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Firmware update 1.3.0 for Sony WF-1000XM3 (update)

Sony WF-1000XM3 Firmware upgrade

Sony has released a firmware update for the WF-1000XM3. The improvements are the following:
  • Improves connectivity with Windows 10, resolving an issue where on some specific builds of Windows 10, sound would not playback after Bluetooth pairing
  • General performance and stability improvements 

    Update: Looks like the update has been has been temporarily suspended by Sony for some reasons. It might be due to some people experiencing problems with their headsets after the update, but unconfirmed.


    The update appears to address the issue where the new version of Windows (1903) breaks Bluetooth connectivity. Other improvements appear to be for performance and stability issues. For anyone who has updated their device, did you notice any difference in sound or stability issues? Please leave a comment below.

    Links to regional updates for instructions:


    There does not appear to be an option for a physical file download and the update has to occur through the Sony | Headphones Connect application, so it does not matter what link you click. I feel there should be an option to update the headphones with them in the case, using the USB cable connected to a computer via a file download from the website. This would decrease any errors or problems with using Bluetooth for transferring the update. This insistence of using the app to update the headphone is silly, and should not be the only method for updating.

    Anyways, it appears the headphones need to be turned on for the update to work, so Sony is recommending to change the "Automatic Power Off" to "Do not turn off" in order for the device not to turn off when you take them out of your ears. If you do not wish to change this, update the device with them inserted into your ears (see below). But this does not seem to work for everyone.

    The update should only take about 30 minutes according to Sony.

    There is a post on reddit where some users have been having issues with updating the device, with the update process becoming stuck at 2%. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Please leave your comments below. And if anyone has found a way around this problem, please leave a comment below.


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