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German Champions 2019

950kg / 2095lbs Mini Modified: Catweazle

2.5t / 5500lbs Light Modified: Green Monster 5 Mitas Edition

3.5t / 7700lbs Pro Stock: Blue Wendelin

3.5t / 7700lbs Modified: Green Monster Stage 4

3.5t / 7700lbs Super Stock: Yellow Dream

3.5t / 7700lbs Limited Modified: Bad Boy

3.5t / 7700lbs Sport: Black Magic

3,5t / 7700lbs Hobby Sport: Green Agri

3.6t / 7930lbs Super Sport: Blue Trouble

4.2t / 9260lbs Heavy Modified: Iwan

4,5t Hobby Sport: Red Sensation

4.5t / 9920lbs Sport: Oliver 1955

5,5t / 12125lbs & 6.5t / 14330lbs Sport: Old Jim

6t / 13228lbs Hobby Sport: Silberpfeil

8t / 17736lbs Hobby Sport: Polarstern

500kg / 1102lbs Stock: Green Deere

500kg / 1102lbs Modified: Giftzwerg

600kg / 1323lbs Compact Diesel: The Gambler

600kg / 1323lbs Modified: Blue Attraction


Congratulations to all 2019 DTTO German Champions!
final point standings, check here:

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