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2019 NTPA Grand National Champions

2050lbs Modified Mini: Funny Lil' Farmall

6200lbs Light Super Stock: Detonator Black

6000lbs Light Unlimited: Full Blown Wicked

8000lbs Super Stock Open: Galot 2

8000lbs Super Stock Diesel: Triple Bypass 

7500lbs Modified: Money Maker

9300lbs Super Farm: Crop Doctor

6200lbs 2 Wheel Drive: On the Edge

8000lbs Unlimited: Polar Air

10000lbs Pro Stock: D2 Pro Stock Edition

6200lbs 4 Wheel Drive: The Punisher

7500lbs Super Stock Diesel 4 Wheel Drive: Trump

20000lbs Super Semi: Mother Trucker

Congratulations to all NTPA Grand National Champions 2019 !

The complete point standings, check here:

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