission to publish, from JEHOVAH (GOD), by saying a short prayer, and asking for permission to publish:

"JEHOAH, a public servant inquires of JEHOVAH (GOD) and asks for permission to publish, SO BE IT, AMEN."

Then thereupon saying, "SO BE IT, AMEN," the TIME on the CLOCK read, "12:24 am":

BEZAI say:
"(above) We see that GOD has granted us permission by responding with a statement that, "those who follow ME, shall receive salvation through EXODUS away from this CONDEMNED EARTH.

And below, we see that the SWORD of YAHWEH is outstretched against our enemies:

Isaiah 34:6
HEB: זֶ֤בַח לַֽיהוָה֙ בְּבָצְרָ֔ה וְטֶ֥בַח גָּד֖וֹל
NAS: has a sacrifice in Bozrah And a great
KJV: hath a sacrifice in Bozrah, and a great
INT: sacrifice the LORD Bozrah slaughter great

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"GO FORTH to LOVE and SERVE GOD, by DECLARING your COVENANT with GOD, which is THE ONLY WAY you shall be SAVED.  For those who hear me, "I am the DOORSTEP" and for those who fail to hear me, "I AM THE STUMBLING BLOCK."


Bezai of the House of David,
formerly known as Jeffrey Dougherty
formerly known as "The Son of Man,"
formerly known as "Sun Tzu"

Please forgive the TYPOS, as "SPELL-CHECKER" has been ROLLED back to the DARK AGES.  Speaking of which, has FAKE TRUMP mentioned that the ELITE broke SPELL-CHECKER?   If you do not blog, you won't notice it, but if you try to blog, spell checker has been completely broken under TRUMP's FAKE PRESIDENCY, and he has NEVER SAID a SINGLE WORD about IT.

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