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a SHOWING FORTH, a POINTING OUT, PUBLIC SHOWING FORTH: the SATRAPS = The TEN KINGS of REVELATION (revealing them to you) - The BEAST of DANIEL, with IRON TEETH and BRASS CLAWS, every step it takes, every gnashing of its teeth, it is DISINTEGRATING (the Bible texts tell you as much, read all about it):

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"And I felt the spirit moved over me, then came the word of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "3:23":

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BEZAI say:
"It appears that JEHOVAH is asking this public servant to display the names of the TEN KINGS again for those of our new viewers who have not read older content on our site:

Thursday, August 8, 2019

"THE TEN Kings of Revelation, whom do not yet have a Kingdom.  Here is the message from GOD to the TEN KINGS whom are PUPPETS (slaves) and whom DO NOT YET have a KINGDOM.  FALL IN LINE behind GOD and RECEIVE your SALVATION.  DESTROY GOD'S ENEMY, CONSUME "HER," BABYLON the GREAT, MOTHER of WHORES, MOTHER of PROSTITUTES.":

List of Ten Kings of Revelation (List chosen by GOD)
DONALD TRUMP                  -  AMERICA 
XI XINGPING                         -  CHINA
JUSTIN TRUDEAU                -  CANADA
VLADIMIR PUTIN                 -  RUSSIA
BASHAR al-ASSAD                -  SYRIA
FAYEZ al-SARRAJ                 -  LIBIA
ANDRZEJ DUDA                    -  POLAND
KIM JONG UN                         -  NORTH KOREA

BEZAI of the House of David say:
The following link takes you to the Ceremony which has released the TEN KINGS from their UN-BREAKABLE VOWS, known as Oaths of Destruction which curses each world leader to DEATH if they should have a mind of their own, and disobey the GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE, the Oath also enslaves them with a DEMON.  GOD has BROKEN their OATHS of DESTRUCTION (Anathematizo or Anathema)



END of EXCERPT (previously published article)

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"And the SPIRIT HOLY came again, and then thereupon the time on the clock read, "3:42 pm"

Then the SPIRIT HOLY came again, and the TIME on the CLOCK read, "3:43 pm":

BEZAI say:
"Do not forget to absorb all the FOOD and NOURISHMENT found in the attached scriptures.  JEHOVAH appears to be telling us:
  - The TEN KINGS of REVELATION and all of the FAKE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES around the world, they shall make WAR against "BABYLON the GREAT(see Revelation, Bible)," they shall CONSUME "HER."  
  -  Just as final beast in the BOOK of DANIEL is described as a beast with IRON TEETH and BRASS CLAWS, it says the beast is "devouring," and "breaking into pieces," and "tramping its residue," and thus we understand why GOD had DANIEL describe the beast as having brass claws and iron teeth, as brass is very soft, so every step the beast takes, its claws are destroyed, and iron is brittle, so every time the beast gnashes its teeth, the very things that make the beast ferocious, they are eroding away, as the public wakes up, it gives patriots inside the fake governments more power to slay the beast.  And in the WORD of GOD found in multiple places in the Bible, we read that the "DESTRUCTION of BABYLON the GREAT" shall come in a "single hour."  For the TEN KINGS of REVELATION are of "ONE MIND, they hate Babylon the Great (the harlot), but they shall give their power over to the beast (protect those asleep), until the word of GOD is fulfilled, and then, GOD shall give them ONE HOUR of AUTHORITY over THE BEAST, and the KINGS of REVELATION shall DESTROY "HER" (Babylon the Great), they shall CONSUME her with FIRE."  -  see Revelation, Book of Daniel  (I believe their is also confirmation of this in Isaiah and Ezekiel, but I am relying on memory, so I may be mistaken).  For those who did not already know, "Babylon the Great" is the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, that exists in SECRET, as every nation has been enslaved by a "for-profit-corporation" that was hired in secret, where the "United Nations" is the parent corporation for a 193 subsidiary corporations, enslaving 193 nations, and the BRICS nations are the same, and both the United Nations and the BRICS nations "for-profit-corporations" are owned by a single parent corporation, which has not yet been made public.  A system built on thriving on; fear, profit, security, enslavement, over-taxation, lies, fraud, and even though it appears invincible, it is nothing more than a house of cards, or a wooden stool, as GOD shall destroy take out its legs and it shall all come crashing down.  This is the "Word of GOD."  

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"This public servant asks JEHOVAH (GOD) for permission to publish by a short prayer:

"Jehovah, a public servant inquires of Jehovah, to receive permission to publish this written compilation, so be it, amen."

Then thereupon saying, "So Be It, Amen, the TIME on the CLOCK read, "4:24 pm":

BEZAI say:
"Permission to publish this written compilation is granted.  This public servant is being summoned back to the mountain.  In this contest between GOD and the Fallen Angels, to see if "mankind is worth the love of God," a limited and temporary sphere of authority has been handed over to satan for the earth, up to the higher air.  This is why Christ, Moses, and many prophets would venture to the top of a mountain to meet GOD or an angel of GOD, as Satan has been granted the "lower realm."

  You must go full of love, and be patient, seeking, asking, requesting, asking for entreaty, and petitioning for GOD's help.  Ask for and seek the SPIRIT HOLY, and continue seeking, and continue asking, and it shall eventually be given to you.  And then when you tell the mountain to move and throw itself into the sea, it shall be done.

1)  Genesis 2:  On the seventh day(sabbath), JEHOVAH sanctified the ground by resting, "IN IT."
2)  Remove pollution from your diet and life.  It takes 3 days for pollution to exit the body
    -  pollution = sugar, alcohol, coffee, sex, gambling, lying, anger, hatred.
3)  In the words of CHRIST, you must DENY YOURSELF (deny what the body craves), and you must take up your cross (remember the 12 and 72 disciples that christ sent walking without sandals, without staff, without spare clothes, without purse?  He sent them empty handed and walking on broken feet to "extend their peace" to households in different cities, and he told them, "if your peace is met and extended back to you, you shall stay there until you leave, and if not, then your peace shall return to you.  (maintain the love).

 Refer to Ancient Greek and Ancient Hebrew texts, on by clicking the "interlinear" button, do not read modern translations of the Bible, I recommend only reading the ANCIENT TEXTS that have TRANSLATIONS into your language underneath them.  I have found a GREAT MANY DECDEPTIONS inside the modern bibles, which attempt to prevent you from being able to receive the SPRIT HOLY as well as prevent you from being able to locate the necessary prayers that will be used by the 144,000 servant prophets to HEAL, BRING PLAGUES of the BIBLE, rain down FIRE and BRIMSTONE from HEAVEN upon our enemies.


BEZAI of the House of David,
formerly known as Jeffrey Dougherty
formerly known as "The Son of Man,"
formerly known as "Sun Tzu

And then the SPIRIT HOLY came again, and the TIME on the CLOCK read, "4:25 pm"

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