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Sony to release an Update to WH-H900N (H.Ear On 2), the WH-H910N

Sony wh-h910n WH-H910N

Sony has another wireless headset coming this year, the WH-H910N, replacement for the WH-H900N, or H. Ear On 2. This new headset seems to follow the same naming scheme like the WI-C310 (from WI-C300) and WH-CH510 (from WH-CH500). I can confirm Bluetooth 5.0 and noise cancellation, but do not have any information about codec support, design or colour options for now.

Sony wh-h910n WH-H910N

The FCC documents do not provide any actual photo but a general drawing of a headset, identical to the WH-XB900N and WH-XB700 FCC images. Naturally when I saw the WH-XB900N FCC image earlier this year, I assumed the design would be like the WH-XB700 but with noise cancellation since their FCC images were identical. Of course that was not the case but their designs are very close, if only slightly altered (see below). So perhaps we might be looking at a similar situation here with the new WH-H910N taking some design ideas from the XB900N and adding a new updated design.

Sony wh-h910n WH-H910N

The H. Ear On 2 offered a varying selection of colours, but there is no information if the new model will continue this trend or will stick to only more conservative colour options. There is also a possibility the headphones will carry the H. Ear On 3 branding along with the upcoming WF-H800 and WH-H810.

Codec Support

The previous model (WH-H900N) offered a nice selection of wireless codecs, apart from the standard SBC, AAC, it offered support for aptX, aptXHD and Sony's own LDAC. It is unknown if LDAC or aptX will be offered, the WF-1000XM3 lacks any LDAC or aptX support and this has been one of the complaints from users.

This is probably because the WF-1000XM3 has changed SoC/BT chips from Qualcomm's CSR8675, to Mediatek's MT2811 (WF-1000XM3 teardown).

Update: So it appears that Sony could have added LDAC to WF-1000XM3 but did not because of its higher battery consumption so it was not included, via AV Watch (thanks to @aborne25 from twitter for bringing this to my attention).

So with that, I am sure Sony will add LDAC to the larger headphones, like WH-H910N and its smaller sibling WH-H810.

Sony wh-h910n WH-H910N

The new WH-H910N will use Bluetooth 5.0 like all recent and upcoming Sony headsets. The FCC documents do not specifically mention version 5.0 but the headphones use BLE at 2 Mbps which is only available in Bluetooth 5.0. USB type C should also be offered like all new and upcoming headsets.

If I find out any more information I will update the post or if I find any spelling/grammatical errors. As always if anyone has any more details, please contact me or leave a comment.

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