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Sony WI-XB400 and WH-CH510 Quietly introduced

Sony WH-CH510 WI-XB400

Sony has expanded their lineup with 2 new affordable wireless headsets, the WI-XB400 and WH-CH510. Both feature Bluetooth 5.0, are Voice-assistant compatible and come in a variety of colours. Pre-order is available from Amazon and they should ship in 1-2 weeks.


Sony WH-CH510

The new WH-CH510 adopts a new softer and rounded design with only the ear pads similar to the previous model. The button design has also changed to a more long and raised look versus the round flat buttons on the CH500.

Sony WH-CH510As with all new headphones this year, Sony has transitioned to a USB type-C port.

The surface of the headphones is covered by a triangular pattern that fades into a smooth surface as it gets to the ear pads. Not sure where this design came from, no other headphones feature it so it might be just something to set them apart from other devices on the market. I will admit this does make them appear more premium than the CH500.

Colour options remain the same as the past model, black, blue and white and the weight has dropped down to 132g, 8g less than the old model.

Apart from design there have been some feature changes. As mentioned earlier, Bluetooth 5.0 has been added, up from 4.2, but NFC was removed. Personally I am not sure why Sony removed it but maybe with Bluetooth 5.0, the pairing is easier and faster? No idea, if anyone knows or has some idea why NFC was removed, leave a comment below.

Sony WH-CH510
Battery life has seen an improvement, up to 35 hours from 20 hours, and a quick charge of 10 min yields up to 90 min of use, something absent in the previous model. This is quite a significant increase and definitely a selling point.

The new model also has support for Voice-assistants like Google or Siri, but nothing about Amazon Alexa on the product page or the Help guide. Pressing the play/call button quickly 2 times will active the Voice-assistants.

The headphones start at $59.99 USD or 49.90 Euros. You can pre-order using the link below.


Sony WH-CH510

Sony WH-CH510

Here is a closer look at the pattern.

Sony WH-CH510

Check out the product video below:


Sony WI-XB400

The new WI-XB400 is a great new addition to Sony's lightweight and compact wireless lineup. On the surface, the XB400 looks like a C310 with XTRA Bass, but the XB400 uses larger drivers, 12mm now, versus 9mm in the C310. This may not sound like much but the larger size should provide a deeper and punchier sound. Like the C310, the XB400 also has Bluetooth 5.0 and USB type-C but lacks NFC.
Sony WI-XB400

When comparing the ear buds, they have a different design and the larger driver does determine this difference. One feature I like about the XB400 is that the cord coming out of the ear buds has a much longer rubber jacket covering the cable and not directly exiting the buds like on the C310. This should reduce stress on the cable and should reduce breaks. Colour options include black and blue.

The battery life is identical to the C310, up to 15 hours and a quick charge of 10 min providing up to 60 min of use. Digging through the FCC internal documents, sheds some light on a few interesting details. First the battery capacity has gone up from the C300, to 135mAh from 120mAh, and second the XB400 also uses the same Realtek BT chip, RTL8763BFS, as the C200/310 and the WH-CH510. The Datasheet for the BT chip can be found here for those interested.

Voice-assistants are also supported as previously, Google and Siri but no Alexa. Maybe this support is based on the BT chipset? Anyone know?

The WI-XB400 does seem like a great affordable wireless headset, especially for those who want an ultra portable headset and a deeper bassy sound. The USB port is covered by a flap but I am not sure there there is any rubber seal around the port, so not sure how water resistant these are. Does anyone with a C200/310 know if the flap has a rubber seal?
Sony WI-XB400

Sony WI-XB400

Price starts at $59.99 USD or 59.90 Euros, and one can pre-order using the link below.


Product video

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