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What is the CXD3775AGF?

Sony CXD3775A

After the WF-1000XM3 teardown post last month, I was left wondering what the CXD3775A was that was mentioned in a comment on the post. So while I could not find anything back then, I recently came upon some information while searching for the QN1 and QN1e for another post.

After the QN1e in the WF-1000XM3 was identified as the CXD3781GF in the teardown, I thought perhaps that maybe the CXD3775A was the QN1. Unfortunately back in August and last year for the QN1 post, I had no clear photos of the QN1, except from the FCC which only showed a chip with SONY writing on it.

Sony CXD90050 QN1
Thankfully after the WI-1000XM2 was announced, we could compare the QN1 press photo from the device to the teardown from the certification that leaked. In that post I said the QN1 was either the CXD98050, or CXD96050 which did not match CXD3775.

In a recent post about the WH-H910N FCC teardown, the QN1 was finally confirmed to be the CXD90050, more precisely the CXD90050GF-L.

So with the QN1 identified, what is the CXD3775A? Is it a dedicated NC chip for Sony-only products or available to other manufacturers?

After some searching on Google, I found at least one set of wireless headphones with the chip, the cleer iReal - E1h Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headset. In the product description it mentions "Sony CXD3775 digital noise reduction chip" and on this site, there is a photo with the specifications and after some translating, one part of the text says, Noise reduction: Sony CXD3775.

So naturally I had to see if this model was on the FCC and it can be found here. I compared the external photos and the manual to be sure it is the same model and it was.

Sony CXD3781GF

And there it is, 3775A, although it is interesting that the name does not begin with D like in the other Sony chips but then again the QN1 is labelled as CXD and not D, so I do not believe this matters much.

The chip is listed as Hybrid noise cancelling on this page, similar to the QN1e from the WF-1000XM3 minus the Truly Wireless part. The Hybrid noise canceling I believe is using dual mics, qualities both present on the WH-1000XM3 and WF-1000XM3. I have no idea if this cleer headset has dual mic or the noise cancellation require dual mics to work.

If this chip is found in some of Sony's headsets, that I do not know, I do not recall seeing anything in the FCC teardowns but I was not looking for it specifically.  Perhaps the CXD3782GF could also be found in some of Sony's products since it also features Hybrid noise cancellation but again I have not see it anywhere. Maybe I will try to look through older NC headphones from Sony and other brands to see if these chips are used there as well.

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