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European Champions 2019

4.5t Super Sport

Extreme Edition - Karina Lyngaard (DK)

3.5t Modified

Green Monster IV - Jannis Rüter (D)

3,5t Pro Stocks

John Deere 2 - Michael Galsgaard (DK)

4.2t Heavy Modified

Bobcat Sr. - Bertus Boer (NL)

3.5t Super Stock

Interaction 2.0 - Naomi Kools (NL)

3.6t Super Sport

Blue Tiger - Johan Muller (NL)

0.95t Mini Unlimiteds

Bobcat Jr. - Bart van der Sluis (NL)

2.5t Light Modified

Wicked Screamer - Berrie Boer (NL)

500 kg Stock Garden Pulling

Burning Massey 500 - Wille Gustavsson (S)

500 kg Modified Garden Pulling

Giftzwerg - Volker Hägele (D)

600 kg Modified Garden Pulling

Fireball Evolution - Nicolas Dartique (F)

600 kg CompactDiesel Garden Pulling

Red Devil - Leander van der Geest (NL)

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European Championships 2019 Brande (DK)

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