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Say No to Joe! - May 2019

Michigan cannabis activists object to the 2020 democratic candidate for President of the United States, Joe Biden.  This is primarily based on his long standing track record of, what they consider, bad drug policy in the past and opposing marijuana legalization in the present day.

"I think legalization (of cannabis) is a mistake.  I think it is a gateway drug."

 - Joe Biden

“Creepy uncle Joe” videos have sprinkled the internet for years, predating recent victims of space-invading Biden.  A former Nevada state legislator named Lucy Flores wrote an essay that was published in the New York magazine, in which she describes an instance with Biden at a 2014 event; Flores described how then-vice president came up behind her, touched her on the shoulders and kissed the back of her head. She says that while the behavior wasn’t criminal, it did make her feel very uncomfortable.  Amy Lappos, a former congressional aide, also came out regarding a similar incident which “wasn’t sexual” however there’s “absolutely a line of decency” and “a line of respect” that Biden crossed.

The last time that Biden went on record regarding cannabis was in 2010; an ABC interview where he was still towing the lines of his ”Just Say No” drug policy. In the interview Biden stated ”I think legalization (of cannabis) is a mistake. I think it is a gateway drug.” Unlike, all the other folks that are contending for the 2020 democratic nomination, Biden whom has a long history of being on the wrong side of criminal justice law, says no to marijuana. He crafted the idea of a Drug Czar in the 80’s.

While a senator from Delaware, and eventually the powerful judicial committee chair, Biden played a key roll in failed drug policies such as Mandatory Minimum Sentences, crack versus powder cocaine disparities, and pre-conviction asset forfeiture laws.  This led to mass incarcerations disproportionately affecting minorities, and particularly affecting African American communities around the country.

Michigan Cannabis activist, Chuck Ream is a retired Ann Arbor kindergarten teacher and activist for Michigan State and local campaigns to legalize marijuana for both medical and adult use. Ream says “Electability? That is why they would tolerate Biden? After we are finished with him in Michigan he will not be electable anymore. Biden is a fascist pig, a Nazi asshole. He did not just go along with the drug war, he thought up most of its most evil aspects, mandatory minimums, mass incarceration, civil forfeiture gone wild, new laws to think of even more extreme sick punishments. Biden hates our bill of rights if it gets in his way. Go check it yourself.”

"Biden is a fascist pig, a nazi asshole. He did not just go along with the drug war, he thought up most of it's most evil aspects..."

 - Chuck Ream

“I will shout him down, with my kindergarten teacher playground voice. Either he or I will be removed from the room. I would like some angry people to come with me, people who hate evil. I do not want you to be arrested but I do want you to come and get me out.”

Could Legalization Happen Prior to the 2020 Election?

The STATES (Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States) Act house bill currently in the US congress, that would protect states medical and recreational laws, and banking, is likely to get approved by the senate. Unless Senator Lindsey Gram, whom has indicated is not a big fan, puts a stop to it.

That bill may indicate how the GOP will move forward in the immediate future, in the end the GOP is supposed to favor states’ rights. Ron Paul supports the act, but the real leverage is going to come from lobbying for banks to take our money and the industry that is shaping.

Full legalization of the quality bags of weed that you roll up, still looks to be 4-5 years out. Hemp is phase one which was a landmark victory for cannabis law reform with the passing of the most recent Farm Bill. FDIC banking is stage two, de-scheduling is phase three.

Most experts agree; no legalization nationally until after 2020. Unless, the STATES bill passes this year, and Trump signs an executive order to de-schedule prior to the election.

Wouldn’t it be crazy? Joe Biden says no, but Trump says yes?

Could an executive order change the scheduling of the Controlled Substance Act? If so, Gram and McConnell could grumble like they did with tariffs, but in the end they are muted when it works in favor of economic boosts.

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